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Project Management
Project Management

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Published by: Sunday Paul on Apr 18, 2014
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Request for Price Proposal, Questions and Answers - November 16, 2010 Panther Hollow Watershed Restoration Firm Applied

Ecological Services Question It appears that Construction Oversight is to be included in the Scope of Work, as the PPC requests estimated fees for this service. There are several factors that will make an accurate cost estimate difficult to prepare at this time for this task (construction improvements are not yet clearly defined; the scope/schedule can be highly variable and subject to delays and unexpected conditions). What assurances will the PPC provide that these factors are understood and that the fee for Construction Oversight may vary once the construction phase is reached? Answer Provide as much detail as possible in your price proposal / budget. For project goals 1 - 5 provide a lump sum cost by goal. The pilot projects that will be chosen, designed and installed is unknown, however there will only be a few of them. For that reason, for goals 6 - 8 provide a line item for the costs of a typical park intervention - use these as examples, park drive, bioretention system in former lawn area, stream restoration. Include the size / length of the installation, cost for design, cost for construction and cost for construction oversight. For example, For a .5 acre bioretention system it will cost, $1,000 for design, $1,000 for construction and $500 for construction oversight. There will be a small number of interventions at this stage of the project; they are pilot projects. If there is a unique investigation that a team feels is necessary then please include that cost as a separate line item in the budget. When the team is chosen for the project there will be discussions about what kind of investigations are needed and what is feasible for the project's budget

One of the Project Goals is to “fully understand the hydrodynamics of the Panther Hollow Watershed during dry and wet weather, as well as what un-impacted conditions might look like.” Does the PPC require a detailed groundwater flow investigation, or is that left to the discretion of each bidding team?

In the “Assumptions & Constraints” section, it is indicated that the hired Yes please include these services. firm will “Assist in the selection of the general contractor, provide/review cost estimates, review shop drawings, respond to requests for information during the construction phase, and be sure that as-built drawings are provided to the PPC.” Are we to include all of these services in our Scope of Work along with estimated fees for each?

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and is the winning team expected to use the same model(s)? As I understand it the design team will provide construction documents and then the construction crew will mark up any changes. Has a stream gauge been installed on Panther Hollow Run. They will get the mark ups back to the design team and then you complete as-built drawings and send to the PPC. do historical flow records exist and for what includes flow (MGD). Also. it is indicated that the hired firm will “Coordinate with review agencies for any necessary permits. the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) has agreed to share this model with the team. in 2008 there were pressure transducers period of record? installed in Phipps Run (north stream) and Panther Hollow Run (south stream) right before they converge and flow into the lake. Collective Efforts and Franco. and/or the construction phase. are we to include the preparation of an As-Built Survey as a service/deliverable in our Scope of Work along with fees? In the “Assumptions & Constraints” section. at this time? What hydrologic/hydraulic models are the PPC or PPC partners currently using. Is a model necessary and why? Can the PPC provide a list of local MBE/WBE firms? We don't keep a list of MBE / WBE firms. for example. This data will be available mid semester (February) of next year. This model was developed at a coarser scale than the 4 Mile Run and Panther Hollow water / sewersheds. However there are two things to consider. or downstream ALSCOSAN has shared the Panther Hollow Lake out flow data which of Panther Hollow Lake? If so. Yes No. In the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) planning basins they are using the SWMM model. At this point there are no expectations about what model to use.Again with regard to the as-built drawings referenced in Question #3 above. Yes put this service into your scope of work along with fees. However. however the Urban Redevelopment Authority does. but I noted that not all of the known firms are on there. I have attached the list to this email. we want this project to be replicable in other places in Allegheny County where SWMM is being used. we are not sharing the budget at this time. Page 2 of 5 .” Are we to include this service in our Scope of Work along with estimated fees? Is the PPC sharing the budget for the design/planning phase.

In addition. we have a 5 foot contour topographic shapefile. JMT Regarding the interview. or will it be conducted strictly as a question and answer interview? We will leave one hour to interview each team. Initially we will provide 20 minutes for the team to present their ideas for the project. See the answer above See the answer above Biohabitats What is Pittsburgh Park Conservancy’s set budget for the Panther Hollow Watershed Restoration? What modeling has been done in the watershed? What model or models were used? Will this be made available to the hired firm? Page 3 of 5 . which is quite close to Schenley Park. This includes a rain gauge from the University of Pittsburgh. there is LIDAR elevation data for the entire state of PA available from PASDA. is it the Conservancy’s intent to have each team make a formal presentation and then take questions. Can you provide a link to download the GIS data on Page 8 of the RFP Does an aerial topographic survey exist for the watershed? Meliora Environmental Design. Yes. Following that the PPC and partners will ask the team questions and allow time for you to ask questions of us.Has a rain gauge been installed in the Panther Hollow Watershed? If so. do historical rainfall records exist and for what period of record? Three Rivers Wet Weather has calibrated rainfall data on their website from April 2000. I am not sure if there is data any earlier than 2000. Yes we were planning on providing the data to the chosen design team. see the answer above. what is the modeling platform? Can additional sub-consultants be added to the team that were not originally included in the RFQ response? Yes. LLC Is the PPC aware of any stormwater/CSO modeling that is already underway by the City of Pittsburgh or PPC partners for the Four Mile Run Watershed? If so. Do you need this for the price proposal? Yes.

surface water. What will this PhD student be doing? What are PPC’s expectations for how the hired firm will work with this student? Both the PhD student and the Parks Conservancy are interested in green infrastructure. She will be in meetings with the design team and advisory team so she might have insights into the project. There is LIDAR available. For that reason.The Request for Price Proposal asks for a lump sum cost proposal for developing schematic designs and construction documents for selected interventions (goal 7) and providing construction oversight of selected interventions (goal 8). municipal manholes. 3. bioretention system in former lawn area. Most importantly though.5 acre bioretention system it will cost. and inlets and outlets. part of the scope of work is to identify and select potential interventions. interceptors. designed and installed is unknown. park boundary. The PPC sees working with this student in 3 main ways. municipal sewer lines. There will be a small number of interventions at this stage of the project. Include the size / length of the installation. and aerial photos. stream restoration. For a . cost for construction and cost for construction oversight.8 provide a line item for the costs of a typical park intervention .5 provide a lump sum cost by goal. they are pilot projects. For example. The pilot projects that will be chosen. cost benefit analysis of them. how they function in the field and how they improve the health of the stream. ALCOSAN structures. she will be monitoring the installations and inform the PPC and design team know how they are working. however there will only be a few of them. ALCOSAN monitoring locations. land cover (which includes impervious cover). including costs of stormwater interventions.use these as examples. It would be helpful and lead to a better comparison of cost proposals if all teams use the same assumptions for number and types of interventions. This will be most valuable into the next phase of the project. It is difficult to develop design and construction oversight costs for unknown numbers and types of interventions. $1. $1. However. Does PPC have specific numbers and types of interventions planned for this project? Provide as much detail as possible in your price proposal / budget. Page 4 of 5 . Share any data that you have gathered on the project. for goals 6 . 1.000 for construction and $500 for construction oversight. The map of existing GIS data in the Request for Price Proposal shows the watershed boundary. 2. park drive. 5 foot contours. Is there additional GIS data available for this project? The Request for Price Proposal states that the hired firm will work with a PhD student on this project. cost for design.000 for design. For project goals 1 .

The PPC will organize the logistics of the meetings. Will PPC plan and organize the outreach meetings? What level of The PPC expects the team to present at the meetings and field questions involvement is expected from the consultant in planning and coordinating etc.Please provide clarification on submission requirements 4 and 5. If there are additions you would like to add please do so. is the consultant expected to discuss and expand upon this list? For 5. For 4. Page 5 of 5 . but there is potential to work in and around the streams. find a time. are we expected to discuss our approach to outreach meetings or to simply acknowledge that we will participate in these meetings? For both of these submission requirements the PPC wanted the shortlisted firms to understand that they were part of the project and include them in the price proposal. the logistics of the meetings? secure a venue. There might be a need for permits at this point. invite attendees and advertise. The Request for Price Proposal states that the hired firm will coordinate with review agencies for any necessary permits. What permits are anticipated to be required for the selected interventions? The PPC doesn’t know what permits are needed.

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