April 14, 2014 Dear senators, Seattle CISPES believes in human rights and self-determination of peoples across the

world. We take inspiration from international solidarity organizing that has contributed to various struggles for economic and social justice. The rich history of campus solidarity organizing proves the power students have in confronting injustice, as in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. We encourage UW students to again stand for justice and support this resolution. The resolution lays out several reasons why divestment is the right action for the university to take as an institution. By moving away from investments that further the occupation of Palestinian land, the university would be taking a principled stand for international human rights. Divestment serves as a concrete pressure tactic to oppose ongoing settlement expansion and strategic division of the occupied territories to benefit the Israeli state at the detriment of the Palestinian people. This is an opportunity for the University of Washington to join with other US college campuses in divesting from injustice. Sincerely, Allen Hines Coordinator of Seattle CISPES