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SLU NSTP: learning to competently and creatively live the Christian spirit of living with others as social involvement in a Filipino and Missionary culture
I. GENERAL RATIONALE GUIDELINES: 1. NSTP CWTS 1 is a pre-requisite training subject to another subject NSTP CWTS 2. Both subjects are mandated by RA 9163 or the NSTP Act of 2001. NSTP CWTS 1 is the first part of a training subject that aims to deepen the orientation of students on the foundations of the service they must practice with communities or persons in need. This service engages the students to learn to use their respective professional specialization/courses together with their other capabilities in competently and creatively living the Christian Spirit of living with others; and this is the Louisian’s meaningful social involvement in a genuine Filipino and Missionary culture. NSTP is implemented by Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) with a specific institutional nature because such is stipulated in the NSTP law. Hence, SLU NSTP is guided by the vision-mission, culture and values of the University. SLU NSTP also gears itself with the excellence and missionary character of the University. Through NSTP, Louisians will continue to learn and live their mission for transformation. NSTP CWTS 1 is a modular training subject which is mostly classroom-based training with minor field exposures. It employs various group dynamics and creative instructional technologies that can provide students the basic but optimum hands-on or student centered preparations for the said community service involvement. This subject shall introduce students to be more meaningfully involved in community welfare participation during their NSTP CWTS 2, during their stay in the University after their NSTP, and when they shall be tasked to extend their professional practice to communities when they have graduated or are employed. It also incorporates various training requirements as stipulated in the NSTP Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). 2. Community service involvement is among the trademarks of a Louisian. SLU was established with a mission to transform. Not only must Louisians be competent, creative and imbibing the Christian Spirit, but they must also be socially involved in community service. Hence, NSTP, just like any community service involvement program in the University, is an integral subject of a Louisian. NSTP may be perceived as an ordinary subject. But it is not ordinary for a Louisian who wishes to genuinely live his Louisian identity. SLU students are required to equally give their best. 3. Community service as a trademark of a Louisian is a character that understands and respects the individual differences of persons that make them unique and significant. It is a character that helps discover and enable every person’s capabilities or potentials. Community service is enabling each one to live well with others in their unique and individual differences. 4. SLU NSTP underscores service or work ethics and character which are also of competitive advantage later when the Louisian graduate applies for work or when already employed. SLU NSTP emphasizes building service or work ethics and character. 5. As per RA 9163 or the NSTP Act of 2001, the primary goals of NSTP are: civic consciousness, defense preparedness, developing the ethics of service, patriotism, and good citizenship. It must be added that the major goal of Community Service Involvement (CSI) is building a community where all people, regardless of differences, can live together in solidarity through people empowerment, social collaboration, and improved quality of life for all. 6. SLU NSTP is called a missionary apostolate. It is one concrete way of evangelizing others by letting them feel or encounter Divine providence and presence through the meaningful services rendered with them. SLU was established as a missionary institution. As Louisians, it is our mission to help ourselves and other people transform lives, in its various dimensions, according to God’s teachings. 7. As missionary service providers, Louisian students are considered to be apostles –“ambassadors of goodwill” (the word “apostles” originated from the Greek word “apostolos” which in Hebrew word is called “Shalliack”. Shalliack means ambassadors of goodwill.) 8. Incorporating the above, the following are the program core-focus of SLU NSTP: a) community inclusive solidarity; b) good citizenship; c) the CICM Missionary Legacy; d) youth integrated transformation; e) community project planning and management; f) Louisian core values; g) richness of indigenous Filipino culture; and h) work ethics/character and preparedness. 9. Missionary service is illustrated by delivering services characterized by the virtues of simplicity –living with basic needs only, loyalty-obeying and practicing of the vision-mission and culture of the institution or organization, availability-responding to a need of one’s presence and participation, Preferential option for the needy-greater compassion and prioritization of the most in need, Volunteerism-unconditional service, Frontiership-ability to live Louisian Tayo…Tayo Mismo. We are part of the solution and not of the problem – Change Begins in Me!

Employment and work are highly competitive. discover and maximize his creativity under minimum but substantial supervision and working under pressure while personally observing command of activity success and safety. “One cannot give what one does not have. Should students find difficulty in enrolling NSTP in the university for a current term because they did not necessarily follow their curriculum. practice. Relevance-transformation with impact. all students should finish their NSTP 1 during their freshman year and their NSTP 2 sometime in the higher years where their maturity level and competency level are ready for actual community service involvement. Be ready to submit specimen of the ID (with picture. NSTP training is providing the NSTP student the exposure to be an independent missionary worker: to explore. All Filipino citizen students (singular or dual citizenship) who are graduating in SLU are required to enroll. skills. form 1 c. activities or topics undertaken or discussed. etc… ALWAYS BRING ALONG YOUR JOURNAL DURING NSTP CLASS OR ACTIVITY. functional.” Else. Verification of names in the enrollment list during the first day of classes. NO JOURNAL. Work applicants should display capabilities for minimum supervision. SLU NSTP. j. Submit group filing expandable folder: see required format and color coding with the instructor. creativity and resourcefulness. NSTP recognizes college students to be growing more mature. by virtue of the University’s “mission to transform. or self-reliant in the society. Please check with the NSTP Office the semester. Journal specifications: (a) composition notebook– at least 90 leaves. class cards b. Community solidarity-living with others regardless of their differences. personality.2 by sound principles and the ability to “go beyond borders”. 13. this cannot just be the reason to cross enroll NSTP to other schools. We are part of the solution and not of the problem – Change Begins in Me! . working under pressure. 1 long folder (see required sample) i. you will be able to secure such immediately. Cross-enrollment of NSTP to other schools is restricted. mature. You will submit this together whenever you will be asked to accomplish and submit a waiver and other related papers. (b) non-spiral (c) color coded k. 19. multiple capabilities for multi-tasking. ID pictures (2 pieces. Your guardian must be either or both of your parents. and finish their NSTP in SLU. or other personal resources). completion of NSTP in other schools is allowed only in the case of transferees who finished such before transferring to SLU. Check that you are enrolled in an NSTP class code that is not dissolved. d. Specify the date. NSTP 1 and NSTP 2 can not be enrolled at the same time in a given term. Louisians should enroll it in the university since it has a special leaning on the Louisian way of life. Self -sacrifice and charity-uses one’s comfort and luxury to help satisfy the basic needs of the “needy”. The schedule of enrollment and finishing of NSTP depends on the course one is enrolled in. Secure and start accomplishing your SLU NSTP journal every nstp class or activity beginning the first day of classes: keep your entries in full details. self-reliance. signature and address) of your guardians while studying in the University. But either or both of your parents must be accessible or staying with you in your residence while studying so that should you need their original signatures (not photocopied) immediately. students are required to further properly submit/accomplish/fill up the following: a. It is helping ensure that a society recognizes. 12. Cross enrollees from other schools taking their NSTP in SLU are required to follow the NSTP as programmed in the University. NO ATTENDANCE/ CONSULTATION. the NSTP 2 that is enrolled and completed is invalidated and the student shall be required to take NSTP 1 and to re-take NSTP 2 after completing and passing NSTP 1. Transformative service is promoting an inclusive society. even in the same or different school. attitude. Generally. Secure. and love of the sacred-inner satisfaction and happiness in practicing righteousness as taught by a “supreme divine”. has enrolled and completed NSTP 2 before NSTP 1. teamwork. With the varied courses and apostolates of students. attitude.” and its motto of “wisdom builds” is orienting SLU NSTP students to excel and be creative in their respective courses or specialization and use such to help transform communities during community service and even when employed later on. time. NSTP also requires a growing level of technical competency or specialization. f. etc… 14. Meanwhile. place. one can best serve with what one already has (knowledge. Transformative service is illustrated by delivering relevant or much needed assistance through one’s competent capabilities. Cross enrollment is allowed only if NSTP is not offered in the University. These pictures will be pasted in the NSTP form 1 and journal of the student. for whatever reason. NSTP provides experience to the NSTP student to prepare himself for the world of work or employment after graduation. e. 16. Enlistment in a training group of the class the student belongs g. There should be no reason that SLU students cannot enroll NSTP in the University since the NSTP is scheduled in the students’ respective curriculum which means that the NSTP just like the academic subjects in the curriculum are scheduled to be enrolled in due time. 18. 17. 11. guided by Christian principles. term or year level you can enroll NSTP 1 or NSTP 2. 10. however. attendance of the group mates. respects and readily provides opportunities and capabilities for every person to be significant. agenda. and maturity. Community Service Involvement (CSI) can help address the integrated concerns of a community. 15. should be recent and with white-colored background). h. 2”X2” in size. As part of the enrollment process of the NSTP. read and master the Manual of Procedures and Guidelines (MOPG) of NSTP 1. except in the case of a crash course. Xerox at least Louisian Tayo…Tayo Mismo. If a student.

However. license. and follow training and clerical instructions. an activity that was done with outstandingly but consuming limited number of hours may also be credited additional number of hours as deemed by the Louisian Tayo…Tayo Mismo. Should there be a need to repeat a particular activity as part of the lesson for another time or schedule. or another person to act as your guardian. 22. To ensure a responsible exercise in governing our country. the immediate family member (grandparent. In the event that your parents are not accessible or are not staying with you in your residence while studying in the University. 21. etc). the grade bearing of the accomplished remedial therein is case to case. we vote. Otherwise. As a training activity. a student should complete an attendance of not less than 54 hours but not more than 90 hours in the enrolled NSTP training for the current term. signature and authorization) in their own personal file. Meanwhile. In support to the NSTP apostolate on Voters and Election Education and Responsible Participation. The IDs should be photocopied on one long bond paper. For specific details on your Uniform. Any acquired Uniform and using of Uniform that did not comply with said guidelines on NSTP Uniform will be invalidated and not honored. brothers or sisters of either the mother or the father. This means that if meetings have taken many hours with an agenda which can reasonably be done in an hour. your parent should authorize other persons to act as your guardian in their absence. always secure and follow specific instructions. discretion of the NSTP Office prevails on how to score or grade such remedial to ensure the grading system of the NSTP is not unreasonably compromised. and we vote responsibly. the concerned parent should again attach original signature to match the Xeroxed signature on the ID. any missed graded activity is computed ratio and proportion. a series of meetings which always has the same unreasonable repetitive agenda will not be counted with multiple hours. Listen to. as per mandate in the RA 9163. NSTP training follows appropriate procedures. At least one of the IDs should be a government issued ID (ex. Voters ID. understand. then the student must. follow these requirements: secure from the NSTP Office a special authorization form that your parents are authorizing or giving you full responsibility of yourself. the concerned student is required to process and undergo a special examination or similar requirement. we register. Beside the Xeroxed IDs. 23. (NOTE: no parent signature specimen means NSTP activity participated in will be invalidated) l. guidelines and format. Should the student opt to beat the exact total hours that should be completed in the class. Your parents will accomplish the form properly and submit it back attaching to it their Xeroxed ID as your parents and the Xeroxed ID of your authorized guardian with the ID specimen specifications specified above. etc) they must photocopy such specimen and attach it to the said document.3 two IDs of either parents or both. Instead. A student who does not complete the exact total hours determined and specified by the NSTP Office shall be solely accountable for the implication of not having completed such exact total hours since this will affect his/her grade on attendance. Students should have their own copies of their respective specimen (ID. Be referred to your respective supervising instructor for the deadline of submission. In these instances where your parents will authorize you or another person as your guardian. Students with excused absences as per SAO’s assessment are not required special graded activity to offset any missed graded activity during such excused absence(s). Required to vote in the SLU SSC-KASAMA Election: see your NSTP Instructor for the details of this requirement as this is only applicable every first semester terms. For instance. Students should not just get instructions from the staff unless instructors concerned have given written instruction or authority to the said staff. We are part of the solution and not of the problem – Change Begins in Me! . 20. please secure or read our guidelines on NSTP Uniform from the NSTP Office. the NSTP Office will determine the exact total hours that a student should complete which is based on the course syllabus designed for the NSTP of the University to ensure a comprehensive and substantial training orientation. Herein. Read and understand first the guidelines on NSTP Uniform before acquiring and using one. Meanwhile. Whenever you perform a particular activity. letters. This requirement is needed to ensure the proper accomplishing of activity papers needing signatures and authorization of parents or guardians. or sibling who is at least 21 years old) of the student may be considered as alternative. only hours spent for PROGRESSING activities are counted in the said hours-requirement. Whenever they submit documents bearing the signature of their guardian (waivers. Secure your official NSTP Uniform (NSTP T-shirt and NSTP Button pin): Your required NSTP 1 uniform is the white NSTP t-shirt. However. Blood Type Certification: secure form or format from the NSTP Office m. students should be guided by instructions. on his/her own initiative and immediately. only the time spent in the APPROVED schedules and activities are counted in the said hours-requirement. But students should follow instructions only with the expressed authority of the assigned instructor or the substitute instructor in the absence of the assigned instructor as also authorized by the NSTP Office. NSTP students of voting age (18 y/o and above) are encouraged to submit photocopy of voters ID (show original copy for verification). provided that the student’s failure (absences) to have met the exact total hours is excused. Hours spent with unreasonably repetitive activities that do not show progress therein are not included. GSIS. As per the RA 9163 or the NSTP Act of 2001 and its IRR. SSS. this should be APPROVED FIRST by the SI and/or NSTP Coord. The remedial will only add points to the grade or score for attendance and not necessarily on the outputs. The other ID may be private issued or government issued just the same. remedial or additional hours purposes. In the absence of the parent to serve or to authorize a guardian for the said student. if what was missed out in an excused absence is a major examination or requirement as per the discretion of the NSTP Office. such will be counted one hour duration only. registration/voting certificate or any proof of COMELEC registration for merit. From 54 hours to 90 hours. apply for applicable remedial. Also. inquire from your parent should they rather authorize you or give you full responsibility of yourself in the NSTP throughout the term. outputs and other related grading areas (pls see grading system bellow).

The student is likewise responsible in monitoring whether or not his/her class card is dropped. Absence therein is considered unexcused and will be scored or graded accordingly. absences are counted per hour. Having some Sunday schedules would definitely help us complete and do not compromise some important coverage of the training program which we cannot complete just by weekday classes.4 supervising instructor and the NSTP Office. Excused absences. 29. will not automatically excuse a student from any instruction or assignment missed due to such absence. 24. NO ENTRY policy. Students who were absent. or early dismissal are considered deficiencies. that in case absences are excused. are avenues of celebrating the Lord’s holy day. In our University. we have adopted a schedule scheme which spread our training program to weekdays and Sundays. tardiness and early dismissal are considered zero score point. Some NSTP activities are held weekdays. Students attending classes but whose class cards are dropped shall still be CONSIDERED ABSENT and will not be given credit in any activity participated in. Hence. a student who is considered absent in a 3hour long continuous activity has incurred three absences. We are holding some conferences and activities on some Sunday schedules in order to complete the required training hours and modular training lessons of 54 to 90 hours. 31. 28. The student is further responsible in retrieving such class card and returning it immediately to the training instructor. For remedial. Students who need remedial for their excused absences. Any absence excused or not. tardiness or early dismissal are given chances for remedial without demerit to offset deficiency in the number of hour-requirement if so preferred by the concerned student. it is therefore considered that what prevails as priority in the schedules of NSTP 1 students during such Sundays is their NSTP 1 activity. For instance. For remedial. Indeed. Take note of the NO CLASSCARD. Approved or agreed consultation time if not attended by the SI or NSTP coordinator will still be credited to the number of hours completion only of those who were present/who reported for the supposed activity or schedule provided that attendance reports are immediately accomplished and submitted immediately to the instructor. Take note. Remedial activities shall require parent/guardian’s consent/waiver. concerned students are still required to accomplish certain requirements or remedial which also includes those which were missed out during the said absence. Unexcused absences. secure immediately your excuse slip from SAO and submit a photocopy of your slip and excuse letter to the NSTP office immediately the class day following your absence. tardiness. Any absent student is still required to comply with assignments or responsibilities that are supposed to be accomplished and prepared for the next meeting. Herein. 25. 26. a student may still be given a failing grade. However. besides being part of the required training program. the Sunday schedule would help all of us not to be disturbed in our other academic classes during the weekdays were we to hold the forum by then. Students are also Louisian Tayo…Tayo Mismo. please schedule your other Sunday priorities on affected Sundays to time schedules not covered by the forum time. Moreover. NSTP during the time of the ROTC before is normally offered Sundays on whole day basis. completing the said hours specified by the NSTP Office is not the sole guarantee that a student will automatically pass the enrolled NSTP. This is to free us from all whole day-Sunday schedules to give way for our other Sunday priorities. The student should be passing in the requirements specified in the grading system as listed subsequently. In extreme cases where excuses are merited for such Sunday absences. students concerned must see and secure approval to be absent from the NSTP Coordinator in advance. Waiting time for walk-in consultation with the coordinator or with the SI is not included in the 54 to 90-hour requirement. For students who incurred excused absences. likewise. Missed graded activities during such unexcused absences. The SAO policy on classroom attendance. however. See and follow approved procedures and guidelines for remedial applicable for the current term. 32. Our Sunday forum topics and activities. it is expected that. tardiness and dropping of class card shall apply. But take note that deficiency in attendance will mean minus points in the grade percentage for attendance (see grading system below). The 15 and moreminute tardiness equals an absence applies during the training regardless of how long the training meeting is. Hence. tardiness and early dismissal. or who missed an attendance or activity. some other activities are held Sundays which are normally not whole day. tardiness. follow up with your instructor when you can apply for your remedial. tardiness or early dismissal are not given chances for remedial and to be made part of the grade (See grading system below for the scoring of attendance). The topics and activities are helping us enrich ourselves to be the Lord’s well-equipped co-stewards of his creation as our activities are orienting us towards committing ourselves as the Lord’s “missionary” agents of protecting and promoting the rest of creation. 30. 27. Absences. we give our best and holy participation in the said forum. follow up with your instructor when can you apply for your remedial. and early dismissal are strictly discouraged as these affect your number of hours performance in the NSTP. As such for instance. tardiness or early dismissal shall report to the NSTP Office and apply for remedial following approved remedial procedures and activities. an activity that was done in just an hour but having an outstanding output that is commensurate three hours may be given additional two hours credit over the one hour time actually spent for the said outstanding activity. absences. Also. If therein a student is failing inspite of completing the specified number of hours. We are part of the solution and not of the problem – Change Begins in Me! . are personally responsible in compensating on whatever were missed out. Overdue submission of such excuse slip and other pertinent required papers for such excused absence automatically forfeits the excused status of such absence and eventually treats such absence as unexcused and thereby be graded or scored accordingly. Other schools have adopted the Sunday-whole day NSTP schedule.

unnatural hair die. Problems that shall arise therein should be referred immediately to the training instructor for appropriate attention. as best as you could. such concern should be put in proper writing and address to the NSTP Coordinator or the STE Dean for proper attention. College students should prepare themselves for their employment work where ultimately only themselves are responsible in accomplishing their job. Learn to trouble shoot your concerns in the NSTP. early dismissal and when class card is due for dropping as the case may be. Such written letter should properly be signed by the concerned. members are responsible in keeping in touch with the leader and with the other members regarding activities and meetings. Meanwhile. The Office never entertains texting. no work place or employment has so far allowed parents or guardians or other persons to still “cuddle” their children or perform the tasks of their children in their children’s workplace. Also. should there still be concerns of students and/or their parents or guardians regarding the NSTP of said students. Also. parents or any other person. unless otherwise specified. 40. only authorized guardians or parents with valid identification are entertained. 41. This means that the performance of the group is the performance of the leader and the performance of the leader is the performance of the group. In the case. Hence. constraint or concern in your NSTP. absences. 42. The entire class is subdivided into ten small groups. that concerns as such be exhaustively settled first between the student concerned and said parent/person and only after said student has first settled or processed properly and exhaustively any responsibility or requirements with the NSTP Office himself/herself. Observe other required additional dress code during training or apostolate. 39. group members are also accountable of the leader. NSTP students are expected to strictly observe and practice the SLU Code of Discipline (Student Manual) during their NSTP in and out of the campus. will follow up the standing or performance of said student. This is not to unreasonably disturb the operations of the Office. Just as the leader is accountable of the group members. Any concerns that did not follow this procedure shall not be entertained.5 responsible in monitoring their attendance record to be updated on any tardiness. No leader or member of the group should just be passive waiting only for instruction from the group. 35. guardians or anyone except the concerned student himself/herself are by all means NOT ALLOWED to accomplish. disciplined or diligent enough in handling oneself and responsibilities so as not to incur accountabilities. It is the procedure of the office. As a general rule also. Always monitor and ensure the recording of your attendance. however. all NSTP students. one has to be disciplined and diligent. parents or guardians who do not follow the above procedure and guideline are by all means NOT ENTERTAINED by the NSTP Office. always plan first as best as you could then present your plans to your Supervising Instructor or the NSTP coordinator for improvement if needed then for approval if merited before final implementation is done. SLU-NSTP aims to train students to be self-reliant and become independently responsible. 33. Aside from other attendance records and checking being prepared and done. During group activities. This is to train you to be creative. unsigned letters are not entertained and concerns only specified in the letter shall be entertained. 36. each member in the group when accomplishing his/her journal should also list down the names/attendance of co-members who are present during a particular meeting or activity and have the said present members sign their names in each one’s journal. Never report to your Supervising Instructor and the NSTP Coordinator without having. be involved or process said requirements or activities in behalf of a student. Hence. NSTP students should accomplish or process requirements or activities strictly by themselves. any student who has concern about his NSTP should settle things first with his/her supervising instructor before seeing the NSTP Coordinator or other higher authorities in the University. Each group should choose a leader to represent and facilitate the group. 37. But equally. NSTP concerns or grievances if any should be processed following applicable procedures and guidelines set by the University. Parents or guardians who do not follow the above procedure and guideline are by all means NOT ENTERTAINED by the NSTP Office. This will also prepare the student in the very competitive world of work today to practice his/her best diligence and discipline in handling responsibilities productively minimizing or avoiding unreasonable accountabilities. it is the discretion of the NSTP Office how to accommodate said parent/person. Aside from those specified in the SLU student manual. We are part of the solution and not of the problem – Change Begins in Me! . jewelries. the details of your concern and proposed remedies. phone in or emails and other electronic communications especially that the identity of the other party cannot just be determined. How best you prepare the following are also part of your grading. if allowed or consented by the concerned student. If you are encountering any problem. can the NSTP Office attend to said parents or guardians. In formulating and implementing your activities. students. Louisian Tayo…Tayo Mismo. To be productive in the workplace. 38. Other dress code requirement specific to certain training activities are also strictly followed. Concerns presented/aired otherwise or that has not exhausted internal procedures and guidelines of the university shall NOT BE ENTERTAINED and is considered waiving the right for any NSTP concern to be attended to by the NSTP Office. Parents. At the outset. Best work espouses discipline and diligence. Everyone in the group should be responsible in ensuring personal attendance and active participation. exhaust analysis and understanding of said concern. Then come up with your proposed remedies or solutions and present them to your Supervising Instructor and the NSTP coordinator for approval before implementing your proposal. Do not sign your name in a journal of a group mate who is absent during the said activity 34. male and female. an NSTP student should be trained to be more careful. Such concerns must also be processed personally. the leader is expected to ensure the attendance or participation of all members. improper haircut / hairstyle and others as instructed. are not allowed to wear the following during NSTP training and activities: heavy cosmetics.

Please see the NSTP Coordinator or your NSTP instructor for clarifications regarding the NSTP of the University II. monitor and keep a record of your class standing to know how you are performing throughout the training. Secure and always be guided also of the training calendar for the term. Be mindful of your manners and decorum when you are in your activity areas or when you are processing things with other offices or persons. Using of cellular phones while training is going on is restricted. Students are graded based on their actual effort or output. c. Violation of the SLU Code of Discipline f. Never ever implement something that was not presented to and approved by your Supervising Instructor and the NSTP Coordinator. 49. Be guided by additional instruction given by your training instructor or the NSTP Office. Finals (43%) i) Class Standing: 15 % by transmutation ii) Character and performance evaluation from the instructor: 13% by rubrics iii) Character and performance evaluation from the group mates: 10% by rubrics iv) Discipline (demerit) 5% 4. the honor system re-orients students to demonstrate a sense of accountability as an integral component of responsible service. which you paid during your first semester enrollment. 47. 54. Late clearance and submission of other requirements e. as incentive to exempt concerned student from other training requirements): a. 3.00%. Students enrolled in the NSTP are required to actively support all NSTP apostolates or activity. Students with outstanding extra-curricular activities as certified by the Dean of the school to which the student belongs and duly approved by the NSTP Office (number of merits will be determined by the NSTP Office). 46. 50. the grade is distributed as follows: a. 2. if this payment is reflected in your accounts. 53. Violations of this NSTP 1 general procedures and guidelines. The NSTP CWTS 1 GRADING SYSTEM: 1. Using the training calendar as your guide or the class record student copy. 7. Know the people in the area and always accord them appropriate respect and recognition. 44. 45. Total Attendance 15% by transmutation (specific to the total number of hours completed by a particular class from 54 to 90 hours). however. 51. merits may be used as an addition to the student’s NSTP grade. 48. Failure or late submission of requirements (enrollment and training requirements) b. Students with outstanding participation throughout the training/training requirements as determined by the Supervising instructor and the NSTP Office b. 52. When deadlines previously set are declared “no class” days. However students perform throughout the training. g. Other Character/disciplinary violations h. Other concerns as determined by the supervising instructor and the NSTP Office. d. please coordinate immediately with your training instructor. Failure to process clearance at the end of the term d. The honor grading system is adopted as part of the NSTP grading system.6 43. Other redeeming factors determined by the NSTP Office. NSTP students are required to be familiar and to observe campus and community safety and emergency guidelines. The grading system is using a transmutation method to compute for the raw scores of class standing and attendance. 5. Midterm (42%) i) Class Standing: 15 % by transmutation ii) Character and performance evaluation from the instructor: 12% by rubrics iii) Character and performance evaluation from the group mates: 10% by rubrics iv) Discipline (demerit) 5% c. Demerits shall be given to the following violations(a maximum of 5 demerit per item violated per occasion): a. We are part of the solution and not of the problem – Change Begins in Me! . Permission of the trainer is necessary. 6. Process your CLEARANCE at the end of the term (see SI for Instruction): Louisian Tayo…Tayo Mismo. Note: accumulated merits are transmuted first before they are added to the grade or are used as incentives. Be reminded that you are automatically covered by insurance. The passing grade should be not less than 75. Students are supposed to develop a commendable work ethics or standard which is needed in the actual workplace. on or off campus. they are oriented to face the consequence of their actions as either merits or demerits. As part of the training. such deadlines are automatically moved to the next class day. b. This is the earning of merits and demerits throughout the training (see item below on merits and demerits). Please verify. No tagging along or bringing along unauthorized persons during NSTP activities. 55. Merits shall be given to (with the approval of the NSTP Office. Failure to comply with training instructions and guidelines c. No going out during classroom training or no loitering during community exposure with out the permission of the training instructor. In case of accident during the training.

pls. otherwise. This is to ensure that should there be correction in any given NSTP grade. It is neither the responsibility of the teachers nor the NSTP Office to be running after or processing application for clearances. Guinguino Jr NSTP Coordinator Felina P. Students once given an INC can only process their completion and clearances during the one month grace period in processing INC’s as printed in the pink grade copy of the student. Supervising Instructor’s Clearance.to be processed by the students before going on vacation.to be processed by the students before going on vacation. In the event that that concerned students failed to check right away their grades as soon as released by the University registrar for the concerned term and any needed correction of NSTP grade or processing of INC/NFE NSTP is not accomplished during the said completion period set by the University. f. Not following the procedure of completion of INC’s as given by the NSTP Office will automatically invalidate and cancel any remedial or completion activity undertaken. concerned students must report to the NSTP Office. e. If there is an extreme need for such. Or immediately upon the official release of the grade. print this page (7) in two copies. Properly accomplish and submit one copy to your instructor. Any submitted or completed requirements or examination is still subject to usual evaluation and grading procedures. d. PhD Dean. NSTP Office Clearance. the grade is failed. the student will apply for completion and clearance immediately at the NSTP Office during the enrollment period of the immediate term following subsequently. or should a student need to process any INC or NFE NSTP grade. the student will be given an INC grade. I AM A LOUISIAN …SERVING WITH A MISSIONARY HEART SLU NSTP OFFICE SUMMER. passed or failed (pls see grading system). Conforme: ___________________________ Name and Signature of Student Date:___________________ _________________________________ Name and signature of Parent/Authorized Guardian Date:_________________________ (pls attach photocopy of Identification Card) Louisian Tayo…Tayo Mismo. be reminded that processing an incomplete does not automatically mean a passing grade. provided. Students applying for completion during the later period of the one month grace period where time is insufficient to process the completion requirements are held liable if such time left will not merit sufficient time to complete the INC and will instead make the INC a permanent mark or the student be given a failing grade which ever applies. This is to ensure more time to process completion requirements that apply to a specific INC case. We are part of the solution and not of the problem – Change Begins in Me! . b. remedial or completion. School of Teacher Education CONFORME: ___________________________ Name and Signature of Student Date:___________________ _________________________________ Name and signature of Parent/Authorized Guardian Date:_________________________ (To the student. clearance or completion at the NSTP Office following the existing procedure and remedial choices being followed for the term as prepared and approved by the NSTP Office. such correction of grade and processing of INC is not anymore allowed or accommodated. h. Students who fail to process their clearance or completion of remedial on time will be graded accordingly. 2014 edition and shall abide with them as part of the requirement of the NSTP course. students concerned should secure from the NSTP Office the procedure of processing completion and follow such. concerned student is still considered having not accomplished any remedial or completion at all and will make any given NSTP grade permanent. c. g. Whatever NSTP grade given remains permanent and concerned students must re-enroll the subject should their grade be failed or INC/NFE. we shall not hold SLU NSTP liable of any violation and negligence we commit on the above. Other persons are not allowed to process for the student concerned. Meanwhile. discretion of the NSTP Office prevails. INC’s incurred due to failure to process clearance as instructed are given additional remedial requirements. 2014. Likewise. Secure instruction from your assigned SI for the procedure.7 a.Dead line of submission is April 22. Meanwhile. Espique. 2014 Albert G. The student is responsible in processing his/her remedial. A passing grade is given if merited. concerned students are able to process or accomplish such during the one month completion period set by the University. The other copy will be your receiving copy). remedial or completion for students. Where a student who failed to process such clearance has standing accountabilities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CONFORME: To the SLU NSTP Office: This is to signify that we have read and understood the above MANUAL OF PROCEDURES AND GUIDELINES (MOPG) FOR NSTP CWTS 1 SUMMER. Students enrolled in the NSTP must immediately check their NSTP grade upon the release of grades for the concerned term by the University registrar. Process personally your clearance.

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