Identifying Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP

Developmentally Appropriate Practice If the activity you found meets this criteria, describe how. This activity allows all children to participate in a group or individually. This activity also allows children of various ages and cultural backgrounds to participate in the activity. Although good supervision is required because some children might put the balloons their mouths. The why is evident, children will learn what floats and sinks, the difference between hot and cold, as well as sensory e"ploration. This activity is challenging but achievable. #hildren of all ages can learn something from this activity. The balloon activity starts out with the teacher giving children basic guidelines, but then turns into a child guided e"plorative pro%ect, with the teacher asking questions along the way. Thus, it further e"pands the child&s knowledge. If the activity you found does not meet this criterion, describe how you could adapt the activity to meet the criterion. would make sure have plenty of support in the classroom in order to properly supervise the children with the balloons.

Whole child approach (age, individual, cultural)

!oals and outcomes are clear (the why is evident)

#hallenging, but achievable

#hild$guided, teacher$guided, or both

'le"ible, considers each child&s rate and pattern of learning ntegrated)incorporates multiple domains (social, emotional, cognitive, physical), content areas (literacy, math, art, science, etc.)

(es, even the youngest toddler&s to pre school aged children can learn from this fle"ible pro%ect. This activity incorporates social, emotional, cognitive, and physical domains. t falls under the science category.

Attention to learning progressions

believe this activity allows you to see progression in various domains. The fle"ible age group allows for full assessment on learning progressions. Absolutely. The children love water play, and balloons. The children are engaged actively because they are en%oying the sensory aspect of the activity as well as asking questions. The children have choices of which balloon to play with, if they want it to be an individual activity, or a group one. *epending on the child&s development, they will notice different things about the balloons and water play. (es, the activity allows for plenty of positive teacher,child interactions, as well as interactions with their peers. -esearch says that children need sensory activities in order to develop social and emotional skills. There are plenty of opportunities for families to involve themselves. Whether it&s volunteering in the classroom to help guide and supervise, or providing the materials for the activity.

ncludes opportunities for play and investigation, active engagement

#hoices for children

+pportunities for positive teacher,child relationship and interactions

-esearch (evidence)$based

+pportunities for family involvement