DATE: November 20th 2012 TIME: CLASS (Grade or Cycle): Cycle 2, Grade 3 SCHOOL: Akiva School

DURATION: 60 min.


- Students will be able to identify the Canadian coins. - Students will be able to accurately make change for a given
amount. Mathematics Competencies: - To solve a situational problem - To reason using mathematical concepts and processes - To communicate by using mathematical language Cross- Curricular Competencies : - Uses information - Solves problems - Exercises critical judgement - Adopts effective work methods - Uses information and communications technologies - Cooperates with others




SMART Board Online coins jeopardy game Link to final jeopardy music Loose leaf paper “Show the Money” worksheets Whole class  3 groups Individual work




Introduction - Explain to the students that they will be playing a math game but there are 5-10 min several rules to follow:  Students will play in teams (based mostly on the communities they sit in)  Turns will rotate around the community



LESSON  The player can select any category and points level that they wish  They then have one chance to answer the question  If they get the question right, they get the points and the turn passes to the next player on their team  If they get the question wrong, the next player on the next team gets a chance to “steal” the points and so on until someone get s it right  The next player in the team that got it right gets to go next  Players may use loose leaf paper or plastic coins to work out any calculation they wish Hand out loose leaf paper and coin packets.

30 min 5 min

10 min

Development - Allow time for children to play the game - When it gets to final jeopardy explain that there are some different rules:  The team will have a short period of time to decide how many points they would like to “wager”  If they win the will get that many points but if they lose they will lose that many points.  They cannot “wager” more points than they have already earned  Once the wagers are in the question will be revealed  Each student will have to right down one way to make a given amount of money  The team with the most different correct answers will win - Allow time for teams to make their wagers - Reveal the question and allow time for students to write their answers (play the final jeopardy music) - Have students reveal their answer and determine the winning team - Adjust the scores and reveal the winning team! Closure/Transition - Give students the “Show The Money” worksheets - Have students get their agendas and write “Math sheet due ____________” - Have students put the sheets into their agendas and return their agendas to their school bags

5 min