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UbD Unit Plan

Title of Unit Curriculum Area Instructional Technology Grade Level Time Frame

K-5 1 Week

Stage 1 Identify De ired !e ult Performance Standard

IST" formally #"TS 1$ Creativity and Innovation Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develo innovative roducts and rocesses using technology. b. create original works as a means o! ersonal or grou e" ression. %$ Communication and Collaboration Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to su ort individual learning and contribute to the learning o! others. a. interact, collaborate, and ublish with eers, e" erts, or others em loying a variety o! digital environments and media. &$ Digital Citi'en (i) Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and ractice legal and ethical behavior. d. #"hibit leadershi !or digital citi$enshi *$ Critical T(in+ing Students use critical thinking skills to lan and conduct research, manage roducts, solve roblems, and make in!ormed decisions using a ro riate digital tools and resources. c. %ollect and analy$e data to identi!y solutions and&or make in!ormed decisions.

Under tanding

Kecia McGouirk |2 Partici)ant ,ill under tand t(at Storybird is an interactive, collaborative writing tool !or creating digital storytelling. Instructional Technology is a vital com onent to student engagement and learning. Storybird is a !ree Web '.( tool that hel s students with reading, writing, and literacy skills. )ow reading writing, and technology are relevant in li!e* Ty es o! careers that can be linked to reading, writing, and technology. Ty es o! lessons that can be linked to !elated .i conce)tion Storybird is e" ensive. Storybird is only use!ul to #+,. Storybird is not user-!riendly. #ach student will need an email account to log on. Students cannot collaborate.

" ential /ue tion 0verarc(ing /ue tion What is the ur ose o! instructional technology and why should we use it* What are some misconce tions or myths about instructional technology* )ow is technology analy$ed and understood* )ow can technology and its conce ts be relevant in school and in li!e* )ow can I a ly instructional technology in class* )ow does technology im act the world and the world im act ergonomics* What careers can be connected to reading, writing, and technology* To)ical /ue tion Why are reading, writing and literacy im ortant in student learning* )ow can Storybird im rove reading, writing, and literacy skills* Why is collaboration bene!icial to student learning* )ow can technology such as Storybird be used as instructional di!!erentiation* Why should students ractice good ethical behavior and good digital citi$enshi * What are some im ro er digital behaviors* )ow does instructional technology such as Storybird engage higher-orderthinking skills*

1no,ledge and S+ill

Kecia McGouirk |3

Partici)ant ,ill +no, The ur ose o! Storybird and how it su orts student learning and growth. )ow to use Storybird as instructional technology in the classroom. %areers linked to reading, writing, and technology.

Partici)ant ,ill be able to %reate a storybird. -ublish a storybird. %reate a class account in Storybird. %reate di!!erent lessons utili$ing Storybird.

Stage % 2 "vidence Performance Ta +3 4

Partici)ant ,ill .bserve the resentation and view a -ower-oint over how to utili$e the Instructional Technology Web '.( tool, Storybird. /nderstand how Storybird bene!its teachers and students. 0iew the ste -by-ste instructions o! how to log on and create an account in Storybird. 0iew the ste -by-ste instructions o! how to create a storybird. 0iew a student e"am le o! a Storybird. -ractice using Storybird online. %reate a Storybird. %om lete a 1uestionnaire about the worksho .

0t(er "vidence 2e.g. tests, 1ui$$es, work sam les, observations3

Worksho observation. Student e"am le. .nline Storybird creation. %om letion o! a 1uestionnaire.

Partici)ant Self2A e ment and !eflection

Sel!-assess your Storybird. 4e!lect on what were some conce ts or areas you struggled with* 5ras ed* 4e!lect6 To what e"tent has your o inion changed about instructional technology*

Kecia McGouirk |4 4e!lect6 )ow could the demonstrator im rove on the worksho you change or add to the artici ant er!ormance task* What additional recommendations would you add* resentation. What would

Stage 5 Plan Learning "6)erience 1 7our 8or+ (o)

Ste) 1 Ste) %Ste) 5 Ste) 9Ste) & Ste) *Ste) : Ste) ;Ste) < Ste) 1= )ave artici ants com lete a 1uestionnaire. )ave artici ants ractice using Storybird 2Slide 7' o! --T3 )ave artici ants create a Storybrid Show student e"em lar 2Slides '(-7( o! --T3 Show resources 2Slide 71 o! --T3 )ow to sign u !or Storybird 2Slides 1(-15 o! --T3 )ow to create a Storybird 2Slides 18-1: o! --T3 -ur ose o! Storybird 2Slides 7-8 --T3 )ow Storybird a lies to teaching and learning 2Slides 9-: o! --T3 Intoduction o! Worksho ,genda o! Worksho 2Slide 1 o! --T3

2Slide ' o! --T3