Student Learning Plan (SLP) Introduction For the summer of 2014 starting on May 7th, I will begin my fourth

year Directed Field Study (DFS) for the Bachelor of Applied Science degree as an Assistant Superintendent at Collicutt Sliding Golf Club. Collicutt Sliding is a semiprivate facility located in Crossfield, Alberta. It is an 18-hole full-length course with 8 full time seasonal staff on the maintenance crew during peak season. This is a golf course with a relatively low operating budget for maintenance and even though it is semi-private, much of the revenue comes from daily fee play. The layout of the golf course is links-style with few bunkers, and a couple of water features. As the Assistant Superintendent I will have a set of responsibilities that includes managing daily operations in the absence of the superintendent, developing agronomic programs for the golf course, creating and following a budget, assisting in planning and facilitating meetings, and overseeing all daily course maintenance tasks as required. In addition to my years of practical experience, education and work ethic, my interpersonal skills, attention to detail and the ability to think on my feet will help me be an asset to the operation and development of the course. While I have modeled the majority of my DFS goals around the key competencies of an Assistant Superintendent, I have also included a section on Audubon Certification as one of my GAC’s. As I have completed the Audubon program at Olds College, I will be able to determine if there is a positive relationship between the effort required for certification and the environmental and/or financial benefits to the club. My hope is that Collicutt Sliding Golf Club will consider attaining Audubon certification as an additional feature to attract and satisfy members and the surrounding community.

My mentor for the DFS is Matthew Lysak, the Superintendent who has been at Collicutt for three years. His management philosophy does not follow conventional thinking when it comes to spraying and using lots of products; instead he takes more of a cultural approach with things that will help strengthen the plants to avoid disease. The importance of understanding why plants react the way they do, what the product actually doing to the turf, and questioning the need to use certain products are a few things I have gathered about Matt’s turf management philosophy. He has lots of control over spending and uses financial resources, in the best possible way to uphold the core standards of the golf course.

In order to successfully complete the fourth year, I must be able to fulfill the job requirements of an Assistant Superintendent as well as carry on with schoolwork. I have decided to start the fourth year right away and this is because the likelihood of completing the DFS decreases as time goes on. The position offered at Collicutt Sliding Golf Club is a perfect fit between my past experience working in the turfgrass industry, and my future learning goals. I believe that it will challenge me to advance my career in turfgrass management better than other positions such as Turfgrass Intern, Operator, Foreman, and Second Assistant. As the Assistant I will be put into a position of responsibility forcing me to use what I have learned. I will also have to get away from that stupid comfort zone I have become used to from over a decade at another place of work. I feel that it really doesn’t matter what happens during my DFS, because I have everything I need to succeed once I’m out in the field. The rest of this SLP outlines broad areas of skill, related competencies and the validation documents needed to provide evidence of my success in attaining my learning goals.

General Areas of Competency 1. I will be able to manage human resources performing golf course maintenance a) Encourage personal development of seasonal staff 1. Conduct informal performance appraisals to provide constructive feedback, set goals, and evaluate progression 2. Organize and lead team building events 3. Model behavior that exemplifies course standards and values. 4. Ensure that all staff have the opportunity to voice their opinions at team meetings 5. Maintain integrity when dealing with employee problems 6. Foster a positive attitude in the workplace through example b) Carry out staff hiring, discipline and dismissal procedures. 1. Participate in summer staff interviews 2. Select employees based on qualifications and work criteria 3. Adhere to labor code regulations during hiring, discipline and dismissal procedures.

c) Oversee daily maintenance operations 1. Train staff to complete tasks and operate machinery, following course standards and safety procedures. 2. Delegate tasks by using a job board. 3. Provide staff with clear explanations regarding work to be done and the standards to be adhered to. 4. Ensure safety regulations met by all staff. 5. Providing regular feedback on quality of work to both individual and teams. EVIDENCE: Photo of job board Daily records of tasks Incident reports (if any) Record of team building events; survey of how it went Journal of performance management feedback Copy of script used in interview Validation letter from employer a. Mentor i. Matthew Lysak ii. iii. 403-438-0063

2. I will be able to construct an agronomic program for a golf course. a) Manage golf course pests, within the framework on an IPM program. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Predict/anticipate potential pest problems Identify the pest Assess treatment options Select pesticides for control Apply pesticides based on label rates, and precautions Maintain accurate records of all applications Evaluate success of application based on health of the turf

b) Develop a fertilizer program

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Interpret soil test results to determine deficiencies Select products to correct the deficiencies Calculate application rates required to obtain balanced nutrition Schedule fertilizer applications Evaluate success of product and application procedures

c) Develop cultural programs for management of turf on specific golf course features. 1. Determine the most effective practices based on desired results 2. Schedule days to conduct cultural practices, while taking into account golf events 3. Track labor and materials costs for each cultural practice 4. Conduct cost/benefit analysis for each cultural practice EVIDENCE: Cultural practices calendar Journal record results/documenting effectiveness Photo documentation Agronomic program developed in Excel Sample cost/benefit analysis Validation letter from employer a. Mentor iv. Matthew Lysak v. vi. 403-438-0063

3. I will be able to create a yearly operational budget for the golf course maintenance department a) Determine core standards for budget development 1. Prioritize operating expenditures 2. Use budget calculator from TRF 4000 to compare actual spending to industry averages 3. Justify allocation of funds in relation to the golf course core standards 4. Build the budget based on current levels of spending for golf course maintenance

b) Manage budget throughout the golf season 1. Record actuals to compare to the budgeted amounts 2. Determine freedom to spend without GM approval 3. Present budget to GM and justify where money is going and why 4. Manage labor cost center for efficiency and effectiveness 5. Present operating budget to the GM providing rationale for expenses EVIDENCE: Excel spreadsheet copy of the budget Minutes from meetings with GM Journal Entries Validation letter from employer a. Mentor vii. Matthew Lysak viii. ix. 403-438-0063

4. Build professional relationships with club members, and third parties a) Interact with golf course membership 1. Engage members in discussing maintenance practices and course condition while playing golf 2. Keep members and public informed regarding course maintenance through online blog b) Manage third party interaction for the benefit of the course 1. Question product representatives to ensure best purchases for course maintenance 2. Negotiate with contractors in development and completion of projects 3. Approach third parties with a professional image and knowledgeable discussion EVIDENCE: Validation letter from employer

Business cards of salesmen Copy of contracts Journal entries a. Mentor x. Matthew Lysak xi. xii. 403-438-0063

5. Evaluate the costs and benefits of Audubon Certification for Collicutt Sliding Golf Club a) Determine potential outcomes of certification 1. Describe environmental benefits 2. Assess playability changes for certification 3. Evaluate possibility of increasing green fees after certification 4. Assess improvements necessary to gain certification 5. Determine changes necessary to protect wildlife 6. Evaluate maintenance yard facility changes 7. Determine what changes would be required to cultural, chemical, and fertilizer programs 8. Evaluate requirements for wildlife inventory b) Complete cost benefit analysis of changes for Audubon certification 1. Determine if increases in revenue will offset costs to certify 2. Develop a realistic timeframe for certification 3. Outline step by step procedure to meet certification requirements 4. Analyzing the benefits of making changes to everything as required by Audubon EVIDENCE: Pictures Presentation document Note of meeting with board Validation letter from employer a. Mentor xiii. Matthew Lysak xiv. xv. 403-438-0063

6. I will be able to implement capital improvement projects a) Construct golf course features; tee greens, fairways, bunkers 1. Determine the need for modification or renovation of new features 2. Assess costs involved in construction 3. Propose projects to gain support of GM 4. Survey the site 5. Determine project parameters based on budget availability 6. Produce design drawing for project 7. Estimate materials, equipment and labor requirements for project 8. Produce project plan based on industry specifications b) Construct feature, to meet plan specifications 1. Clear existing sod/trees/topsoil 2. Modify the subgrade to fit general contours 3. Complete ordering and scheduling of materials and equipment 4. Install appropriate infrastructure such as irrigation, drainage 5. Provide leadership during construction projects, through direction and example EVIDENCE: Plans for tee box Pictures Project documentation: drawings, timelines, budget, and labor hours Validation from mentor

a. Mentor xvi. Matthew Lysak xvii. xviii. 403-438-0063 7. Complete the eight month DFS (seven months in the workplace, plus one month to complete, edit, revise, and submit documentation). a) Use my SLP to ensure competencies are achieved 1. Contrast learning plan to work performed and competencies gained. 2. Evaluate learning plan for accuracy throughout work period

3. Revise learning plan according to changing requirement/ opportunities. 4. Get OC approval to changes to learning plan GACS, or where there is a requirement to change more than two learning outcomes within a given outcome c) Document my learning and skill development 1. Document the learning process, assessment and achievement of outcomes. 2. Collect primary and secondary sources of validation to provide evidence of learning. 3. Analyze the strengths and weakness in the achievement of my learning goals and outcomes. 4. Provide a conclusion that demonstrates my understanding of the selfdirected learning process