Early Childhood Writer’s Workshop

2013-14 School Year Klein ISD

Purpose of this Project: Provide Klein ISD with a structure to ensure an effective writer’s workshop format is being used across the district for K-2 students.

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2005-06- As a Reading Specialist at Krahn Elementary School in Klein ISD, I led a book study on Katie Wood Ray’s book Already Ready: Nurturing Writers in Preschool and Kindergarten. 2007-08- Krahn Elementary implemented a writer’s workshop model based on Katie Wood Ray’s work. 2007-08- A district level presentation was developed and delivered by myself and two teachers. 2008-09- I was charged with creating the district-level curriculum for kindergarten writing. 2010-11- The new kindergarten curriculum was published for use. The training, which we titled “Already Ready- Writer’s Workshop for Our Youngest Writers”, is delivered each year at least two times each summer. There have been numerous specialized trainings requested by campuses for this model.

Evidence of Need
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The curriculum has been developed and the initial staff development has been provided to establish the foundation and common vision. The next step in this journey is job-embedded, individualized support for campuses. There are campuses that have requested on-site modeling and meetings with teachers to reinforce the model and expectations associated with its implementation. At this time, the need is to support and scaffold teachers in this model on the individual campuses.

Summary of Implementation
Who? Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade Teachers teaching Writer’s Workshop in Klein ISD Modeling Lessons Debriefing with Teachers Literacy Coaching McDougle Elementary- September 2013 Kuehnle Elementary- October 2013 Brill Elementary- October 2013 Northampton Elementary-February 2014 Lesson Cycle will be modeled with students. Teachers observe lesson. Debrief for questions and clarification.




Strategies for Implementation

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Support services were offered to all Reading Specialists. For the 2013-14 school year, four elementary schools were chosen. Teachers were asked to implement the writer’s workshop model. Pre-conferences with teachers identified areas of concern. Model lessons were delivered as all members of a grade-level team observed. Post-conferences were held to debrief the lessons.

Developmental Stages of Writing

Teachers were asked to evaluate students based on the individual developmental stages This evaluation was used for planning conferring topics

Model Lesson
 Lessons

modeled followed the attached sequence from the work of Katie Wood Ray.

Samples of Kindergarten Student Writing
 The

following slides are samples of books written using this workshop model.

Title Page

Skippy John Jones you return those lost bones! Where did you put them up?

Book 1

Oh, Skippy John Jones. Come play with us. Let’s play soccer. Excuse me. Pardon me.

The bears are dangerous! The bears are crazy. The teeth are sharp.

Book 2

All the scary bears don’t like eating the same person that they don’t know.

Baby bears are sad. Baby bears are dangerous.

 The

following slides are samples of rubrics I developed to support this model. Notice the shift from focusing on conventions to focusing on composition.

Kindergarten Rubric

First Grade Rubric

Participation Rubric (K or !st)

 Following

the model lessons, the Reading Specialists on the campuses were charged with following up with teachers and continuing to support them in the process.  I am available for conferences, when the campus requests it.  Teachers have reported that this process has been extremely beneficial in bridging the theory to practice.