Standards for teaching


What makes a good teacher
 There are several different instructional frameworks used

to evaluate the effectiveness of a teacher

 They are all pretty similar and give a good representation

of the characteristics needed to be successful

 The Idaho Core standards are grouped into 10 categories

which are incorporated into Danielson’s 4 domains with levels of competency exhibited grouped in 4 categories
Unsatisfactory  Basic  Proficient  Distinguished

Idaho Core Standard 1 Knowledge of Subject matter
The teacher has a knowledge of the material beyond the curriculum and presents it to the student in a manner that helps them connect it to prior learning and life experiences. Danielson’s Distinguished level Teacher
 Display extensive

knowledge of the subject matter  Anticipate student misconceptions  Stay current with content and teaching strategies.

Idaho Core Standard 2 Knowledge of Human Development and Learning
The teacher understands how students learn, has an appreciation for individual Danielson’s Distinguished Level Teacher
 Uses several methods for

differences and supports
student’s self confidence

delivering  Uses ongoing methods for assessing student understanding and accounts for different levels of learning  Provides students options for learning

Idaho Core Standard 3 Modifying instruction for individual needs
The teacher meets Danielson’s Distinguish Level Teacher
 The teacher creates

instructional needs for all
students and ensures all students are learning. They are knowledgeable about areas of assessments adaptable for students with disabilities  Lesson plans differentiate for individual student needs

exceptionality and of the
needs of every students

Idaho Core Standard 4 Multiple Instructional Strategies
The teacher understands instructional strategies and how they impact student learning. They use a variety of different tools to engage all students and Danielson’s Distinguished Level Teacher  Engages all students in the learning process by presenting material in a variety of ways.  Encourages students to share different methods for understanding.  Allows for group and individual work

assess understanding.

Idaho Core Standard 5 Classroom Motivation and Management Skills
The teacher has knowledge of

effective classroom
management. They maintain an environment

Danielson’s Distinguished Level Teacher
 Students are monitored

conducive to learning for all
students. They utilize strategies to promote positive relationships and purposeful learning

silently and subtly  Students monitor their own standards of conduct  Teacher models appropriate behavior for students

Idaho Core Standard 6 Communication Skills
The teacher uses a variety of

communication techniques
and tools to promote learning ie. Audio video and Internet

They understand the
importance of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Danielson’s Distinguished Level Teacher  Instruction is given clearly and imaginatively  Constant monitoring of the students understanding through group discussion and non-verbal cues  Communication is deliberate and appropriate for the age level of the student.

Idaho Core Standards 7 Instructional Planning Skills
The teacher takes into

account the individual needs
and aptitudes of the students. They align the curriculum with Idaho Student Achievement Standards They utilize collaboration in planning lessons.

Danielson’s Distinguished level teacher  Allows for flexibility in the schedule to maximize student understanding  Takes advantage of unexpected opportunities for learning  Minimizes lapses in instruction through thoughtful time management

Idaho Core Standard 8 Assessment of Student Learning
The teacher uses multiple assessment strategies to assess student understanding. They communicate assessment information to students, parents and others. They appreciate the importance
 Assessments follow

Danielson’s Distinguished Level Teacher

instruction  Allows students to contribute to the assessment criteria  Gives high quality feedback to facilitate understanding

of ongoing assessment to the
learning process.

Idaho Core Standards 9 Professional Commitment and Responsibility
The teacher adheres to the Code of ethics for Idaho Professional Educators. They are aware if personal biases.

They exhibit an enthusiasm for
learning They understand the importance of ongoing self-reflection.

Danielson’s Distinguished Level Teacher  Ongoing assessment of instruction for student understanding  Understand the importance of professional communication with parents and the community.  Presents themselves in a professional manner in curricular and extracurricular settings

Idaho Core Standard 10 Partnerships
The teacher understands the Danielson’s Distinguished Level Teacher
 Takes into consideration

relationship between schools,
families, and the community and how they foster learning. the cultural norms of their students  Takes advantage of collaborative opportunities  Involves parents in the learning process and keeps them informed of student progress

They appreciate input from
parents and colleagues. They plan for effective use of

paraprofessionals and