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English 111 Instructor: Iliana Miller

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Author, Title

What is the main problem

Why does the problem occur

!o" does it a##ect learning

What lessons about e##ective learning did you ta$e #rom this author

"Shitty First Drafts"

▪Writers block ▪Intimidation ▪Panic ▪Fear of judgement ▪Lack of confidence

▪Didn’t ant anyone to see the shitty first draft ▪!"er#thinking ▪Feel like a failure ▪$oo much %ressure ▪Further failure to de"elo% ▪&ot taught ho to confidence in riting ▪Lack of ste% by ste% instructions

▪'"ery good ritter has shitty first drafts ▪Start ith your thoughts and ideas ▪(e o%en minded hen it comes to reni"ations

▪$he kind of student he as. ▪Po"erty he didn’t try hard enough )I*' +!S' " I ,ust ▪Father has health ▪Dosent set high enough Want to (e -"erage" %roblems ▪&ot caring about %ersonal goals learning ▪$he teaching system is to blame

▪Settle for less because ▪Don’t settle for less a"erage becomes normal ▪Don’t allo %o"erty to get in ▪&e"er reali/e your the ay of learning or hold you full %otential back

(-++0 -LF!+D "Freirean 1oices. Students 2hoices"

▪Lack of academic "oice

▪Lack of s%eaking o%%rotunities ▪Intimidated by the "teacher talk" ▪+hetorical teachings do not make students think hard enough ▪$eachers do not hel% students find their o n ""oices"

▪Writings become "steril essays" ▪3a"ing no ""oice" can make riting frustrating ▪$oo insecure to take constructi"e criticism

▪2ritical literacy gro s out of the e4%eriences e"en if they are messy and incon"ienient ▪5se your ""oice" ▪(e in"ol"ed ▪-cademic subjecti"ity created by you. not somone else

"2hanging 'ducational Paradigms"

▪!ur %ublic education system is old and outdated ▪Learning in %ublic schools ▪&umbers6Standardi/ed tests no longer meet the needs of discriminate against intelligent real life students ▪Public education ▪Politics needs an u%grade ▪Social demogra%hics ▪Public education is seen as an assembly line

▪*ids get disengaged or distracted ▪*ids cannot think outside of the bo4 because they are gi"en medication to %ay attention

▪(e in"ol"ed ▪Set higher goals ▪-sk 7uestions

bell hoooks "'ngaged Pedagogy"

▪$eachers do not ha"e enough time to teach each student ▪$eachers do not try to form ▪Students ha"e a hard time indi"idually and find out hat relationshi%s ith the students learning teaching methods best fit each student8

▪$eachers need to be engaged ith the students they are teaching

Paulo Freire "Pedagogy of Freedom"

▪$eachers need to find out ▪$eachers did not ha"e res%ect ▪$eachers think they are better ▪Students do not ant to listen hat the kids kno instead of for hat students kno than the students to the teacher anymore assuming that they kno nothing

)ary Sherry In Priase of the "F" ord

▪ Students don’t try hard enough at the beginning of each semester

▪Fear of failure

▪Fear of failing can cause failure

▪Study heard the entire year and get good grades rather than do nothing and get to the end and fear failure8

,ack )e/iro s "$ransformati"e Learning $heory"

▪!ur habits of mind get in the ay of our %oint of "ie

▪!ur instincts control our %roblem sol"ing

▪5se your frames of reference are used ro change our %oints ▪Learning needs to constantly of "ie and mold our habits of change in order to be effecti"e mind8

What personal narrative best illustrate s the author%s lesson about e##ective learning