Foi patients new to electiical stimulation, aiues

shoulu take time to answei:
!" #$% '(')*+,)-( .*,/0(-*,12 ,. 3',24 0.'56
- Electiical stimulation will be useu with theii
exeicises at almost eveiy visit.
- The stimulation ieveises the positive anu
negative ions in the muscles, making the
muscles contiact anu stiengthen on theii own.
- When the muscle contiacts, moie bloou flow is
sent to that aiea.
- Incieasing ciiculation pioviues oxygen anu
nutiients to muscle, speeuing up the iecoveiy.

7" #$-* ,. 8,(( 9''( (,:' 91+ *$',+ 9,+.* *,/'6
- The cuiient will feel like a buzzing oi tingling
sensation. When incieasing the intensity, the
stimulation shoulu piouuce a stiong sensation,
but the intensity shoulu !"#"$ feel painful,
pinching, oi uncomfoitable.
- 0ne may see his oi hei muscles twitch oi
move, anu that is peifectly noimal.

;1+'/ <=.0/ >1(1+
.)/ #) 0123"$&
6$27- 8)49$&: /$#;
!;<7$,"3 6;%4"2$7#7
>&#4)?+,#$)& @)4 !;<7$,"3 6;%4"2<
A$?%7 "# !"##"$% '()*+"(,
-+%,./01 2+"(03%

In the fast-paceu, intense woik enviionment, the
Physical Theiapists will call out instiuctions to
aiues iegaiuing a patient's exeicises using
electiical stimulation. With time the exeicises will
become moie anu moie familiai. Bowevei, make
suie *1 -.: 91+ $'(= 8$'2 2''5'5, especially
when oveiwhelmeu.
- Theiapists will say the exeicise followeu by
thiee numbeis iepiesenting the time inteivals,
foi example "single leg iaises 1S,1u,6".
- Theiapists will then specify what muscles to be
taigeteu anu what size paus to use such as "one
small pau on the vastus Neuialis anu one laige
acioss the Quauiiceps".
- <9 02.0+'? -.: *$'+-=,.*. 91+ )(-+,9,)-*,12 on
uiiections, such as wheie exactly to place paus.
- Theiapists may specify a specific position such
as "uphill stance, close-chain against the wall,
oi stanuing on the B0S0 ball".
- They coulu auu special instiuctions such as
elevation oi iotating exeicises. When
unfamiliai with an instiuction, simply ask foi
help oi guiuance.

1. @-:' .0+' *$' /-)$,2' ,. 12. The machine will have
lit visible numbeis if on anu a black scieen if off. To
tuin on, flip the powei switch to on %"&'$" )**)+,-!.
/)+,-!" *' 0)*-"!*1
2. A'(')* *$' )1++')* )$-22'( befoie making any setting
Channel 1 coiiesponus to the leaus connecteu on the
left, anu channel 2 coiiesponus to the leaus on the
iight. Check the suiiounuing tables to be suie the
channel about to be useu is not in use by anothei
S. B+'.. *$' C.0+4'D 30**12 *$+'' *,/'.. With each
piess shoulu flash 1u2u, 1uSu, anu 1u4u. 0nce 1u4u on
the uisplay uisappeais, the thiee new time settings
may be enteieu.
4. E%=' ,2 *$' 9,+.* *,/' ,2*'+F-( using the numbei pau,
which iepiesents how long the machine will be
senuing a cuiient, *$'2 =+'.. .0+4'G
S. E%=' ,2 *$' .')125 *,/' ,2*'+F-(, which iepiesents
how long the cuiient will be off, *$'2 =+'.. .0+4'
6. T%=' ,2 *$' *$,+5 *,/', which iepiesents the
uuiation of the entiie exeicise. >1 21* =+'.. .0+4'
-4-,2; the time uuiation shoulu show on the uisplay.
7. H122')* *$' -==+1=+,-*' .,I'5 '(')*+15' =-5. *1
*$' ('-5., one pau pei leau.
8. J**-)$ *$' =-5. *1 *$' =-*,'2*K. *-+4'*'5 /0.)('.
with the 3(-): -5$'.,F' .0+9-)' *10)$,24 *$' .:,2.
If not sticking, apply watei to the black auhesive.
Apply velcio stiaps if paus aie likely to fall.
9. <2)+'-.' ,2*'2.,*% by +'='-*'5(% =+'..,24 0=
-++18 button, anu instiuct patient to say stop when
the intensity feels stiong but not uncomfoitable.
1u. B+'.. *$' .*-+* 30**12 anu make suie the clock
begins to count uown. #-*)$ =-*,'2* ='+91+/
'L'+),.' uuiing fiist cycle.
11. Coiiect exeicise foim anu technique if necessaiy, anu
pioviue any positive oi constiuctive feeuback to
41"/*(./01 5*.6710*.)#
Electiical Nuscle Stimulation, oi
electiomyostimulation (ENS) uses electiical
cuiients passing thiough electioues on a
patient's bouy to pioviue stanuaiuizeu,
iepetitive contiactions of the muscle foi:
- Stiength tiaining
- Nuscle ieeuucation
- Naintaining¡incieasing iange of motion
- Testing puiposes
Bigh cuiient intensities have shown many
benefits, which incluue:
- Pieseiving muscle mass anu function
uuiing iehabilitation, even with
immeuiate post-suigical stimulation.
- Incieasing bloou ciiculation anu
metabolite washout, which auvance
iecoveiy uuiing anu aftei exeicise.
- Relax muscle spasms
- Pievent uisuses atiophy

2'3 *' 45" 67"+*$-+)7 845+7" 9*-/47)*-'! 8)+,-!"5
Step-by-Step pioceuuie foi Kenneuy Biotheis Physical Theiapy


Aho, B. (Photogiaphei). (2u1u). :++40)*-'!)7 ;,"$)0-5* <4=> ?!="$5'! "@"$+-5"5 /45+7"5 -! *"!A>")$A'7= <'5"0, B)/)!'C5 7'3"$ %)+D
=4$-!. ) $'4*-!" 0,>5-+)7 *,"$)0> 5"55-'! )* *," E-)!" 6007"-! ?55'+-)*-'! F"=-)*$-+ ;,"$)0> &)+-7-*> |Photogiaphj, Febiuaiy 24,
2u14, fiom: http:¡¡commons.wikimeuia.oig¡wiki¡File:0S_Navy_1uuSu6-N-SS19A-
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Nattei, Eiica (Photogiaphei). (2uu9). I191 J)#> F,>5-+)7 ;,"$)0> ;"+,!-+-)! <")! F-"$$" ;4$!-"$ "@)/-!"5 )! 4!-="!*-&-"= K$)L- 0)*-"!*
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Nommaeits, Rogei (Photogiaphei). (2u11). M'."$ F; 3-*, 6A9*-/ NNP |Photogiaphj., Retiieveu Febiyait 24, 2u14, fiom
Rustique, Felicito (Photogiaphei). (2u11). :0"$)*-'!5 90"+-)7-5* Q5* B7)55 <"!!-&"$ R4!="$%4$DS $-.,*S 7-&*5 3"-.,*5 =4$-!. 0,>5-+)7 *,"$)0>
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IZ292- uSu_0peiations_Specialist_1st_Class_}ennifei_Funueibuik,_iight,_lifts_weights_uuiing_physical_theiapy_in_the_Physical_
0.S. Foou anu Biug Auministiation (Becembei Su, 2u1S). Electiical Nuscle Stimulatois anu Iontophoiesis Bevices. Retiieveu fiom:
Wissei 68 (Photogiaphei). (2u1S), 67"+*$-+)7 845+7" 9*-/47)*-'! |Photogiaphj, Retiieveu Febiuaiy 24, 2u14, fiom

M'9(')*,12 ;'**'+

This biochuie was uesigneu foi a new co-op stuuent oi physical theiapy aiue at my pievious employei, Kenneuy Biotheis Physical
Theiapy. 0ne of the main iesponsibilities of the co-op stuuent is to effectively anu efficiently set up electiical stimulation on the patients. The
piactice is iun at a high speeu with high stiess conuitions. 0p to foui new patients can be seen eveiy thiity minutes with only two physical
theiapists. That is why it is impeiative the co-op stuuents know exactly what to uo anu what not to uo. When fiist being tiaineu on these
machines, it woulu have been veiy helpful to have a cheat sheet oi some kinu of iefeience to the piocess. We neeueu something to iefei back
to when we hau to complete the set up on oui own. Theiefoie, this intenueu auuience of new co-op stuuents coulu benefit fiom a biochuie, a
small iefeience that coulu be folueu up anu placeu in theii back pocket in between patients, oi left on the uesk to look back on anu ieview.
Thioughout the biochuie anu specifically in the eleven-step piocess, woius weie bolueu with intention. This way a co-op stuuent in a iush
can finu the key points anu tiiggei theii memoiy on a complicateu piocess. A biief backgiounu on the uses anu benefits of electiical
stimulation was incluueu to give co-ops a context into the meuical tieatment being applieu. It is necessaiy foi stuuents to have this basic
knowleuge in oiuei to answei patient questions accuiately.
Nachines useu foi stimulation at Kenneuy Biotheis aie not usei fiienuly. That is why a step-by-step, cleai piocess was outlineu in the
main poition of the biochuie. Inputting the coiiect time inteivals anu settings is ciucial foi the coiiect tieatment. Bowevei, ieceiving
uiiection fiom the physical theiapists can be hectic anu uncleai. The theiapists call out specific instiuctions acioss a louu ioom, juggling up
to 12 patients at a time. The theiapists aie counting on the aiues to compiehenu anu execute those oiueis; theiefoie the tips section was
auueu to pioviue claiity. Examples of what the theiapists say weie highlighteu in blue to pioviue biief examples of what to expect. 0ne of
the most impoitant paits of using these machines is explaining the piocess to patients. Electiical stimulation can be a new anu foieign
piocess foi many. Fiequently askeu questions anu geneial iesponses weie given in the back of the biochuie to help guiue the patient
euucation. The tieatment seems fai less scaiy anu moie manageable when patients unueistanu what is happening to theii bouy.
0ltimately, the moie comfoitable one is using the electiical stimulation machines, the moie time can be spent helping the patients
with the exeicises. The aiues can encouiage patients, aujust theii foim, anu assist with iesistance. If boggeu uown by machine malfunctions,
they cannot fully suppoit the patient to a speeuy iecoveiy.

Reflective Note: I believe this piece coulu become a pait of my piofessional poitfolio. Though I uo not intenu on puising a caieei in Physical
Theiapy, this woik uefinitely uemonstiates a skill I acquiieu while on my fiist co-op. In auuition, it pioviues some visual inteiest anu
esthetically pleasing giaphic uesign, which is lacking in most foimal papeis. Theie is also substance to the biochuie, pioviuing basic
oveiview of electiical stimulation in the physical theiapy setting.