Hoy esmartes _______ el catorce de abril

1. Mi 2. Nuestra
3. Mi 4. Su 5. Su 6. Sus

La campana

7. Mis 8. mis
9. Sus

Stations: Restaurant vocab + Possessive Adjectives
Mi(s) – my Tu – your (familiar singular) Su(s) – his/her/your (formal singular) Nuestro/a(s) – our Vuestro/a(s) – your (familiar plural) Su(s) – Their/your (formal plural)

Stations 1 – 3: Using the image and the objects provided, tell whose item it is using possessives adjectives. Stations 4 – 6: Write two sentences to say who the person is and what object they have using possessive adjectives.

¿Qué me falta?
• With your partner, lay out the various table items. • One of you closes their eyes. • The other person hides one of the items. • The person who hid the item then asks: ¿Qué me falta? • The person who had their eyes closed needs to guess the missing item: Te falta(n)…

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