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Kendra Orozco Professor Annette S.

Shelton Biology 1615 Lab 5 Aril 2014

Deaths Caused by Malaria In Switzerland 2002 Introduction In Switzerland Malaria is something that many are not familiar with and when cases are reported everyone quickly knows it comes from visitors. One of the most dangerous Malarias out there is known as the Plasmodium Falciparum, is a known disease that always takes its victims to get hospitalized for treatment. In Switzerland something that they make their GOAL is to have Fewer deaths and infections due to this Falciparum disease. Throughout the whole survey we will learn what causes this drastic disease which leads to many deaths. Materials and Methods Something which is mandatory in the state of Switzerland is reporting all cases of Malaria which was established in the early 70s, around the 1980s numbers in malaria raised which let physicians get more data out of them and actually see what was occurring. And that answers why the years 1988-2002 were chose for this certain study. Within the first week a supplementary form has to be completed which contain questions with more depth concerning

the origin of the infection. After this process is finished everything is then sent to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, so it can be registered and can be analyzed frequently for government annual bulletins. Results From 1988 to 2002 a grand total of 4,600 malaria cases and around 33 deaths were announced to the SFOPH, about 62% of these infections were from the disease Falciparum. Due to these deaths and infections there are two different type of groups which carry them, one being Europeans( white non-immuned) and Non Europeans (immigrants). So it is known the more tourists coming to visit the higher the possibilities of these diseases and the fewer tourists the fewer deaths and infections. Discussion So in Conclusion, there are three types of principles of which we learned; the first consisting the disease Falciparum Malaria is something which is imported from visitors and or immigrants. And for every three people about one person tens to die in one year due to this horrified infection. The Second being that there are only two types of groups which can have this infection, Europeans which tour around with high CFR and Non Europeans (mostly Africans) who bring the disease into countries that did not have it. And lastly the main point we found that would prevent a huge amount of people being infected due to this infection is by the conduct of all travelers before, during and after their trip to certain countries which their bodies are not immune too.