Graph 1 below shows analysis of Route 4 from O’Connell Street to Nassau Street. This exercise was undertaken by Deloitte as part of the Bus Network Review and reviewed bus journey time data from winter 2007. It showed bus journeys taking anywhere between 9 and 34 minutes to cross the area. An analysis of bus journey times for September 2009, post College Green QBC, show the bus journey time variation reduced to between 9 and 18 minutes.

Graph 1

Graph 2 shows a similar analysis for Route 16 from O’Connell Street to Dame Street. Journeys were taking from between 4 and 18 minutes 12 months ago, but this has been reduced to between 3 and 10 minutes since the College Green QBC. Graph 2

The photographs from the Dublin City Council Traffic cameras pre and post the College Green QBC show:  The extent of traffic congestion on O’Connell Street as a result of backed up traffic from College Green. A bus would routinely take 20 – 30 minutes to travel the length of O’Connell Street  Contrast this to the free flow traffic on O’Connell Street with the College Green QBC. Buses now take less then 3 minutes to travel the length of O’Connell Street.

Pre College Green QBC Morning

Post College Green QBC Morning

Pre College Green QBC Evening

Post College Green QBC Evening

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