Lesson Planning Document Grade Level: Second Grade Lesson Name / Title: Matchbox Slingshot Learning Outcome / Learning

Target / Lesson Objective: Students will explore the differences in forces in relation to distances. Common Core State Standards / Ohio Academic Content Standards: PS 2: Forces can change the motion of an object. Assessment Plan including attachments: Collecting all memory books and reviewing predictions and recordings. Academic Language : force, friction, surface, prediction, record. Learning Trajectory : Prior to second grade, students should have some knowledge of push and pull as well as directions in which things move. After second grade, students will go into the effects of mass on the motion of an object. Lesson Materials: Matchbox cars Ponytails Matchbox memory booklets measuring tape

The Teaching Process (should included planned, open-ended questions to monitor student learning, and how the lesson will be modeled) 1. Do experiment in whole group instruction. 2. Have students open to the first page with slingshot station at the top. 3. “Can someone read the underlined sentence for me?” 4. Pick a student to read make a prediction. 5. Discuss what a prediction is again as a class. Emphasize that it is okay to be wrong with predictions! 6. “Circle what you think is going to happen.” Circle as the teacher in your own memory booklet. 7. “Notice it says explain. Write why you think your prediction is correct.” 8. Once every student has finished the first page, pull out the geoboard and car. 9. Have students turn the page. Read it out loud to the class. 10. “I noticed it said record

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distances. How could we measure distance so that we can write it down?” 11. Pick a few students to give their ideas. 12. Pull out the tape measure. If someone mentioned a ruler, say you have something similar. 13. Pull back the sling shot a little. Have a student help you measure how far it went. Record it in booklet. 14. “How far did I pull it back that time?” Allow the class to say a little. 15. Have students record the distance the car went. 16. Set up the geoboard and car again, and pull back the slingshot further. 17. “How far did I pull it back that time? Was it different than the first time? ”Have students record the distance. 18. Turn to the next page. “There is a box here that says draw what you saw. This is a quick sketch of what you saw happened. You will only use pencil for this.” 19. Allow a short amount of time for

students to sketch something. Sketch with them. 20. Discuss what the students saw. 21. Explain the Law of Motion that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (in simple terms). Extended Activities: