Arizona’s Death Penalty
Tuesday April 29 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Fenlon Hall
St. Patrick’s Catholic Community
10815 N. 84th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Confirmed Speakers Prof. Kate Lehman is the senior director of ASU’s Academic Advising in the Office
of the University Provost, and a lecturer in the School of Politics and Global Studies. Her talk will be very personal as she speaks of the 2004 torture and murder of her stepdaughter Terra Parker and her family's five-year odyssey with the county attorney's office in which the family's requests for a plea-bargain for Terra's killer were ignored.

Joe Hedgecock was juror #5 in the trial that convicted Ray Krone and sentenced
him to death; after years on death row, Ray Krone was the 100th person exonerated by DNA evidence in the USA. Joe shares his experience.

Robin Konrad J.D. is an attorney with Capital Habeas Unit of the Office of the
Federal Public Defender for the District of Arizona representing death-sentenced prisoners in Arizona and other jurisdictions. She will discuss the how the death penalty functions in our country, focusing specifically on Arizona, from arrest to execution or exoneration.

Bob Basque leads the death penalty ministry at the Franciscan Renewal Center; and
actively seeks to abolish the Arizona Death Penalty.

Justice versus Vengeance Forgiveness versus Retribution Hate versus Healing
Solidarity with the Poor, Broken, Disenfranchised, Imprisoned and the Condemned


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