Nutrition in Plants

I. Fill in the blanks: 1. Green plants are called ________________ as the can prepare their !"n _____________. #. $!st ____________ and ______________ %et their &!!d &r!' dead and deca in% plants and ani'als. The are called_____________. (. In s!'e cases t"! !r%anis's that li)e t!%ether help each !ther. The are called _________________. *. The relati!nship bet"een these t"! !r%anis's is called ________________. II. State "hether Tr+e !r False: 1. ,ll li)in% thin%s %et ener% &r!' &!!d. #. St!'ata are s'all p!res present 'ainl in r!!ts !& plants. (. -ea)es are %reen beca+se !& chl!r!ph ll. *. S!'e plants are heter!tr!phic and depend !n !ther !r%anis's &!r &!!d. .. Sapr!ph tes are %reen in c!l!+r. /. -ichen has an al%a and &+n%i li)in% t!%ether and helpin% each !ther. 0. 1lants need nitr!%en in additi!n t! %l+c!se t! s nthesis pr!teins. III. Sh!rt ans"er 2+esti!ns: 1. What &act!rs are essential &!r ph!t!s nthesis t! take place3 #. What "ill happen "hen !+ add a dr!p !& i!dine t! starch3 (. Wh are %reen plants called a+t!tr!phs3 *. Na'e an t"! n!n4%reen plants. .. What d! !+ 'ean b s 'bi!sis3 /. What is a sapr!ph te3 0. Gi)e !ne e5a'ple !& parasite6 s 'bi!nt6 sapr!ph te6 insecti)!r!+s plant I7 . -!n% ans"er 2+esti!ns: 1. H!" "ill !+ test the presence !& starch in lea)es3 #. E5plain brie&l "hat happens d+rin% ph!t!s nthesis. (. H!" are n+trients p+t back in s!il3

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