DATA PROTECTION ACT Outline the reasons the government feel that there was a need to introduce the

Act Identify the groups in society do not have access to all the information held on them Compare a data user and a data subject Identify the type of information do we not have the right to access Outline what is mean by personal data Describe 2 of the main provisions of the Data Protection Act and give a reason why it is important that organisations follow these provisions. Some members of staff have complained that personal information held on them is inaccurate, but no action has been taken. Mary Boyle was unhappy that Mike Murray from purchasing knew about the details of her recent staff appraisal. Suggest how these problems may be overcome. 2 2


2 3 1 6

COMPUTER MISUSE ACT When the Computer Misuse Act (1990) was introduced who was it particularly aimed at? Outline the meaning of the term “hacker” Describe a computer virus. Name two of the offences created under The Computer Misuse Act (1990) Outline three ways in which organisations can protect their computer systems? 2

1 1 2


COPYRIGHT, DESIGNS AND PATENT ACT Describe what is meant by a Trade Mark Outline what is meant by a design. Describe what is meant by copyright Identify 3 pieces of work which can be protected by a copyright. 1 1 1 1

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