Best Simple Red Sangria

1 bottle fruity, medium-bodied red wine ¼ cup Triple Sec 1 large orange juiced 1 large orange sliced 1 large lemon, sliced ¼ cup granulated super fine white sugar 1 12 oz. inger-!le Directions: 1. !dd sliced orange and lemon and sugar to large pitcher" mash gently with wooden spoon until fruit releases some juice, but is not totally crushed. !s sugar dissol#es, $about 1 minute%, stir in orange juice, Triple Sec, and wine" refrigerate for at least 2, and up to &, hours. 2. 'efore ser#ing, add ( to & ice cubes and stir bris)ly to distribute settled fruit and pulp, top with ginger-ale and ser#e immediately. The longer sangria sits before drin)ing, the more smooth and mellow it will taste. ! full day is best, but if that isn*t possible, gi#e it an absolute minimum of two hours to sit.

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