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Published by Mudassir Ali
ace 3.0
ace 3.0

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Published by: Mudassir Ali on Apr 20, 2014
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Team ACE

Who we are and what we do
SZABIST is our family. One that has nursed and raised us these past three years in her bosom and enlightened and guided us to paths we never knew existed. It is ust that way that we stumbled onto another su!h path" one that would introdu!e us to operations" pro!esses and management. #here we first thought of operations management as ust a pro!ess identifying exer!ise" this !ourse opened our eyes to the world of operations" their importan!e and in!orporation in the pra!ti!al arena of our lives. Assigned with the task to !ontinue the legacy of A$%" we have done the impossible today by surpassing A$% &.' ( A$% ).' and managed to engrave our mark in the history of Operations *anagement. This is the third !ontinuous year students of SZABIST have organi+ed !onferen!e in Operations *anagement. %x!ellen!e and humility go together. Su!!ess ne!essitates one to submit one,s pride for the sake of that whi!h one holds dear. This is the !rux of what we,ve learned today.

“We are only that which our actions and circumstances make of us. Choose your actions and mold the circumstances.”
Opting for !ontinued ex!ellen!e is our !hoi!e" one that we have !hosen" keeping in mind all that will be re-uired of us" notwithstanding the !ost of opting for !ontinued ex!ellen!e. But then again" there is a point that must be !onsidered where any more expense is not worth that" whi!h if employed" will bear fruit for. Along with this is our !ontinued sear!h for the mythi!al .ideal pro!ess," one that whi!h eludes even the mighty and the wise. %spe!ially in our age and time with !ontinual te!hnologi!al advan!es and revolutions" one is skepti!al when sear!hing for this ideal pro!ess. /et" we strive for perfe!tion using pragmatism as our hold onto reality and in this pursuit we regularly stumble onto better and more effi!ient working pro!esses. #e are Team A$% and where operation management is !on!erned" these are the prin!iples we hold dear and strive


Traditional managers are not !omputers but then even theyto manage very well. Sir Babar Ali: %ffi!ien!y doesn. But" when it !omes to operations by 06 so it !an still exist. %xample leadership= it is best model that allows people to work at time whatever is re-uired. a very !ompetitive dis!ussion by both the panels" they led to the !on!lusion that a little bit of both styles should be in!orporated in businesses so that there. *arket !ontinued operations" a!-uisition orsituational re!onfiguration" aspe!ts ofaoperations management is always present. In traditional management effi!ien!y better. *r. Sir Waqar: #hen we think about modern management we think sin!e %65 solutions are now here" thus it is better. Traditional management has !ontrolled expenses and everything is under !ontrol and there seems no any la!king fa!tor. 7$hange is the only thing that is !onstant8 Sir Mohsin: Systems is a moderni+ation" relying on !omputers and if manager is missing< work does not stop 0e of the that Android in a good organi+ation" ismarket9 interlinked and whether one is in the pro!ess of andwas va!uum is opinion not !reated. 0e has more than 3 years ). And by this approa!h we !an !reate a 5akistani approa!h1way rather than using Ameri!an methodology. An example of %65 in!orporated in %ngro is warranted here. Te!hnology has greatly helped in this regard with provision of different systems !omplimenting working pro!ess of businesses. :ow" the domain extends to everything. has !aptured so everything mu!h better :okia !hanged the thoughts. I-bal 0aider" *anager IS1IT Audit at %ngro 2oods. #hether it is the !urrent form of modern marketing where one looks at what !ustomer wants and then strives to surpass their expe!tation" or !urrent working manufa!turing pro!esses" operations management is everywhere.anel dis!"ssion# Speaker – Iqbal Haider (Engro Foods) Objective: #hat is the s!ope of operation management and how !an we a!hieve effi!ien!y. 5eople do not find ?%motional -uotient@ in with modern management but this is taught in s!hools and !an be taught #e are !reatures of%> habit and get !omfortable that whi!h we do regularly. . 5erhaps ifarena" a traditional manageraadapts modern fa!tors 6eferring his own upbringing in this he highlighted very powerful saying" and te!hnologies and if modern methodology adapts a bit of traditional approa!h then we will be most effi!ient.t !ome from moderni+ation. To remain !ompetitive in this world and ex!el throws against understanding that being flexible is is no longer option holds In thegiven paneleverything dis!ussion that of 3 life guests on the topi! you" whether traditional style of management better oran the modern true for every style and afterbusiness.s the presen!e of values and the !apabilities to move ahead in this fast time of te!hnology and !hange. industry segments whi!h in!lude 2inan!ial Institutions" of work experien!e in isthis diversified Tele!ommuni!ations" *anufa!turing and 2*$4 market. Central 4roups guests to dis!uss traditional management and modern management Our first point: speaker of the of day was *r. I-bal in his wisdom and expertise fo!used on !urrent lands!ape and integration of Operations *anagement in businesses and their impa!t on the businesses !urrently in existen!e in 5akistan. and su!!ess" there is a need to understand that the world is ever9!hanging. pushes people to !hange. Operations *anagement traditionally was !onsidered ust as plant management. It en!ompasses ea!h and every fun!tion in the working model of any business.



reativity is not optional and one must constantly do some enhanced thinking to make their company stand out in the environment.AType a -uote from the do!ument or the summary of an interesting point.e talked about the technical aspects of corporate inefficiency and gave us all great information in a dynamic manner. When Ayesha Khaliq introduced the T ! case study" a very energetic personality from the audience gave us a mind blowing insight into leadership and shared with us the determination of the founder" #r Waqar Ahmed.ice -resident of .0 started off right on target considering the need for yet another department. The first session was an interactive one where many members of the audience participated voicing their thoughts on the matter. . .e immediately established a sense of rapport with the audience as he gave an account of his own personal e0periences.e reminded us that the industry is more competitive than ever and the need to be operationally efficiency is overwhelmingly imminent. . We defined operations management and linked it with current needs.D Speaker $ Waqar Ahmed Ace 3. /ou !an position the text box anywhere in the do!ument. !o the first thing we absorbed as the event progressed is that" $%eadership is thinking one step ahead of what the customer needs&. This could not be any more true as the late !teve 'obs has stated $ ( tell my customers what they want&. A little e0periment with the crowd had many of us engaged and fascinated.!/ /ank humbled us with his presence by acknowledging the crowd for their readiness for such events and focused on the need to spread knowledge. )ur second speaker" #r A*am +athore " senior . To end his short and sweet stay" we learned yet another very thought provoking statement $)ne who sweats more in practice bleeds less in practical&. The message was crystal clear1 Think differently and make the right choices. Bse the Crawing Tools tab to !hange the formatting of the pull -uote text box. . #oving forward we got introduced to a very interesting personality" indeed" who engaged us with his magnificent findings over the course of years.

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