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Entrepreneurship question paper topics of years 2011, 9, 6,5,4,3,2,1,99 & 98, 1. Joseph Schumpeter & entrepreneurship 2.

Definition of entrepreneurship 3. Theories of entrepreneurship 4. Needs David Mclleland 5. Eco system for entrepreneurship 6. Critical attributes of a successful entrepreneur, traits of successful entrepreneurs 7. Tips for a successful entrepreneur 8. Types of entrepreneurs 9. Entrepreneurship is the solution to unemployment, increase of economic growth & development in India 10. Entrepreneurs are born or made 11. Entrepreneur delivers long term value to different stakeholders 12. Failure & entrepreneurship 13. Reasons for entrepreneurial success 14. Manager versus entrepreneur 15. Entrepreneurship & innovation 16. Creativity is the primary motivation in entrepreneurship Apply creativity process to ball point pen, mobile, stapler & hand kerchief 17. Idea generation & opportunity identification 18. Business plan, salient features, business plans failure, objectives, why is a business plan successful, executive summary 19. B plan is ready, he is going to present it to his bankers, major suppliers, franchisees what be his approach to each of them? 20. Corporate entrepreneurship, Benefits of corporate entrepreneurship, how culture influences corporate entrepreneurship, how to introduce intrapreneurship in an organization 21. Sources of funding - Venture capital, SIDBI, incubation, process of venture funding 22. Working capital management and entrepreneurship starts with cash & ends with cash explain 23. Women entrepreneurs, challenges in the rural & urban sector, strategies to enhance growth of women entrepreneurs Is there a gender bias with women entrepreneurs in India? 24. Social entrepreneurship 25. Acquisitions & franchising as a Quick start routes to entrepreneurship 26. Ancillary industries Propagator ventures , BPO 27. Entrepreneurs close business why 28. Potential opportunity in pharma, biotechnology, IT, services sector 29. Entrepreneurship training programmes 30. National association of young entrepreneurs 31. Incentives to small scale industries 32. SSIDC 33. Globalization & entrepreneurship 34. Determining location of a new venture 35. Export finance 36. Strategies for growth of a petrol pump 37. 37. People management