Rauscher Project 4 – Remix Description: A remix is a redesign and reconceptualizing of an earlier essay.

In this case, the redesign will be of your Personal Narrative or Artifact or Cultural Literacy Project Writing.
Your remix will: re-invent the an earlier essay for a new audience. re-design the mode of delivery. reconceptualize the theme. may require creating a new or modifying the theme. should maintain the basic content or a part of the content. Purpose: The reconcepualization of your earlier essay requires using its basic information. You do not have to begin from scratch. What you do have to do is change the audience and delivery mode, and doing those two things changes the information that you convey and how you convey it. Consider the audience for which the earlier paper was written; the essay/paper will now be written for a new audience. Maybe you will want to modify it for a younger audience, children or pre-teens, or maybe target it to a specific audience based on some aspect of the character of that audience, such as basketball enthusiasts or clubs. Maybe you’ll be giving a presentation of an exhibit and the audience will be people who visit the museum and attend your presentation. Maybe you will reconceptualize it so fully that you will create a work of video art or a webpage that conveys the essay’s original information in a well organized, creative, and thoughtful design. Or maybe it will be a public service announcement. Use your creativity for developing original compositions in interesting ways. What does this assignment teach: The reconceptualization teaches skills with refining text—what to keep and what not to keep and still convey a meaning consistent with the audience. It teaches how to reconstruct information in the redesigned space. And it hones skills with understanding the role of audience. It teaches critical thinking and creativity skills because you must rethink how to present information in a substantially different form. You will have to rethink the earlier writing’s theme or main purpose. Requirements: You may use any method of delivery that substantially differs from the original: videos, web site, imovie, cartoon. If unsure if the delivery method you choose is suitable, ask me. You may NOT USE POWERPOINT or PREZI or that kind (slide) of delivery method. A storyboard outline of your remix project must be turned in at the day of delivery. Due Date: Present this project in class, beginning on the due date listed on the D2L calendar. Assessment: See the accompanying page for the assessment assignment loaded on D2L in this folder. Rubric: See the rubric for this assignment loaded on D2L.

Due Date: _________________________ At the end of the class period on Friday, _______________________.