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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a fourth generation standard for wireless communications of high data speed at the user terminal. This evolved technology needs a cutting edge system component to be designed for the node B (Base station) and the user mobile device.

In any wireless device, the performance of radio communications depends on the design of an efficient antenna. The objective of this work is to design printed antennas suitable for use within LTE mobile terminals. To satisfy the antenna size of LTE devices, meander line technology is used to reduce the resonant length of the antenna. Professional design software (HFSS) is used to design and optimize a 3.0 and 3.0 GHz single element Meander Line Antenna and two elements MLA as a new shape to give an enhancement of the gain, VSWR and Reflection Coefficient.

We used the technique of optimization using HFSS. This technique can be effectively used in the design of various complex antennas where the performance of this technique to design the antenna is a good precision design of antenna elements for low and high frequency applications.