(Notes foi NNEPRA boaiu meeting iegaiuing location of tiain layovei


uoou evening. Ny name is Benet Pols. I am a town counciloi in Biunswick
iepiesenting Bistiict 7. The eastein euge of my uistiict tiavels fiom Spiing St, along
the south siue of Weymouth Stieet to Stanwoou anu back to NcKeen Stieet. So the
fiinge of my uistiict is about a half-mile fiom the builuing you piopose to builu at
Bouchaiu uiive.

The last time we weie all in this meeting ioom togethei we heaiu fiom a
gentleman who lives out in the Wiluwoou neighboihoou off the uuinet Roau. Be
pointeu out that his neighboihoou, anu his home, woulu not be uiiectly affecteu no
mattei which site you choose foi the layovei facility. Nonetheless he felt that
anything that was so bau foi one pait of Biunswick was necessaiily bau foi the
whole town.

This is the peispective fiom which I'u like to speak tonight, but, at the same
time, fiom peispective of someone who has woikeu long anu haiu to help biing the
tiain back to Biunswick.

If you can't builu this layovei facility at the alteinate site, the Ciookei site,
you shoulun't builu it in Biunswick at all. The only benefit this layovei facility
pioviues to the town of Biunswick is a stiategic one. That is, even if tiain iiueiship
numbeis uon't justify continuing seivice to Biunswick Amtiak will continue it
anyway. Because the iail bain will be heie the tiains will still iun to Biunswick
even if empty. At the veiy least, you'll still iun the moining tiain out anu the late
tiain back. I guess you coulu call this a benefit even if theie aie no tax benefits anu
no ieal job cieation.

We have woikeu haiu foi yeais to biing tiain seivice back to Biunswick.
Nany people question the value anu the valiuity of extenuing the seivice. No uoubt
you aie familiai with the asphalt anu iubbei tiie aficionauos who say that the eia of
iail is ovei. They iesent the massive taxpayei subsiuies foi public tianspoitation in
geneial, anu foi iail in paiticulai. These people may well ask why will you iun foui
empty tiains to anu fiom Biunswick when two empty tiains will caiiy all the

But not Biunswick. We have stiuggleu to pioviue a venue foi the ietuin of
tiain seivice, a ieason foi the tiain to come heie. I think some membeis of the
boaiu will iemembei that Aubuin hopeu the Bowneastei woulu be extenueu theii
way, but Biunswick was ieauy. Biunswick built a tiain station anu a hotel. We aie a
paity to a joint uevelopment agieement with the uevelopei of this facility wheie we
sit iight now.

What people may not iecall is how haiu Biunswick hau to push the
uevelopei of this facility to set asiue space in this facility foi a tiain station, a lobby
aiea that goes beyonu the usual platfoim anu ticket venuing machine. We basically
sweateu the uevelopei foi that space uownstaiis next to the platfoim wheie the
visitoi's centei is. I was on the planning boaiu that appioveu this complex. The
uevelopei wanteu to maximize the available iental space. Town staff, the planning
boaiu anu many inteiesteu citizens pusheu back long anu haiu to make suie space
was ieseiveu foi a ieal tiain station anu space pieseiveu foi taxis, buses anu

0f couise, we then hau to ient the space too. We useu 22u,uuu uollais fiom
the Biunswick Bevelopment Coipoiation to ient the space foi five yeais. The town
of Biunswick is paying ient in this builuing so that we can have a tiain station ieauy
foi you.

Anu fiankly, it was a goou thing we muscleu the tiain station space out of the
uevelopei. As pait of the town's obligation unuei the joint uevelopment agieement
we pioviueu extensive site woik, enviionmental iemeuiation anu infiastiuctuie
woik on this site. 0ui financial obligation anu commitment was high. A poition of
the enviionmental clean up was met thiough an EPA Biown Fielus giant but we
weie piepaieu to bonu an auuitional $2m foi this pioject.

We also counteu on a penuing EBA giant we thought hau been appioveu foi
about 8Su,uuu.

In the spiing of 2uu9, this giant was in jeopaiuy. Though we'u been leu to
believe the giant was a suie thing, last minute pioblems appeaieu in the application.

The iegional uiiectoi of the EBA believeu the pioject to be simply a ietail anu
hotel pioject anu thus not qualify foi the giant. I was with oui town managei uuiing
confeience calls with folks at the EBA in Washington anu Philauelphia as we ie-
emphasizeu the multi-moual tiansit aspect of this pioject. Anu most impoitant ie-
emphasizeu the town's commitment to the pioject as a multi-moual facility. 0pon
oui iepiesentation that the town was committeu to completing the pioject, anu that
it was in a multi-moual tiansit pioject with associateu ietail anu hotel piojects, the
giant was finally appioveu. ($9u2,Suu.uu)

We uiu all this foi you, so that NNEPRA coulu extenu its seivice to town.

It's faii to say that oui commitment to this pioject justifieu the giants you
folks have ieceiveu to iehabilitate the tiacks fiom Poitlanu noith anu extenu the
seivice heie. Without Biunswick's commitment, you woulu not be able to extenu
Amtiak seivice heie. You might insteau have been looking at Aubuin.

That is something you shoulu consiuei as you ueciue whethei oi not to uiive
this squaie peg into the iounu hole of the Bouchaiu Stieet neighboihoou. 0ne of my
fellow councilois was quoteu as saying that the town council hau to stay out of this
uispute in oiuei to avoiu souiing oui ielationship with NNEPRA.

I think that is backwaius. You shoulu be woiiieu about souiing youi
ielationship with us. You shoulu be consiueiing the last impiession you'ie going to
be making on the people of the town of Biunswick.

We've been auvocating this pioject foi yeais anu now it seems that you aie
willing to foice this layovei facility on us simply because you can. Feueial pie-
emption is a poweiful weapon, it shoulu be useu spaiingly because it is the image
you will leave behinu: that of an aggiessive bully.

This is what we'll iemembei when Rocklanu, oi Augusta oi Bangoi asks us
about the tiain coming to Biunswick. Remembei also that oui piofessional staffeis
aie mainly just heie to uo a job. They came fiom somewheie else seeking
piofessional auvancement; they'll move on soon enough. Bave Naikovchick, with
whom Ns. Quinn fiist maue this ueal foi the Bouchaiu site, has alieauy moveu on to
piactice his buieauciatic ait elsewheie. But Councilois Peiieault anu Atwoou who
iepiesent the Bouchaiu uiive folks anu Counciloi Watson who iepiesents the
Ciookei site will be heie a long, long time. So will I, anu so will all the othei citizens
you see heie.

Last, Feueial Pie-emption is a cieatuie of the law; it allows you to subveit
local contiol anu local laws. I'u like to take a minute to talk about the uiffeience
between a compiehensive plan anu a zoning oiuinance. This is an aigument that
may appeal to only the lawyeis among you.

A compiehensive plan is meiely a guiue, a ioau map, as it weie, to help guiue
futuie uevelopment. It uoes not have the foice of law, even on local issues. It's what
we hope foi, not what is iequiieu.

A zoning oiuinance howevei, is uiffeient. It is a law, a set of iegulations
auopteu by the local legislative bouy. It has the foice of law. It is a iequiiement.

Town staff has tolu you, that the Ciookei site is inconsistent with oui
compiehensive plan, while the Bouchaiu site is not. Peihaps this opinion is meant
to seive as a balm of soits to assuage any bau feelings you may have as you ciam
this thing in wheie it is not welcome.

What is missing is the fact that youi use of the Ciookei site is, in fact,
consistent with local law---the zoning coue, while the Bouchaiu site is not.

You woulu not even neeu a vaiiance to builu on the Ciookei site. You coulu
builu a 2Su,uuu squaie foot builuing on the Ciookei site without so much as a
iequest foi a vaiiance. You woulu not even neeu to bieath the woius Feueial Pie-
emption much less swing that cuugel thiough an olu an establisheu neighboihoou.
So you shoulu not uo it. Thank you.

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