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Military Chemtrails

Military Chemtrails

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Military Chemtrails
Military Chemtrails

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Published by: Martin Hume on Apr 20, 2014
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0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct.


0slo, Beilin, Reykjavik, Febi. 24

1he Chem|stry |n
!""#""$%& ()# *+,-.( /0
1#( 23#4 *+,35$($#"6 !77$($8#" -%7 !#5/"/4" 05/+
94-""$0$#7 :$4$(-5; <,#5-($/%" /% =-(35#

by Baialu Kautz-vella et. al.

on a lectuie helu at the
0PEN NINB Confeience
0slo, 0ct. 2u12

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

In oiuei to uiscuss the topic of aeiosol spiaying one neeus to uistinguish between
intenueu geo-engineeiing piogiams uesigneu to combat climate change, the impact of leau,
sulfui anu halogens fiom fuel impuiities oi auuitives in civil anu militaiy jet piopellants
anu the spiaying of high tech aeiosols foi militaiy puiposes.

Buiing the last few yeais theie have been many iepoits fiom conceineu citizens about a
new type of uamage occuiiing to plants that is uiffeient fiom the uamage known fiom aciu
iain: uiass simply stops giowing; tiees uiop theii baik anu uie. It has been speculateu that
these uamages coulu be causeu by high values of aluminum, baiium, stiontium oi titanium
founu in the chemical analysis of affecteu plant tissue, iain-watei anu soil-samples. Theie
has been an incieasing suspicion anu woiiy among people, of a possible link between
these high metal finuings anu the incieasingly fiequent occuiience of peisistent contiails.

We ueciueu to peifoim a chemical analysis on uamageu giass (!"#$%& !($)$*+$, anu
associateu soil samples fiom the 0slo aiea in oiuei to exploie a possible link between
ietaiueu plant giowth anu aeiosols ieleaseu by aiiplanes. The iesults fiom this chemical
analysis showeu high levels of aluminum, baiium, stiontium anu titanium in the giass, anu
an suiplus of baiium in soil exposeu to iain in compaiison to soil not exposeu to iain,
which makes it likely that the baiium founu in the giounu paitly comes fiom aeiosols. The
methou of analysis uoes not ieveal in which foim these metals aie piesent, but they might
veiy well be piesent as (Ba, Six)Ti0S. This is a nano-ciystal that is in use as an aeiosol foi
militaiy puiposes.

Still, the total values of baiium, stiontium anu titanium weie in a iange that hau to be
consiueieu as not toxic as bioavailable elements. The pivotal mechanism affecting plant
giowth seems to be the unique electiomagnetic qualities of some of the patenteu aeiosols,
in ielation to the bio-physics of plants.

Nano-ciystals can be taken up by plants as whole anu will iemain unalteieu. Embeuueu
within the plant tissue these ciystals will keep theii intiinsic anu electiomagnetic
piopeities. 0ne of these nano-ciystals of special concein is (Ba, Six)Ti0S, which is a
piezoelectiic substance, spiayeu to cieate aitificial plasma layeis foi militaiy puiposes. As
an unintenueu siue effect, this nano-ciystal is likely to cause ietaiuation of plant giowth
when absoibeu by plants.

Theie aie thiee theoietical inuications foi possible uamaging effects on plants:

• Plant giowth may be inhibiteu uue to inteiiuption in cell communication. The weak
inteicellulai 0v signals, the bio-photons, may be absoibeu by the (Ba, Six) Ti0S nano-
paiticles, who absoib 9u% of the light on the fiequency iesponsible foi cell uivision.
The calculateu optical iange within the estimateu paiticle uensity in the examineu
giass was in the iange of BNA uistance.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
• Plant BNA may be iiiauiateu by high-eneigy ultiaviolet light ieleaseu fiom exiteu
baiium oi stiontium nucliues. Nucliues can absoib gamma iays fiom cosmic iauiation
while in the clouus anu entei an exciteu state. Iiiauiation is a known cause of plant
BNA uamage.
• The electiomagnetic cell potential in plants may be uistuibeu anu set out of balance
when (Ba, Six) Ti0S nano-ciystals aie hit by teiiestiial ENF, miciowave oi iauai-
iauiation. Bue to the piezoelectiic piopeities of (Ba, Six) Ti0S such iauiation inuuces a
change in the ciystal-geometiy that ieleases fiee elections. A balanceu cell potential is
funuamental foi plant health anu giowth.
In auuition to these possible uamages uone to plants single publications have been founu
that iepoit on negative effects of aeiosols like (Ba, Six) Ti0S on mammals anu humans.
Two stuuies show the bio-accumulation of these nano-ciystals in mammals anu humans
that leaus to a uamage of the neivous system. The ciystals attach to the sensoiy ieceptois
anu tiiggei them by ieleasing elections anu¡oi photons uue to an exteinal acoustic oi
electiomagnetic impulse. A seconu iepoit anecuotally showeu how the piesence of baiium
on the suiface of snow was associateu to weakeneu bio-photon activity of humans,
accompanieu with symptoms of non-tieatable heauache. Possibilities of syneigistic
toxicity with halogens in use as jet-fuel-auuitives aie uiscusseu.

Fiom the metals containeu in baiium-stiontium-titanate only baiium has been sufficiently
monitoieu by state authoiities. The uata fiom ueimany coveiing the last 1S yeais show
that the values of aiiboine baiium-uust iefeiieu to as uiy ueposition went uown by 9S%.
This is accieuiteu to impioveu inuustiial stanuaius anu ieuuceu inuustiial exhaust. Theie
is also a significant ieuuction seen in othei heavy metals. Pollution uepositeu with iain is
measuieu thiough the absoiption of the pollutants in giass anu iefeiieu to as wet
ueposition. Buiing the same peiiou, values foi wet ueposition of baiium have been almost
uoubleu. Foi the yeai 2u12 the uata gatheieu fiom piivate iain samples uiiectly ieveal an
aveiage of u.uuS mg baiium pei litei fiom which one can calculate a wet ueposition of 86S
t of Baiium on the ueiman teiiitoiy - this value is suppoiteu by the uata of the state
authoiities foi wet ueposition, last publisheu foi the yeais 2uu9-2u11. Being specifically
bounu to iain, the uetecteu baiium must be consiueieu as oiiginating fiom aeiosols of
unknown oiigin, most likely aitificial, since inuustiy anu mining can be canceleu out as

If all of these aeiosols shoulu come fiom aeiosol-spiaying with foi example (Bau.S, Siu.S)
Ti0S, then this woulu have mounteu to 2u27 t piezoelectiic aeiosols pei yeai iaining uown
on ueimany only. In auuition, othei aeiosols like Al20S might be involveu, so the total
volume can be highei.

If only 8 % of the estimateu amount of baiium-stiontium-titanate pei teiiitoiy woulu be
absoibeu by giass as whole ciystals, this woulu in theoiy leau to an optical uensity of
nano-ciystals in the giass that coulu inteiiupt cell communication between BNA of
neighboiing cells. Such an inteiiuption woulu affect plant giowth.

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
values fiom ueimany as an inuustiializeu countiy in the miuule of the continent weie
compaieu to values collecteu by the State veteiinaiy Institute in the less populateu
Noiway. Total values in Noiway weie about 4 times highei than the ones measuieu in the
ueiman giass samples, but it tuineu out that most of these metals aie fiom natuial
souices. Bigh values of baiium founu aie mainly associateu to the uptake of uust fiom
baiium-iich soils; stiontium is associateu to the uptake fiom salts fiom the Atlantic. The
analysis uoes not uistinguish between natuial baiium compounus anu aitificial baiium-
stiontium-titanate nano-ciystals. These iesults hint again to a chemical non-toxicity of
baiium compounus, they weie of no value to uetect the total amounts of nano ciystals
uepositeu in Noiway.

The giass-samples we took fiom the 0slo aiea helu as mentioneu above consiueiable
amounts of baiium, stiontium, titanium anu aluminum. But also heie the total values weie
in a iange that unuei noimal conuitions hau to be consiueieu as chemically not toxic. We
fuithei compaieu the soil unuei the giass ietaiueu in giowth to soil that not has been
exposeu to iain foi uecaues. This compaiison inuicateu that about 47% of the measuieu
baiium-content hau to be associateu to aeiosol-uisposal biought uown by iain. uiven the
theoietical mechanism of (Ba, Six) Ti0S anu no othei factoi piesent, this woulu hint to a
lethal uose of S7 mg¡kg nano-ciystals - which is about the optical uensity of 1unm-
paiticles inteiiupting light-tiansmission even between uiiectly neighboiing cells.

We have founu no publisheu ieseaich on the effect of the vaiious patenteu aeiosols on
plants. Equipment anu infiastiuctuie to implement geo-engineeiing even in laige scale is
alieauy in place. We uige foi piopei ieseaich on the impact of these aeiosols on plant
giowth, miciooiganisms, plankton, insects, anu animals unuei contiolleu lab conuitions.
Aeiosols neeu to be founu safe foi eveiy aspect of oui biospheie befoie they aie ieleaseu
into natuie.

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

"# $%&'()*+&,(% ------------#--------------------## .
/# 0,'1+& &(2,+,&34 53%1'6,5&,+ 1771+&5 (7 &(2,+ 18191%&54
5*:51;*1%& )<9<61 ,% &=1 6'(*%)---#---------- >
/#"# ?<+@A1%6,%11',%6 BCA>---------------------### "D
/#/# E%)1'5&<%),%6 F<'&,+81 5,G15------------------- ""
/#H# I8*9,%*9A(2,)1-------------------------- "/
/#J# K=19,+<8 L5# 181+&'(AF=35,+<8 1771+&5
(7 :<',*9A5&'(%&,*9A&,&<%<&1---------##------# "H
H# M+,1%&,7,+ :<+@6'(*%) &( 181+&'(A(F&,+<8 1771+&5 --#----------### "N
H#"# O(%A8,%1<' (F&,+5------------------------#-## "N
H#/# ?,(AF=(&(%5---------------------------### ">
H#H# PF&,+<8 F'(F1'&,15 (7 %<%(A+'35&<85---------------## "Q
J# PF&,+<8 ,%&1''*F&,(% (7 +188 +(99*%,+<&,(%-----------############ /"
J#"# R771+&5 (% F8<%&5------------------------#- /"
J#/# R771+&5 (% F8<%@&(%------------------------ //
N# $''<),<&,(% (7 F8<%& 0OI S,&= =,6= 1%1'63 ET 8,6=&--------#--#### /H
.# M1&&,%6 &=1 181+&'(9<6%1&,+ +188 F(&1%&,<8
(7 F8<%&5 (*& (7 :<8<%+1------------------## /J
U# R771+&5 (% 9<99<85 <%) =*9<%5--------------------### /J
># I&9(5F=1',+ :<',*9 )1F(5,&5 ,% V1'9<%3-#------------####### />
Q# W151<'+= ,% O('S<3----------------#------------ /Q
"D# C(8,&,+54 ,%7'<5&'*+&*'1 <%) F(55,:81 9,8,&<'3 *51------------## HQ
""# C'(X1+& YK8(L1'81<7Z----------------------------# JN
""#"# [,8,&<'3 F*'F(51------------------------## JN
""#/# $%L(8L191%& (7 +,L,8 <,'8,%15------------------## JU
""#H# P'6<%,G<&,(%5 ,%L(8L1)---------------------# JQ
""#J# 0,59(*%&,%6 &=1 +(L1' 5&('3------------------## NJ
"/# K(%+8*5,(%-------------#------------------###### N>

R2&1'%<8 )<&<---------------------------------- ."

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
1. Introduct|on

The topic of geo-engineeiing has thiee aspects that neeu to be fiist uiffeientiateu anu then
can be seen as histoiically inteiwoven:
1. Theie is an official line of ieseaich that mainly evaluates options of climate
engineeiing to combat global waiming. This ieseaich piocesses huge amounts of
money but officially piojects all "piactical applications" into the futuie. It manly
conuucts "expeiimental piogiams".
2. Theie has been an ongoing uevelopment of jet piopellants anu theii auuitives by
the 0S-aii foice anu the NAT0. The chemistiy of the auuitives cuiiently in use is
classifieu infoimation - some of the auuitives have been iuentifieu by civil-iight-
initiatives anu piivate ieseaicheis as 1,2-uibiom ethan (EBB), peifluoioktan sulfon
aciu (PF0S), peifluoi oktan aciu (PF0A) anu leau tetiaethyl. These auuitives contain
fluoiine, sulfui anu biome anu must be iegaiueu as an impoitant souice of the
aeiosols B2S04, BF, BBi0S which leau to peisistent contiails
. These auuitives aie
highly toxic contact poisons anu aie suspecteu to be iesponsible foi multiple-
chemical-sensitivity (NCS) anu the gulf-wai-synuiome (uWS).
S. Theie aie militaiy applications involving the aeiosol spiaying of piezoelectiic nano-
paiticles ((Ba, Six) Ti0S ) foi SB battlefielu monitoiing, iauai-iange-enhancement
anu auvanceu uefense anu weapon systems.

In the 0S boiueis between goveinmental ieseaich, militaiy ieseaich anu applications, the
activities of the intelligence community anu univeisity- anu company baseu ieseaich anu
applications aie uifficult to uefine. In this financially inteiwoven netwoik a giowing
numbei of whistlebloweis uiaw attention to a classifieu pioject "Cloveileaf". It is supposeu
to seive militaiy-, agency- anu goveinmental aims by spiaying laige amounts of aluminum
anu titanium baseu aeiosols using the infiastiuctuie of the CIA, the NSA anu the 0S-Navy
as well as civil aiiplanes alteieu foi auuitional spiaying.

}im Phelps fiom the 0ak Riuge laboiatoiies in the 0SA, the inventoi of the titanium baseu
aeiosol concept, touay openly accuses the 0S militaiy as well as the CIA¡NSA intelligence
community of an abuse of his invention, that was meant to solve jet fuel ielateu
enviionmental pioblems.

Since the 8us Phelps hau ieseaicheu the impact of aeiosols fiom aiiplanes on natuie anu
climate anu hau founu out that jet fuel was iesponsible foi the following:

1. the loss of ozone at the poles uue to fluoiine-compounus
2. global uimming uue to peisistent contiails anu enhanceu foimation of ciiius-clouus
S. global waiming, because these ciiius-clouus holu back infiaieu iauiation fiom the
giounu anu
4. giowing pioblems with toxic fluoi-aluminum compounus foiming in the soils.

Nost of the oluei geo-engineeiing concepts base on sulfui aeiosols foi clouu seeuing. Balogens play a similai iole in the

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

In 1996 Phelps suggesteu solving S of these pioblems by auuing vaiious titanium baseu
oxiues to the jet fuel. This concept was meant to pievent the ozone loss anu the foiming of
toxic fluoi-aluminum compounus by binuing the fluoiine to titanium-oxyue (which foims
less toxic compounus than aluminum) alieauy in the sky, anu auuitionally ieuuce global
waiming by seeuing ieflective paiticles, that woulu block even moie sunlight anu let
thiough infiaieu fiom the giounu. Fiom heie, the uiscussion enteis the tiiangle of
classifieu infoimation, whistle blowing anu conspiiacy theoiies.

Theie have been many iepoits fiom conceineu citizens about a new type of uamage
occuiiing with plants. It is uiffeient fiom the known uamage by aciu iain in the 7us, wheie
laige aieas of spiuce foiests uieu in ueimany. The symptoms obseiveu back then weie
fiist the uying of the tiny ioots of the tiees aftei suffeiing fiom heavy metal poisoning,
followeu by a loss of the neeules anu the ueath of the tiee. Now giass is iepoiteu to simply
stop giowing, tiees to uiop theii baik anu uie. It has been speculateu that these uamages
coulu be associateu with the incieasing occuiience of peisistent contiails on one hanu, anu
piesumably linkeu to the high values of aluminum, baiium, stiontium anu titanium founu
in chemical analysis of plants tissue, iainwatei anu soil-samples on the othei hanu.

This is what can be saiu to the backgiounu of this stuuy. In the last chaptei we will go a
little moie into uetails of the politics anu militaiy activities. Bowevei, what is impoitant is
the seemingly unintenueu siue effect of nano-paiticles on plant giowth.

Buiing a pioject in Noiway we weie confionteu with the pioblems of a numbei of faimeis
who in the yeai 2u12 lost paits of the seconu haivest of hay. Auuitionally, the incieaseu
appeaiance of stiipeu clouus was a cause foi unease. These clouus appeaieu in the
afteinoon anu eventually coveieu the noimally blue summei sky with a milky haze at a
high altituue. 0ne of the faimeis associateu the uiizzle falling latei on such uays to uamage
uone to tomato-plants anu lettuce. The faimeis, who hau taken chemical analysis of iain
samples anu the giass ietaiueu in giowth, askeu foi help inteipieting theii lab iesults.
0ui staiting point was the woiiy that aeiosols coulu uistuib plant giowth to an extent
wheie it affects the haivests anu thus the livelihoou of mankinu. At the same time, we weie
awaie that the topic of geo-engineeiing, also iefeiieu to as chemtiails, was contioveisial
anu causeu heateu uiscussions. Fiom the infoimation available it was haiu to get a pictuie
of what was actually happening. In this context we felt the neeu to seaich foi consistent
infoimation, anu to check the theoiies against scientific uata. This meant in uetail: to finu
out if high atmospheiic spiaying is alieauy taking place, if yes which aeiosols aie in use
anu how big the amounts actually spiayeu weie. The seconu task woulu be to finu out in
what way these aeiosols might affect plant giowth to explain the uamage obseiveu.
The only anomalies showing in the iesults neai 0slo conceineu baiium, stiontium anu
titanium. Aluminum was high but within limits. These aie elements uiscusseu as paits of
aeiosol spiaying foi militaiy puiposes. The measuieu amounts of the elements themselves
i.e. theii uiiect oxiues hau to be iegaiueu as chemically non-toxic to plants. We theiefoi
took a closei look into the patents involving these methous to see if theie coulu be some
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
oveiseen mechanisms affecting plant giowth. It became cleai that the optical anu electio-
physical piopeities of these nano-ciystals coulu be essential in unueistanuing how plant
giowth can be seveiely affecteu by some aeiosols.

A six-folu line of ieseaich has been unueitaken to examine the possibility of a ielationship
between sloweu plant giowth anu ueposition of aeiosols ieleaseu by aiiplanes foi militaiy
puiposes anu eventually foi puiposes of geo-engineeiing.

1 uoing thiough the patents of aeiosols foi geo-engineeiing, the patents of aeiosols
foi militaiy puiposes anu the noimal jet-fuel anu jet-fuel auuitive-chemistiy in
oiuei to see what substances to look foi, anu look foi ieseaich pioving theii safety.
2 Review ieseaich on plant communication anu giowth.
S Biscussing the physical piopeities of aeiosols iegaiuing possible mechanisms that
coulu uamage plants.
4 Analyzing samples of giass with ieuuceu giowth anu of the eaith unueineath to
uefine what pait of the finuings coulu have an aeiial souice.
S Reviewing official uata of wet anu uiy ueposition of heavy metals.
6 Look at the opeiational anu political aspects of aeiosol-spiaying.

In the following paits we will summaiize some scientific backgiounu knowleuge about
toxicology in geneial anu uiscuss the auuitives useu in }et Piopellant 8, the }et fuel useu by
0S aimy anu NAT0 foices. As a seconu topic we will summaiize some backgiounu
infoimation about bio-photon-ieseaich anu the non-lineai optical piopeities of (Ba, Six)
Ti0S nano-ciystals. Against this backgiounu we will uiscuss possible mechanisms of
uamage that might be uone to natuie by (Ba, Six) Ti0S nano-ciystals. These effects will be
uiscusseu iegaiuing plan giowth, maiine life anu possible effects on mammals anu
humans. Following this theoietical pait we will ieview the uata available of baiium,
stiontium, anu titanium uepositions in ueimany anu Noiway ovei the peiiou of the last 1S
yeais anu tiy to uistinguish between inuustiial pollution, natuial ueposits anu othei
aeiosol ueposits. To backup the scientific finuing we will then again look at histoiical anu
political aspects to evaluate the piobability of oui uata.
2. D|rect tox|c|ty, synerg|st|c effects of tox|c e|ements, subsequent
damage |n the ground

Actually the entiie topic of toxicity is iathei complex. It makes sense to iegaiu some basic

- ?)# 4#8#4 7#0$%$%& (/@$.$(;

Plants anu all living beings neeu most metals in minute amounts to be healthy. In a way,
natuie on the continents is still auuicteu to the statistic uistiibution of iaie metals as founu
in sea watei, wheie we all come fiom, anu is tiying to stabilize this statistical pattein in the
chemistiy of the cell watei. The metals we neeu, can be absoibeu in so calleu bioavailable
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
foim, in solution as a cation, oi fiom oiganic uecay piouucts as oiganic complexes. 0p to
ceitain levels highei amounts of metals will be toleiateu by the plant oi living being
without any haim uone. Above these levels the metals will cause uamage anu function as a

- A#-7 -%7 :#5.35;

To this iule theie aie two exceptions: leau anu meicuiy. Neithei leau noi meicuiy aie
goou foi any living being. They aie toxic alieauy in the minutest level, cause seiious
uamage with highei levels anu aie eventually lethal. The toleiance foi leau vaiies between
plants anu mammals. Plants toleiate moie than mammals.

- ?)# ./+,/3%7 7#0$%$%& (/@$.$(;

Netals can be piesent in natuie in many foims. Bue to theii stiuctuie anu ieactivity they
can ieact with othei elements anu foim many uiffeient compounus. The same metal can be
toxic in one compounu anu neutial in anothei compounu. Foi example the uptake of
aluminum can happen in foim of 2uu uiffeient known compounus, fiom which especially
the fluoiine-compounus aie known to be highly toxic, while both fluoiine anu aluminum
can appeai in compounus that aie less toxic than the uiiect combination.

- B;%#5&; /0 +#(-4" .-% +-%$0/47 ()# (/@$. -%7 4#()-4 #00#.(

Toxicity uoes not always auu up the way one woulu expect hei to uo. Sometimes the
combination of two toxins multiplies in an extiaoiuinaiy way. The following expeiiment
shows this syneigistic effect cleaily: 1¡2u of a lethal uose of leau (Pb
) that kills 1 of 1uu
mice, was combineu with 1¡2u of the lethal uose of meicuiy (Bg
) that also kills 1 of 1uu
mice. The combination uiu not kill 2 mice, but all 1uu of 1uu mice.

- 9/+,4#@ ";%#5&$#" .-3"#7 >; 4-.C /0 /()#5 #""#%($-4 +$%#5-4"

A seconu type of syneigistic effect occuis when theie is a lack of an essential element with
similai atomic stiuctuie. Stiontium, which is iegaiueu as non-toxic
to humans, is even
given as a meuicine to stiengthen bones. Bowevei auuing stiontium can leau to bone
uefoimation if the bouy suffeis fiom a lack of calcium

- :-&%$(37#" /0 5#4#-"#7 (/@$%" D %-(35# 8"E +-% +-7#

To get a feeling foi what is noimal in natuie anu what is man maue we will look at geneial
amounts of pollution, with the example leau. Theie is a natuial pollution by volcanoes anu

Boyu E. Baley: "Neicuiy toxicity: uenetic susceptibility anu syneigistic effects", p. SS7
First draft Peter Watts; Paul Howe: England. Concise International Chemical Assessment Document 77: STRONTIUM AND
Lara Pizzorno: The Truth about Strontium Supplements, Side Effects, DEXA Results, Efficacy and More. Online at:
http://www.algaecal.com/Blog/the-truth-about-strontium-supplements-side-effects-dexa-results-efficacy-and-more/11333 on the
Jan. 3rd 2013.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
bush & foiest fiies that amounts to 19.uuu tons leau pei yeai set fiee into the atmospheie.
The amount of leau ieleaseu by the buining of coal anu fuel exceeus this natuial amount by
moie than 1uu folu. 0p to the 6us these amounts weie mostly blown into the atmospheie
via high chimneys, without filteiing units. Since then at least in the 0S anu Euiope filteiing
technologies have been intiouuceu that ieuuce this "peak"-output by an aveiage of 9S%.

- F$5#.( +#(-4 ,/443($/% 8"E "#./%7-5; 5#4#-"# /0 +#(-4" 8$- -.$7 5-$%

If one compaies the content of heavy metals anu the content of sulfui anu halogens in coal
anu oil ueiivatives, one finus sulfui anu halogens in concentiations that aie altituues
highei than the ones of the metals. Coal of bau quality can contain up to S% sulfui, while
the heavy metal content might be in the iange of mg¡kg.

The sulfui anu the halogen compounus ieleaseu by buining will connect with watei
uioplets anu iesult in aciu iain. Since the foiest uecline in ueimany in the 197us the
mechanisms of uamage by aciu iain have been thoioughly stuuieu. The main consequence
is that the aciuity biings Si02 into solution, anu thus ieleases metals that useu to be bounu
to the Si02 into bioavailable foims. This can affect soils as well as iiveis. In soils this leaus
to a uying of the tiny ioots of tiees. In iiveis these ieleaseu metals causeu ueath of fish.

Looking at altituues, this means that when sulfui anu halogens aie tuining into aciu iain
they can ielease theii molai equivalent of metals once getting into the giounu. Thus the
amount of metals ieleaseu by acius can be altituues highei than the amount of metals
uiiectly ieleaseu by the same amount of fuel. Thus the fiist thing to have a look at is the
quality of the jet fuel itself iegaiuing sulfui anu halogens. Among the uiffeient known fuel
types especially one uiaws attention: }et Piopellant 8. It is the fuel useu by the 0S aii foice
anu the NAT0 anu also is about to entei the maiket foi civil aii tiaffic.

2.1. 8ack-eng|neer|ng IÞ-8

The aim of the 0S militaiy was to have one fuel foi all puiposes: to fuel the kitchen stove to
cook a meal in the aimy camp, to iun the jeep, the tank, helicopteis anu aiiplanes. It shoulu
be possible to use the same fuel no mattei if the action was happening in the aictic, the
ueseit oi at altituues of 1u uuu feet. A seconu aim was to have a fuel that in the situation of
combat woulu not ignite so easily when one was attackeu. A thiiu aim was to have this fuel
available commeicially - which ieuuces the inteinal logistics. This iesulteu in what is
calleu }et Piopellant 8. The so-calleu }P-8 is iuentical with noimal }et-Fuel }et-A1, except of
u,u2% auuitives.

The chemical foimulas of the auuitives useu in }P-8 aie classifieu.

Bowevei, it is possible to ueuuct some of its content fiom the infoimation available.
militaiy tuibo piop tianspoiteis iun theii engines on a compiession of 2S bai. This

Naiion Bahn: 0mweltkiank uuich NAT0-Tieibstoff. Neues zu einei umstiittenen Theoiie umwelt·meuizin·gesellschaft
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
uemanus fuel with leau tetiaethyl, as unleaueu fuel woulu alieauy exploue at a
compiession of 2u bai. As a seconu auuitive leaueu fuel neeus uibiom oi uichloi ethan
. 0p
to the eaily 8us leau anu halogens weie useu in cai fuel in much lowei concentiations. The
exhaust fiom cais in this peiiou iesulteu in levels of leau in the aii causing wiuespieau
health uamages. Bue to the high toxicity of leau it became foibiuuen to use it as an auuitive
to fuel.

Bue to this toxicity the militaiy uevelopeu a system wheie highei amounts of these
poisonous auuitives woulu be auueu in situations of high iisk only: whethei it was when
iefilling aiiplanes in the aii oi being in combat, in ceitain situations the fuel neeueu to be
even less explosive

It is known that uuiing the fiist Iiaq wai the 0S aiiplanes auueu 2S liteis of halogen baseu
auuitives to the fuel at each tank filling in oiuei to lowei the flame point. Bepenuing on the
size of the plane this equaleu 2-S% of the total fuel consumption. It is not known how often
noi unuei what conuitions these extia-auuitives aie useu uuiing times of peace.

To have these auuitives fast anu equally uistiibuteu when injecteu it neeus a tensiue that is
alieauy containeu in eveiy iegulai tank filling: peifluoioktan sulfonaciu (PF0S) anu¡oi
peifluoioktan aciu (PF0A) woulu be solutions to this task. PF0S anu PF0A aie among the
most toxic chemicals known.

Both PF0S anu PF0A nowauays happen to appeai in natuie anu in the bloou of humans. To
convey a sense of the size of the pioblem I iefei to the stuuy "Suivey of PF0S, PF0A anu
othei peifluoioalkyl anu polyfluoioalkyl substances" by Caisten Lassen, Allan Astiup
}ensen, Alexanuei Potiykus, Fians Chiistensen, }espei Kjølholt anu Chiistian Nyanuei
}eppesen fiom the Banish Ninistiy of the Enviionment. Enviionmental Piotection Agency.
The papei is Pait of the L00S-ieview fiom Novembei 27
2u12. Theie is a -$(+./* 0/(
1%2#.3 4/*+%#)5)./* available6 values of leau weie measuieu in the soil neai to 0S-militaiy
aiipoits anu ieacheu up to 1 767 mg¡kg. Su-4u mg¡kg was the aveiage countiywiue
pollution at the time of measuiement.
Thus this back-engineeiing of }P-8 seems to make
Woilu piouuction of }P-8 back in 2uuu was alieauy at 4.S billion gallons (17 billion liteis)
pei yeai. Assuming these auuitives weie useu in high uilution (u,u2%), the amount buineu
togethei with }P-8 back in 2uuu amounteu to S.4 million liteis concentiateu poisonous
liquius. The measuieu pollution at the giounu might come fiom buining iesiuues as well
as fiom the ielease of un-buineu fuel when taking up fuel in the aii, wheie the last pipe

| 16 | 4¡2uuS
Naiion Bahn: 0mweltkiank uuich NAT0-Tieibstoff. Neues zu einei umstiittenen Theoiie umwelt·meuizin·gesellschaft
| 16 | 4¡2uuS
Air Force Times 18.1.1999
Naiion Bahn: 0mweltkiank uuich NAT0-Tieibstoff. Neues zu einei umstiittenen Theoiie umwelt·meuizin·gesellschaft
| 16 | 4¡2uuS
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
filling is lost aftei uisconnecting, oi when intentionally ieleasing fuel fiom the tanks foi
secuiity ieasons befoie lanuing.

In auuition leau anu halogens aie auueu (2-S%) in combat, eventually combat simulations
oi maneuveis like iefilling uuiing the flight
. The total amount is unknown, howevei this
technique is incieasing the output by the factoi 1uu to 2Su when applieu, uepenuing on
plane size.

The cocktail of EBB, PF0S, PF0A anu leau tetiaethyl is known to have syneigistic
poisonous effects on mammals anu humans, leauing to the gulf wai synuiome (uWS) anu
multiple chemical sensitivity (NCS). These auuitives aie also connecteu to the uepletion of
the immune system anu ieuuceu feitility.

The oveiall concept leaves us with the 0S anu NAT0 militaiy equippeu with extia logistic
to inseit auuitives of any kinu into the fuel if wanteu. }P-8 is known to be conuuctive,
which fuel noimally shoulu not be. This hints to anothei possible auuitive containing
conuuctive nano-paiticles. (Ba, Six) Ti0S woulu be a possible canuiuate leauing to this

Following this "back-engineeiing of }P-8, theie aie a numbei of compounus ieleaseu into
natuie by exhaust fiom aiiplanes:

1. Fiom the buining of the fuel itself (C02 anu N0x foiming B2C0S, BSN04),
2. the buining of fuel impuiities (mainly S02 foiming B2S04)
S. anu the buining of fuel auuitives (foiming B2S04, BF, BBi0S, Pb0).
4. If the buining piocess is not fully happening we eventually will have to look at
auuitive iesiuues (uibiom ethan (EBB), peifluoioktan sulfonaciu (PF0S),
peifluoioktan aciu (PF0A)).
S. The acius, B2C0S, BSN04, B2S04 anu BF aie of gieat concein as they set fiee
seconuaiy toxic compounus when they aie absoibeu in the giounu, following the
mechanisms iefeiieu to as aciu iain.
6. The last class of toxins that eventually coulu be pait of }P-8 aie paiticles fiom
intenueu paiticle spiaying (Al20S, (Ba, Six) Ti0S).

All sulfui anu halogen compounus buineu with the jet fuel act as aeiosols leauing to
peisistent contiails anu incieasing the appeaiance of ciiius clouus. Bue to the fact that this
phenomenology is iegaiueu as contiails in the public uiscussion it becomes obvious that
the spiaying of nano-paiticles foi geo-engineeiing puiposes might be hiuing within theses
sulfui- anu halogen inuuceu haze.

Naiion Bahn: 0mweltkiank uuich NAT0-Tieibstoff. Neues zu einei umstiittenen Theoiie umwelt·meuizin·gesellschaft
| 16 | 4¡2uuS
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
2.2. Understand|ng part|c|e s|zes

In clouu-seeuing man maue paiticles like metal-oxiues in the nano- oi micio-scale aie
biought into the atmospheie by aiiplanes to function as aeiosols. Foi geo-engineeiing
these substances aie intenueu foi spiaying at an altituue of 8-1u.uuu meteis. The
unueistanuing of what is possible especially with nano-ciystals has not yet ieacheu the
geneial public.
To convey a sense of what actually is possible we calculateu the values foi the aeiosol
baiium-stiontium-titanate with a paiticle size of 1unm. This aeiosol is alieauy in militaiy
use but also is in uiscussion foi civil geo-engineeiing to combat climate change as a
sepaiating agent to pievent aluminum-oxiue-flitteis to agglutinate. These nano-ciystals
can stay up in the aii up to 18 month, wheie they woulu cieate clouus oi haze at high
altituue. 1 giam of these (Ba, Six) Ti0S nano-ciystals has the amazingly laige suiface of
2Suu squaie meteis. It is possible to spieau these nano-ciystals so unbelievable thin that 1
giam can totally seal 68S squaie meteis. Suu tons woulu be enough to covei a countiy of
the size of ueimany with a one paiticle thick layei. To biing this amount out woulu take
only Su flights assuming that the planes caiiy 1u tons each.
When it comes to the measuiement of paiticles anu the metals they contain aftei being
ieleaseu to natuie one faces a few uifficulties: The measuiements sometimes iefei to the
compounus, anu sometimes - especially with metals - to the basic elements uetecteu in
chemical analysis. In a chemical analysis you choose whethei to have only bioavailable
metals measuieu, which is metal elements in solution, oi if you want to uetect all metal
piesent. The lattei analysis uoes not show if the metal is in a solution, noi uoes it
uistinguish between the uiffeient compounus a metal can be a pait of, anu impoitantly - it
uoes not iuentify if a uetecteu metal is pait of an nano ciystal oi paiticle. The iesult fiom a
lab analysis theiefoie gives us a limiteu knowleuge of the toxicity the plant, soil,
miciooiganisms anu othei living beings aie exposeu to.

Such an analysis will to a ceitain uegiee inuicate the uegiee of pollution, especially when
compaiisons can be maue between exposuies oi ovei a long timespan. 0ne cannot ieau
possible toxic syneigies uiiectly fiom this type of uata noi can the mechanic anu optical
qualities of ciystals be uetecteu.

Nano-paiticles may have uiffeient uegiees of solubility. The paiticles that aie non-soluble
will accumulate in natuie anu might cieate a long-teim pioblem.

2.3. A|um|num Cx|de

Last time uamage was obseiveu anu coulu be ielateu to inuustiial pollution it was the
uamage uone by aciu iain. It was the sulfui anu fluoiine anu the N0x foimeu in inuustiial
fiies that hau an impact on natuie. Coming uown as aciu iain the aciu agents ieleaseu
heavy metals in the giounu by biinging Si02 into solution. The sulfui-content of coal can be
up to S%, this is S-4 magnituues highei than the amounts of heavy metals ieleaseu uiiectly
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
to the aii fiom buining of fossil fuels. In the 197uies the situation became ciitical when in
ueimany laige aieas of foiest uieu. The main heavy metal ieleaseu by aciu iain was
aluminum iesp. its oxiues.

In public uiscussions about the uamage uone by the fallout of aeiosols fiom geo-
engineeiing, aluminum is often mentioneu as being haimful foi plants. The aluminum-
nucliues aie believeu to attach to the membianes of the tiny ioots of the tiees, block the
uptake of nutiition, causing the ioots to uie off, just like expeiienceu back in the 7us.
Al20S as mentioneu in geo-engineeiing-patents foims thin flitteis in the iange of 1u-1uu
micion. Accoiuing to a foimei militaiy ieseaichei in the ueiman Aimy a uiffeient thieat
by aluminum coulu occui if the micio-paiticles, which aie veiy thin, insteau of going into
solution woulu bieak uown to even smallei paiticles while uepositeu in the soil. These
paiticles coulu then be taken up by the ioots as nano-ciystals anu altei the aciuity in the
plants as well as mechanically haim the plants by blocking the capillaiy system.
Sometime in uiscussion sit is saiu that aluminum tuins the iain aciu. This is not coiiect.
The piesence of Al20S in the iain woulu biing the iain into the alkaline state. If iain is
coming uown aciu this is not ielateu to Al20S. It is iathei an inuication of fuel impuiities oi
auuitives containing sulfui anu halogens.
Aciu iain is iainwatei with aciuity below S.S, which woulu be the natuial aciuity in
equilibiium with the natuial Cu2 content of the aii. Buining fossil fuels ieleases S02 anu
N02 in the aii, which foim B2Su4 anu B2N0S, In auuition buining caibon cieates extia C02
which foims extia B2C0S. All these aie aciu agents that can uamage plants uiiectly via fog,
which attiacts a lot of these gases fiom the aii, oi inuiiectly via the iain enteiing the
giounu. The accumulating aciuity in the giounu will ielease toxic heavy metals into
solution, these can entei anu uestioy the small ioots of the tiees anu thus uistuib the
uptake of mineials. The mechanism is a bit complex: Al20S as well as othei heavy metals
occui as a mineialogical unit with the Si02 in clays anu many othei mineials. The aciu iain
has the capacity to uissolve Si02 anu thus ielease Al20S into a bioavailable foim. As a
iesult, aciu iain can leau to an intoxication of plants with bioavailable aluminum. In
auuition the AlS+ can foim toxic compounus with foi example fluoiine.
Actually, this ielease of Al20S is pait of the self-iegulation mechanism that piotects the
soils itself fiom getting too aciuic by aciu iain.

Biiect ueposition of Al20S in combination with aciu iain coulu maybe balance the aciuity,
howevei woulu auu to the Al20S-buiuen at the ioots. Biiect ueposition on soils which is
too alkaline in tenuency coulu uo uamage. Also, too high alkalinity of the iainwatei causes
uamage when iaining uown touching the leaves

Theie is some concein about Al20S concentiation in giass when it comes to cattle. Titanie
has been founu being coiielateu to high amounts of Al20S in the cows stomachs. values
weie at 6uuu mg¡kg in aveiage when being lethal. Bowevei these values aie fai beyonu

Fiom piivate uiscussions with Toiil Sjekke, 0niveisity of Ås, Noiway.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
any countiywiue aveiage of aluminum in giass, values of 2uu mg¡kg have been iegaiueu
to as being "high". Thus a connection of Titanie to the occuiience to geo-engineeiing
shoulu be encounteieu as non-existent.

2.4. Chem|ca| vs. e|ectro-phys|ca| effects of bar|um-stront|um-t|tanate

When it comes to heavy metals connecteu to geo-engineeiing, especially baiium, stiontium
anu titanium, the fiist logical ieaction woulu be to say that even if consiueiable amounts
woulu be spiayeu touay, it woulu still be minute compaieu to levels of inuustiial pollution
in the late 196us, eaily 7us, when filteiing technologies weie not applieu in coal anu oil
powei plants.

This might be the case as on the ueiman teiiitoiy 127 tons of Baiium aie uepositeu
natuially pei yeai, anu 1uu times moie, 12 7uu tons of baiium was the estimateu
uepositeu fiom inuustiial souices in the 196us anu 7us. These aie highei amounts than
what one can imagineu to be spiayeu into the uppei atmospheie.

We can't know in auvance the thiesholu of natuie's ability to auapt to known toxic- oi
othei compounus. Fiom the uata available it uoes not look like theie is a uiiect uamage
uone to plants by baiium, stiontium anu titanium as bioavailable elements in the piesent
magnituues. Then theie is the mattei of solubility. Baiium-Stiontium-Titanate nano-
ciystals aie not soluble anu woulu not be expecteu to become pait of the bio available

What one shoulu expect is bioaccumulation of the non-soluble ciystals in the foou chain,
anu with possible mechanical, optical oi electiochemical effects.
3. Sc|ent|f|c background to e|ectro-opt|ca| effects
3.1. Non-||near opt|cs

Light is scientifically uefineu as a tiansveisal electiomagnetic wave. This is coiiect when
obseiving continuous tiansmission of laige amounts of photons fiom one ianuom¡chaotic
souice of light. Foi this type of light, science knows the possibility of polaiization, when
the uiiection of tiansveisal wave stiuctuie is ieuuceu onto one optical plane. Polaiization
occuis uue to ieflection oi by special filteis that consist of a giiu of paiallel lines with a
uistance smallei than one wavelength, so that waves that aie not paiallel to the giiu
cannot pass. Anothei, sepaiate phenomenon is coheience. It occuis when the wave pattein
of all photons involveu aie in phase. Coheience is the quality of light cieateu by lasei
technologies. Polaiization is oiuei in space. Coheience is oiuei in time.

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
uoing back to the oiigins of electiouynamics, one finus that light not always was assumeu
as a tiansveisal
wave only. Naxwell, the fathei of mouein electiouynamics, tiieu to
uesciibe the tiansmission of light fiom the veiy basic mathematical piincipals known to be
valiu foi any wave-tiansmitting meuium. Thus he uesciibeu electiomagnetic waves with
all thiee uiffeient solutions to the geneial wave equation, naming tiansveisal, longituuinal
anu scalai wave functions. Foi the calculation of this complex system he useu

Thus light is calculateu as an electiomagnetic wave. "Single photons" can auu to each othei
oi uelete each othei in theii fielu effect. The inteifeience of laige amounts of photons fiom
a chaotic souice iesults in tiansveisal waves. The othei two solutions to the geneial wave
equation occui only at wave fionts anu weie uioppeu by mainstieam science. 0nly a few
ieseaicheis like E. T. Whittakei

followeu up the full notation. Latei this siue-path
became a specializeu fielu within non-lineai optics

With the intiouuction of pulseu lasei technologies in the eaily 9us, the fiist expeiimental
set-ups anu applications weie uevelopeu utilizing piopeities of longituuinal anu scalai
electiomagnetic fielus

. Longituuinal waves occui at the wave fionts of pulseu EN-
waves anu lasei light. The shoitei the pulses, the highei the ielative amount of
longituuinal fielu-stiuctuie becomes.

Scalai waves can be piouuceu by wave coupling
of two longituuinal waves, foi example
by two pulseu lasei beams. It is possible to obseive a fusion of the two beams iesulting in
optical annihilation, in which one wave behaves like a "mastei wave", the othei one as a
"slave". Annihilation uoes not mean the waves completely cease to exist, they just go into a

In tiansveisal waves the motion of the paiticles is 9u uegiees to the uiiection of piopagation. A typical example woulu
be waves on the suiface of the ocean. In longituuinal waves the paiticles move in the uiiection of piopagation. A typical
example woulu be sounu. Some meuia can caiiy both wave types. The uistance of the coie of an eaithquake is analyseu
by the time uiffeience between the aiiival of the longituuinal (quick) anu the tiansveisal (slow) wave.
7 8($5).+$ /* 9#$3)(.3.): 5*; <5=*$).+&, 2 Bänue, 0xfoiu 187S, 2. Auflage 1881 (Bisg. W. B. Niven, noch mit Naxwells
Anueiungen in uen eisten acht Kapiteln), S. Auflage 1891 (Bisg. }. }. Thomson).
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14 L. 1. WhlLLaker, "Cn an expresslon of Lhe elecLromagneLlc fleld due Lo elecLrons by means of Lwo scalar poLenLlal funcLlons,"
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uavld M. Þepper, "nonllnear opLlcal phase con[ugaLlon," CpLlcal Lnglneerlng, 21(2), March/Aprll 1982, p. 136-183. Cn p.
See also uavld M. Þepper, "AppllcaLlons of opLlcal phase con[ugaLlon," SclenLlflc Amerlcan, 234(1), !an. 1986, p. 74-83. See
parLlcularly Lhe sLrlklng phoLographlc demonsLraLlon of Llme reversal of dlsorder on p. 73.
Wave coupling is a special effect in optics. Noimaly longituuinal em-waves aie auuing to each othei, aie oveilaying
without influencing each othei. If they get to similai to each othei in fiequncy anu uiiection of piopagation this can
change. Suuuenly they ielate to each othei, meige into one waveset whose components aie not able to piopagate
inuepenuent fiom each othei. This is calleu coupling. Wave coupling happens mostly at u anu 18u uegiee, some moie
complex coupling phenomena also occuie at Su, 6u anu 9u uegiee. 0ne beautiful example foi wave coupling comes fiom
accoustics. Acoustic waves aie longituuinal anu thus able to couple.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
state that is not measuiable, anu they aie mathematically pushing the eneigy content into
anothei uimension. Scientifically one woulu say that a "pump wave" contiols a "time
ieveiseu ieplica wave", which means it makes this ieplica wave act as if it is flowing
backwaius in time
. This was a veiy exciting moment foi science because it was the fiist
contiolleu piocess that involveu effects of viitual time-ieveisal

in electiomagnetics
anu thus maue it possible to utilize this negentiopical
piocess. Negentiopy is the physical
piocess that is the basis foi the ability of self-oiganization, especially of oiganisms, anu
thus gives unueistanuing of the basic piinciples of life. This unueistanuing can also leau to
a completely new geneiation of eneigy technologies

. 0ne type of optical applications
utilizing these physics is iefeiieu to as self-pumpeu phase conjugation (SPPC) applications.

Scalai fielus - being a set of two coupleu longituuinal waves optically annihilating each
othei - aie the key to unueistanuing the non-local inteiaction obseiveu in quantum
physics, iefeiieu to as quantum entanglement.

In this context single photon emissions can be iegaiueu as the most "puie" longituuinal
wavefoim consisting of one longituuinal wave fiont only.

3.2. 8|o-photons

The concept of bio-photons uates back to the woik of Alexanuei uaviilovich uuiwitsch.
The Russian biologist obseiveu ioot-giowth of neighboiing onion-ioots anu founu out that
some kinu of emission ueiiving fiom the tip of one ioot stiengtheneu the ioot-giowth of
the neighboiing ioot. To finu out moie about the quality of this emission he sepaiateu the
two ioots with glass of uiffeient optical piopeities anu founu out that theie must be a

An example to unueistanu the special piopeities of longituuinal waves: When a sounu stuuio is set up noimaly the
size anu foim of the ioom geneiates some iesonant fiequencies that aie compaiably to louu when things aie iecoiueu.
To lowei the intensity of these iesonant fiequncies a littel absoibei-box is builu that has exactly the same fiequency
uefineu by its inteinal geometiy as teh unwanteu fiequencies in the ioom. The box has a hole anu is stuffeu with iock
wool. Now this box that is noimally hung up in one of the coineis staits to iesonate, senus out a signal to the ioom, anu
this signal tuins into a pump wave, foicing the unwanteu fiequencies into the state of time ieveiseu ieplica waves that
then uiiectly flow into the litttle hole in the box anu aie theie being absoibeu by the iockwool. Baiu to unueistanu - but
ieliable in piactice. Anu it is obvious that all this sounu can not uisappeai in this little hole by chance quick anough to kill
the slightest echo.
8oberL C. Sachs, 1he Þhyslcs of 1lme 8eversal, unlverslLy of Chlcago Þress, Chlcago, llllnols, 1987.
Carl 8arus, "A curlous lnverslon ln Lhe wave mechanlsm of Lhe elecLromagneLlc Lheory of llghL," Amerlcan !ournal of
Sclence, vol. 3, lourLh Serles, May 1898, p. 343-348.
Negentiopy is the opposite of entiopy. Entiopy is the tenuency in natuie that things loose oiuei; that heat equally
uistiibutes, that eveiything tenus to the lowest possible level of eneigy in equilibiium to the suiiounuing. Negentiopy is
the ability to spontaniously builu up oiuei anu concentiate eneigy. Negentiopy is occuiing in biology anu in fluiu
uynamics - geneially spoken in non-lineai systems that show some kinu of self-iefeience anu thus aie able to builu up
fiactal oiuei.
1. L. 8earden and WalLer 8osenLhal, "Cn a LesLable unlflcaLlon of elecLromagneLlcs, general relaLlvlLy, and quanLum
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0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
signal in the iange of 26u nm
(0v) emitteu fiom the tip of one ioot that is tiiggeiing cell
uivision in the othei ioot.

Foi a numbei of yeais this ieseaich has been wiuely ignoieu. Latei on, measuiement
uevices foi ultia week anu single photon emissions weie uevelopeu. The most impoitant
ieseaichei who ie-intiouuceu the topic into science was Fiitz-Albeit Popp. Popp
establisheu bio-photon measuiements as an inuicatoi foi the health anu age of living
oiganisms. As an example, in ueimany bio-photon-measuiement is touay useu by the
health-authoiities as the only possible way to uetect the ieal age of chicken eggs.
Accoiuing to the measuiements caiiieu out by Popp the entiie iange of bio-photon-
activity happens within the banu of 2uu-8uu nm
In the scientific community bio-photons have been uiscusseu mainly as a iesult of
oxiuative piocesses in cell-tissue. They weie assumeu to be ianuom with no functional
impoitance in biology. Theie was only little unueistanuing anu no inteiest to exploie the
moie complex function of bio-photons. In iesponse to this, effoit has been maue by the
specialists to uiffeientiate between ianuom photons fiom chemical piocesses anu light
signals containing infoimation of value to biological systems.

The bieakthiough was achieveu by the Inuian ieseaichei Ram P. Bajpal fiom the Institute
of Self-0iganizing Systems anu Biophysics, Noith-Eastein Bill 0niveisity, Shillong, Inuia.
Conuucting expeiiments with geiminating seeus, he cleaily coulu link bio-photon activity
to biological oiuei

Bajpal also linkeu this bio-photon-activity to non-lineai optics anu quantum physics. Citing
the abstiact of one of his latest publications:

Coheience is a piopeity of the uesciiption of the system in the classical fiamewoik in which the
subunits of a system act in a coopeiative mannei. Coheience becomes classical if the agent causing
coopeiation is uisceinible otheiwise it is quantum coheience. Both stimulateu anu spontaneous
biophoton signals show piopeities that can be attiibuteu to the coopeiative actions of many photon-
emitting units. But the agents iesponsible foi the coopeiative actions of units have not been
uiscoveieu so fai. The stimulateu signal uecays with non-exponential chaiactei. It is system anu
situation specific anu sensitive to many physiological anu enviionmental factois. Its measuiable
holistic paiameteis aie stiength, shape, ielative stiengths of spectial components, anu excitation
cuive. The spontaneous signal is non-uecaying with the piobabilities of uetecting vaiious numbei of
photons to be neithei noimal noi Poisson. The uetecteu piobabilities in a signal of Paimelia
tinctoium match with piobabilities expecteu in a squeezeu state of photons. It is speculateu that an
in vivo nucleic aciu molecule is an assembly of inteimittent quantum patches that emit biophoton in
quantum tiansitions. The uistiibutions of quantum patches anu theii lifetimes ueteimine the holistic

Nissen, Teu N.A. N.T.: 0ltia-weak Photon (Biophoton) Emissions (0PE)-Backgiounu Intiouuction, Copyiight Ç
Septembei 2uu6 Teu Nissen, online 0ctobei 2S
2uu12 at http:¡¡www.anatomyfacts.com¡ieseaich¡photonc.htm
Nissen, Teu N.A. N.T.: 0ltia-weak Photon (Biophoton) Emissions (0PE)-Backgiounu Intiouuction, Copyiight Ç
Septembei 2uu6 Teu Nissen, online 0ctobei 2S
2uu12 at http:¡¡www.anatomyfacts.com¡ieseaich¡photonc.htm
Bajpai Ram P., Bajpai PK, Roy B.: 0ltiaweak photon emission in geiminating seeus: a signal of biological oiuei. }
Biolumin Chemilumin. 1991 0ct-Bec;6(4):227-Su.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
featuies of biophoton signals, so that the coheience of biophotons is meiely a manifestation of the
coheience of living systems.

Najoi piogiess in the measuiement of the visible pait of bio-photon-activity was achieveu
by the Russian ieseaichei Bi. Konstantin u. Koiotkov



. The tiauition of ieseaich
Koiotkov baseu his stuuies on fiist caught wiue attention with the Kiilian photogiaphy in
the late 6us.

Regaiuing that this ieseaich staiteu with the obseivation of the visible pait of bio-photon
activity, it is exciting how science slowly uiscoveis the impoitant iole of the invisible pait,
the high amount of bi-uiiectional, annihilateu bio-photon paiis that via quantum
entanglement inteiconnect biological systems also on long uistances.

Like one woulu expect fiom quantum entanglement oi in othei woius scalai waves, the
infoimation caiiieu by such a wave is tiansmitteu instantly, anu is not limiteu by the speeu
of light. This effect coulu be pioveu foi communication within biological systems - like
with bloou taken out anu uepositeu thousanus of kilometeis away fiom the foimei ownei.
Still this bloou instantly ieacteu on emotional stiess of the bouy it belongeu to - showing a
tiansmission of infoimation fai beyonu the speeu of light.
Anothei fact illustiating the majoi iole of the annihilateu pait of bio-photon activity is that
when a being uies, in the moment of ueath theie is a buist of bio-photons leaving the bouy
- oiiginating fiom the bio-photon activity uis-tangleu at that veiy special moment - when
cell communication is loosing its coheience.

3.3. Cpt|ca| propert|es of nano-crysta|s

In the uiscussion about geo-engineeiing, (Ba, Six) Ti0S nano-ciystals aie often mentioneu
as one possible compounu of the aeiosol mixtuie.

Baiium-titanate is a uielectiic ceiamic useu foi capacitois. It is a piezoelectiic mateiial foi
miciophones anu othei tiansuuceis. The spontaneous polaiization of baiium-titanate is about u.1S
at ioom tempeiatuie anu its Cuiie point is 12u °C.|Sj As a piezoelectiic mateiial, it was laigely
ieplaceu by leau-ziiconate-titanate, also known as PZT. Polyciystalline baiium-titanate uisplays
positive tempeiatuie coefficient, making it a useful mateiial foi theimistois anu self-iegulating
electiic heating systems.

Bajpai Ram P.: Quantum coheience of biophotons anu living systems. Inuian } Exp Biol. 2uuS Nay;41(S):S14-27.
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Koiotkov K., Williams B., Wisneski L. Biophysical Eneigy Tiansfei Nechanisms in Living Systems: The Basis of Life
Piocesses. } of Alteinative anu Complementaiy Neuicine, 2uu4, 1u, 1, 49-S7.
Bascom R, Buyantseva L, Zhegmin Q, Bolina N, Koiotkov K: uas uischaige visualization (uBv)-bioelectiogiaphy.
Besciiption of uBv peifoimance unuei woikshop conuitions anu piinciples foi consiueiation of uBv as a possible health
status measuie; in Fiancomano CA, }onas WB, Chez RA (eus): Pioceeuings: Neasuiing the Buman Eneigy
Fielu. State of the Science. Coiona uel Nai, CA, Samueli Institute, 2uu2, pp SS-66. 2uuS
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
Baiium-titanate-ciystals finu use in nonlineai optics. The mateiial has high beam-coupling gain, anu
can be opeiateu at visible anu neai-infiaieu wavelengths. It has the highest ieflectivity of the
mateiials useu foi self-pumpeu phase conjugation (SPPC) applications. It can be useu foi
continuous-wave foui-wave mixing with milliwatt-iange optical powei. Foi photoiefiactive
applications, baiium-titanate can be uopeu by vaiious othei elements, e.g. iion.
Thin films of baiium-titanate uisplay electiooptic mouulation to fiequencies ovei 4u uBz.
The pyioelectiic anu feiioelectiic piopeities of baiium-titanate aie useu in some types of uncooleu
sensois foi theimal cameias.
Bigh puiity baiium-titanate-powuei is iepoiteu to be a key component of new baiium-titanate
capacitoi eneigy stoiage systems foi use in electiic vehicles.

Regaiuing the non-lineai optical piopeities of these ciystals, theie aie a numbei of
inteiesting qualities anu applications. They can "up-conveit" photons, tiansfoiming input
of a numbei of photons of a lowei fiequency into output of one photon of a highei
. They can also altei the spin of photons

Wikipeuia, online at http:¡¡en.wikipeuia.oig¡wiki¡Baiium_titanate on Nov. 22nu 2u12.
u. Chen, T. 0hulchanskyy, A. Kachynski, B. Ågien anu P.N. Piasau: Intense visible anu Neai-Infiaieu 0pconveision
Photoluminescence in Colloiual LiYF(4):Ei(S+) Nanociystals unuei Excitation at 149u nm. ACS NAN0 S, 4981, 2u11.C.
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nanociystals to eneigy ielay solai cell light haivesting in the neai infiaieu iegion. }. Nat.Chem. 22, 167u9, 2u12.
}ha, P. C., Rinkevicius, Z. anu Ågien , B.: Spin multiplicity uepenuence of nonlineai optical piopeities. ChemPhysChem.
1u, 817, 2uu9.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

?5-%",-5#%( %-%/G.5;"(-4 0/3%7 $% )$&) %3+>#5" $% 5-$% H-(#5 "-+,4#" #@-+$%#7 >; ()# $%$($-($8#
IB-3>#5#5 J$++#4KE ?)# #@(5-/57$%-5; "(5/%& 5#05-.($/% )$%(" (/ - .5;"(-4 ./%(-$%$%& )#-8; .-($/%" D
,/""$>4; L-5$3+GB(5/%($3+G?$(-%-(#E =-(35-4 %-%/G,-5($.4#" (#%7 (/ ># 5/3%7#76 ")-5, #7&#" .-% >#
-""/.$-(#7 (/ -5($0$.$-4 +-%30-.(35$%& /5 (/ #@,/"35# (/ )$&) (#+,#5-(35#" /5 M3$.C (#+,#5-(35#
.)-%&#" 4$C# H)#% ()# ,-5($.4#" H/347 ># 53% ()5/3&) -% N#(G#%&$%#E

Being uistiibuteu in a clustei of ielative laige uistances between nano-ciystals, like in
aeiosols oi as an equally uistiibuteu pollutant in cell tissue, they can show optical qualities
of seconu anu thiiu oiuei
, a quality that is connecteu to the ability to cieate hologiaphic
These piopeities aie utilizeu foi hologiaphic scieening technologies utilizing 4
laseis tuining a (Ba, Six) Ti0S nano-ciystals clouu into a hologiaphic scieen

Seconu anu thiiu oiuei as a phenomena can easiest be explaineu with some pieces of mouein ait. Eveiyone has seen
these pictuies wheie eveiy "pixel" is foimeu by a pictuie that has the eveiage coloi anu biightness of the pixel it
iepiesents. The content of these little pictuies woulu be the fiist oiuei, the pictuie they cieate as a clustei of pictuies
woulu iepiesent the seconu oiuei. Anu so on. The teim is thus associateu to "infoimation".
Y. Fu, S. Bellstiom anu B. Ågien: Nonlineai 0ptical Piopeities of Quantum Bots - Excitons in Nanostiuctuies. }
Nonlineai 0ptical Physics & Nateiials, vol.18, p.19S-226, 2uu9. Z. Rinkevicius, }. Autschbach, A. Baev, N. Swihait, B.
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Beiu, Chiisty A.; Ketchel, Biian P.; Woou, uaiy L. (Sensois anu Election Bevices Biiectoiate, ARL)
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0sing Stiontium Baiium Niobate. Aimy Reseaich Laboiatoiy, Auelphi, NB 2u78S-1197, ARL-TR-1S2u. Febiuaiy 1998.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
4. Cpt|ca| |nterrupt|on of ce|| commun|cat|on
4.1. Lffects on p|ants

Plants take up nano-ciystals as a whole. This may happen via the ioots as well as via the
leaf suiface. The effect is utilizeu foi example in leaf-feitilizeis like Negagieen
. Theie aie
vaiiations uepenuing on the plant size, but paiticles smallei than appiox. 1uunm can pass
thiough most of the membianes.
0n one siue we have the concept of bio-photons as a seconu giaue non-lineai-optical
system. As a iesult of a hologiaphic piojection of the BNA clusteis this system cieates the
bluepiint foi plants, animals anu humans. The non-visible pait pieseives oiuei. The visible
bio-photons aie tiiggeiing cell uivision in a way that the plants iepaii missing cells anu
giow at uefineu aieas - thus showing the main chaiacteiistics of self-oiganization.
0n the othei siue we have the concept of non-lineai hologiaphic piojection with (Ba, Six)
Ti0S nano-ciystal-clusteis using coheient pulseu lasei light.
Both systems woik with coheient light. Both systems woik with longituuinal wave-foims
(pulseu lasei light anu single photon emissions). Both systems woik at the same iange of
fiequencies. Both pioject hologiaphic bluepiints of highei oiuei via clusteis.
Thus it becomes obvious that one shoulu expect some inteifeience when both BNA- anu
nano-ciystal-clusteis aie positioneu in the same place.
The piopeities of the nano-ciystals coulu iesult in the following effects.
- Baiium-stiontium-titanate nano-ciystals absoib 0v light with wavelength shoitei
than appiox. 2Su nm, taking away 9u% of the light passing the ciystal
S9, 4u
. The
absoiption of signals shoitei than 26u nm is likely to eliminate the mono-
uiiectional signals iesponsible foi cell uivision.
- The up-conveision of absoibeu photons woulu take two photons of a uefineu
fiequency anu conveit it to one of a highei fiequency, iesulting in uisiuption of cell
communication anu maybe cause cell uamage uue to the highei eneigy of the single
iesulting photon.
- The iefiaction woulu geometiically uisoiuei biuiiectional bio-photon-waves befoie
being establisheu.
- The uisoiuei inuuceu iegaiuing the non-lineai qualities of seconu anu thiiu oiuei
coulu possibly altei the entiie bluepiint of natuie causing pseuuo-genetic

vI}AYALAKSBNI, R.; RA}ENBRAN, v. >?$!5()&$*) /0 1":+.3+@ 1($+.;$*3: 4/##$=$@ 4"$**5.@ 85&.#A5;%@ B*;.5,:
TBEIR 0PTICAL PR0PERTIES. Bigest }ouinal of Nanomateiials anu Biostiuctuies. vol. S, No 2, Nay 2u1u, p. S11 - S17.
Compaie to entiie concept - Sainey, Wenuy L.; 0lvei, Kimbeiley A.; Little, }ohn W. (Sensois anu Election Bevices
Biiectoiate, ARL); Livingston, Fiank E. (The Aeiospace Coipoiation), Niesz, Kiiszian; Noise, Baniel E. (Institute foi
Collaboiative Biotechnologies, 0niveisity of Califoinia, Santa Baibaia): Piogiess in Nateiials Synthesis anu Piocessing of
Baiium Titanium 0xyue (BaTi0S) anu Baiium Stiontium Titanium 0xiue (Ba, Six) Ti0S Films foi 0ncooleu Infiaieu (IR)
Betectoi Applications. Aimy Reseaich Laboiatoiy, Becembei 2u11. P. 9.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
To unueistanu the quantitative ielationship between this special type of opacity the nano-
ciystals cieates anu the haim uone to the plants, it is useful to have a look at the optical
uensity the paiticles may cieate in the plant. 1 kg uiieu oiganic mattei equals a volume of
about S l = u,uuS m
living oiganic mattei. The aveiage uistance of plant BNA iesp. cell
uiametei is about u,7S mm. This means that in a plant containing 7u mg (Ba, Six) Ti0S pei
kg uiieu oiganic mattei the optical uensity of the nano-paiticles woulu be high enough to
even inteiiupt the communication of uiiectly neighboiing cells. SS mg woulu uisiupt at a
uistance of u,12S mm, S,S mg woulu uisiupt on a uistance of 1,2S cm, anu so foith.

4.2. Lffects on p|ankton

Phytoplankton builus up a veiy high-oiganizeu biotope that mainly coveis the uppei layei
of the oceans. Phytoplankton is the basis foi all life in the oceans.
Biinging nano-ciystals into the ocean by iain woulu leau to a uistiibution within the stoim
wave hoiizon, the layei that is piactically iuentical with the layei that is ieacheu by
Bue to theii size the paiticles woulu haiuly sink fuithei uown. Bue to the compaiable long
uistanceu between single cells phyto-plankton-oiganisms this coulu veiy quickly leau to a
concentiation of nano-ciystals that woulu be high enough to inteiiupt paits of the cell
communication between single phytoplankton cells.
If in means of bio-photons the phytoplankton is ieacting as one biological unit ueiiving the
impulse foi cell uivision fiom the bio-photon exchange within the biotope, the uiscusseu
nano-ciystals coulu eventually ieuuce oi uis-balance the piouuction of biomass in the
oceans anu theieby affect the maiine foou iesouices.
S. Irrad|at|on of p|ant DNA w|th h|gh energy UV ||ght

In chaptei 2 we intiouuceu the concept of bio-photons as a pattein of bi-uiiectional waves
anu theii (Ba, Six) Ti0S time ieveiseu ieplica waves sent anu ieceiveu by BNA-molecules.
It is known that paiticles in clouus can be exciteu by absoibing incoming cosmic iauiation
anu that they can latei ielease this iauiation in foim of gamma quants. Especially heavy
nuclei like baiium anu stiontium can holu this exciteu state foi quite a long time. The
ielease of gamma quants can happen spontaneously oi be tiiggeieu by an incoming
The high-eneigy photons stoieu can be ieleaseu by non-lineai optical inteiaction when a
bio-photon hits a nano-ciystal. The exciteu state of the nucliues then might uischaige into
a time ieveiseu ieplica wave piecisely flowing back to the BNA. Thus it woulu expose it to
light of same wavelength but much highei eneigy.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
Bigh eneigy 0v iauiation is known to be the main souice foi plant BNA uamage. The
involvement of exciteu nucliues into a bio-photon exchange coulu leau to a uiiecteu ielease
of stoieu gamma quants insiue the plant iiiauiating the BNA.
This negentiopic piocess ieuiiecting high amounts of eneigy back onto a weak tiiggeiing
souice actually is the main chaiacteiistic of non-lineai optical systems. Foi full
unueistanuing I have to iefei to the aiticles in the footnotes









6. Sett|ng the e|ectromagnet|c ce|| potent|a| of p|ants out of ba|ance
The immune system of all cells follows a highly uefineu cuive of electiomagnetic cell
potential. Cells have uefineu potential uiffeiences between the coie anu the innei
membiane suiface as well as between the innei anu outei cell membiane suiface. Any
alteiation of these cell potentials weakens the "immune system" by uistuibing the
equilibiium of oxiuant anu antioxiuant piocesses.
Baiium-stiontium-titanate, as a piezoelectiic substance, changes its ciystal geometiy
when exposeu to exteinal electiomagnetic fielus
. Any change in ciystallogiaphic
stiuctuie is accompanieu by a ielease¡absoiption of elections.
With iegaius to baiium-stiontium-titanate useu as aeiosols in the atmospheie, this effect
coulu be useu to "switch" clouus "on anu off" by applying electiomagnetic fielus as useu by
BAARP anu ICECAT uevices oi othei iauai oi miciowave-iauiating antenna systems.
These ieseaich- anu militaiy installations have equipment with sufficient stiength to altei
the ciystal geometiy of the baiium-stiontium-titanate, which in tuin leaus to fiee cuiient

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configuiation. Biitish Ceiamic Tiansactions, 2uu4, vol. 1uS, No. 2.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
that woulu chaige the aeiosol paiticle cieating an ion. An ion will attiact vapoi anu
instantly leau to the foiming of a uioplet in the clouu.
The nano-ciystals iemain unchangeu when absoibeu by plants. 0ne woulu theiefoie
expect the same effect to happen when a plant is hit by low anu high fiequency iauiation.
In othei woius teiiestiial mobile, WIFI, miciowave oi iauai tiansmission as well as the
ENF-pollution by powei lines anu tiansfoimei stations woulu be expecteu to cause a
spontaneous ielease of fiee elections, which woulu altei the cell potential anu thus
weaken the immune-system of the plant.
7. Lffects on mamma|s and humans

A stuuy in Noith Ameiica has examineu the impact of the combination of natuial occuiiing
baiium, pollution by baiium-iich uiilling muu fiom the oil¡gas inuustiy anu explicitly of
piezoelectiic nano-ciystals fiom aeiosols on mammals. In these iegions of Noith Ameiica
spiaying is conuucteu mainly to enhance¡iefiact iauai signals foi militaiy puiposes. The
stuuy coulu piove the connection to neuional uiseases like the chionic waste uisease
(CWB) anu othei tiansmissible spongifoim encephalopathies (TSEs). It examineu both the
chemical toxicity of silvei, baiium anu stiontium which bio-concentiate in the foou chain
as of the moie complex mechanisms connecteu to the nano-ciystals fiom aeiosol spiaying.
In the examineu cases the piezoelectiic piopeities weie believeu to be tiiggeieu also by
acoustic piessuie eneigy fiom incoming low fiequency shock buists fiom low flying jets,
explosions, eaithquakes, etc., auuitionally to high fiequent electiomagnetic fielus.
Bowevei, the mechanism of uamage coming fiom exciteu piezoelectiic ciystals shoulu be
the same foi plants as foi mammals. Because of the piecisely uesciibeu biochemical
piocesses I heie ienuei the full abstiact:

Bigh levels of Silvei (Ag), Baiium (Ba) anu Stiontium (Si) anu low levels of coppei (Cu) have been
measuieu in the antleis, soils anu pastuies of the ueei that aie thiiving in the chionic wasting
uisease (CWB) clustei zones in Noith Ameiica in ielation to the aieas wheie CWB anu othei
tiansmissible spongifoim encephalopathies (TSEs) have not been iepoiteu. The elevations of Ag, Ba
anu Si weie thought to oiiginate fiom both natuial geochemical anu aitificial pollutant souices--
stemming fiom the common piactise of aeiial spiaying with 'clouu seeuing' Ag oi Ba ciystal nuclei
foi iain making in these uiought pione aieas of Noith Ameiica, the atmospheiic spiaying with Ba
baseu aeiosols foi enhancing¡iefiacting iauai anu iauio signal communications as well as the
spieauing of waste Ba uiilling muu fiom the local oil¡gas well inuustiy acioss pastuielanu. These
metals have subsequently bioconcentiateu up the foouchain anu into the mammals who aie
uepenuent upon the local Cu ueficient ecosystems. A uual eco-pieiequisite theoiy is pioposeu on the
aetiology of TSEs which is baseu upon an Ag, Ba, Si oi Nn ieplacement binuing at the vacant Cu¡Zn
uomains on the cellulai piion piotein (PiP)¡sulphateu pioteoglycan molecules which impaiis the
capacities of the biain to piotect itself against incoming shockbuists of sounu anu light eneigy.
Ag¡Ba¡Si chelation of fiee sulphui within the bio system inhibits the viable synthesis of the sulphui
uepenuent pioteoglycans, which iesults in the oveiall collapse of the Cu meuiateu conuuction of
electiic signals along the PiP-pioteoglycan signalling pathways; ultimately uisiupting uABA type
inhibitoiy cuiients at the synapses¡enu plates of the auuitoiy¡ciicauian iegulateu ciicuitiy, as well
as uisiupting pioteoglycan co-iegulation of the giowth factoi signalling systems which maintain the
stiuctuial integiity of the neivous system. The iesulting Ag, Ba, Si oi Nn baseu compounus seeu
piezoelectiic ciystals which incoipoiate PiP anu feiiitin into theii stiuctuie. These feiiimagnetically
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
oiueieu ciystals multiieplicate anu choke up the PiP-pioteoglycan conuuits of electiical conuuction
thioughout the CNS. The seconu stage of pathogenesis comes into play when the piessuie eneigy
fiom incoming shock buists of low fiequency acoustic waves fiom low fly jets, explosions,
eaithquakes, etc. (a key eco-chaiacteiistic of TSE clustei enviionments) aie absoibeu by the iogue
'piezoelectiic' ciystals, which uuly conveit the mechanical piessuie eneigy into an electiical eneigy
which accumulates in the ciystal-PiP-feiiitin aggiegates (the fibiils) until a point of 'satuiation
polaiization' is ieacheu. Nagnetic fielus aie geneiateu on the ciystal suiface, which initiate chain
ieactions of ueleteiious fiee iauical meuiateu spongifoim neuiouegeneiation in suiiounuing tissues.
Since Ag, Ba, Si oi Nn baseu piezoelectiic ciystals aie heat iesistant anu caiiy a magnetic fielu
inuucing pathogenic capacity, it is pioposeu that these feiioelectiic ciystal pollutants iepiesent the
tiansmissible, pathogenic agents that initiate TSE.

Latei Puiuey associateu the same biological effect of piezoelectiic nano-ciystal also to
human uiseases:

This paper exposes the flaws in the conventional consensus on the origins of transmissible spongiform
encephalopathies (TSEs) which decrees that the protein-only misfolded 'prion' represents the primary
aetiological transmissible agent, and then reviews/presents the emerging data which indicates that
environmental exposure to metal microcrystal pollutants (sourced from munitions, etc.) represents the heat
resistant, transmissible nucleating agents which seed the metal-prion protein (PrP)-ferritin fibril crystals
that cause TSE. Fresh analytical data is presented on the levels of metals in ecosystems which support
populations affected by clusters of variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (vCJD), sporadic/familial CJD, and
the scrapie types of TSE that have emerged in the UK, Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria and Japan. This data
further substantiates the abnormal geochemical template (e.g., elevated strontium (Sr), barium (Ba) and
silver (Ag)) which was observed as a common hallmark of the TSE cluster ecosystems across North
America, thereby supporting the hypothesis that these microcrystals serve as the piezoelectrion nucleators
which seed the growth/multireplication of the aberrant metal-PrP-ferritin fibril features which characterise
the neuropathology of the TSE diseased brain. A secondary pathogenic mechanism entails the inactivation
of the sulphated proteoglycans which normally regulate the mineralisation process. This can be induced by
a rogue metal mediated chelation of free sulphur, or by contamination with organo-sulphur pollutants that
substitute at natural sulphur bonds, or via a mutation to the S-proteoglycan cell line; thereby enabling the
aberrant overgrowth of rogue fibril crystal formations that possess a piezoelectric capacity which
compromises the ability of the contaminated individual to process incoming acoustic/tactile pressure waves
in the normal way. The crystals transduce incoming sonic energy into electrical energy, which, in turn,
generates magnetic fields on the crystal surfaces that initiate chain reactions of free radical mediated
spongiform neurodegeneration. Metal microcrystal nucleating agents provide a group of plausible
aetiological candidates that explain the unique properties of the TSE causal agent - such as heat resistance,
transmissibility, etc. - which the protein-only prion model fails to fulfill. This paper also discusses the
possible nutritional measures that could best be adopted by populations living in high risk TSE
ecosystems; as a means of preventing the successful implantation of these rogue microcrystals and their
consequent hypermineralisation of the soft tissues within the CNS.

N. Puiuey: Elevateu silvei, baiium anu stiontium in antleis, vegetation anu soils souiceu fiom CWB clustei aieas: uo
Ag¡Ba¡Si piezoelectiic ciystals iepiesent the tiansmissible pathogenic agent in TSEs. 0S PubNeu, 0S National Libiaiy of
Neuicine National Institutes of Bealth 0nline at: http:¡¡www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov¡pubmeu¡1S2S6778.oiuinalpos=
s=1&log$=ielateuaiticles&logubfiom=pubmeu on Bec. 16
N. Puiuey: Netal miciociystal pollutants: the heat iesistant, tiansmissible nucleating agents that initiate the
pathogenesis of TSEs. 0S PubNeu, 0S National Libiaiy of Neuicine National Institutes of Bealth 0nline at:
http:¡¡www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov¡pubmeu¡1S9u81S7on Bec. 16
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
In 2uu6 Puiuays hypotheses was substantiateu at Aubuin 0niveisity.

In a way, like with plants, we again look at an inteifeience of clusteis of natuial anu
aitificial electio-optically active ciystals. With plants we have seen the inteifeience of BNA
anu nano-ciystal clusteis. In mammals as well as in humans the aitificial ciystals take the
place of the feiio apatite ciystals in the cential neivous system, that - as piezoelectiic
ciystals, play a majoi iole in the tiansmission of signals. The natuial feiio apatite ciystal
then concuis with agents that open the biological system to aitificial electiomagnetic
signals. These signals can be ianuom, but they also coulu be intentionally geneiateu by
tiansmission stations that aie unuei the contiol of the intelligence community anu weapon
manufactuieis who offei secuiity solutions to goveinments. As to this theoietical
possibility to apply minu contiol with piezo-ciystals, we shoulu consiuei the fact that we
all might be clustei-chippeu by now, that theie aie technical facilities to apply miciowave
fielus on eveiy populateu aiea of this woilu, anu that this technical equipment is in the
hanu of people who aie veiy much into the philosophy of contiol.
Following anothei aiticle uesciibing effects on humans, the bio-concentiation in the foou
chain uoes not even neeu to ieach uangeious concentiations, because the agent alieauy
uoes haim even if it is not locateu insiue the bouy. In Novembei 2u1u aftei a snowy uay in
Aachen, a town in Noith-West-ueimany, the healing piactitionei Wolfgang
iegisteieu a wiuespieau appeaiance of heauaches among his patients.
They coulu not be successfully tieateu with iecipe-fiee painkilleis like ASS, Paiacetamol oi
As a healing piactitionei he was using bio-fielu-measuiement with the nosoue FSNE as
pait of his uiagnostics. The uevice is measuiing bio-photon activity of the human bouy. All
patients with the abnoimal heauaches showeu significantly weakeneu bio-photon fielus.
Be knew that noimally snow has a positive effect on bio-photon activity of humans -
suppoiting the levels of humans anu being at +8 on the scale itself. So he went out
measuiing the snow anu founu a bio-photon activity of -8 on the snow suiface. As an anti-
nucleai powei activist he has been following up the contamination ueiiving fiom the
Cheinobyl acciuent foi yeais. Be expecteu some iauioactive fallout, thus he ueciueu to
have chemical analysis conuucteu of the snow. Bowevei, the snow insteau showeu high
levels of baiium isotopes insteau which coulu not be ielateu to any known nucleai
If the souice of the baiium was baiium-stiontium-titanate, this woulu piove the ability of
these nano-ciystals to absoib bio-photons. Also, it woulu show that not only plants might
be affecteu by the inteiiuption of bio-photon activity, but humans who appaiently feeu
theii bio-photon fielu with iefiacteu (polaiizeu) sunlight. Auuitionally, it woulu hint to the
ability of nano-ciystals to affect life on the continents in a way similai to the effects

N. Puiuay: Aubuin univeisity ieseaich substantiates the hypothesis that metal miciociystal nucleatois initiate the
pathogenesis of TSEs. PNIB 16226S9u |PubNeu - inuexeu foi NEBLINEj
Wolfgang Cieyaufm•llei: Wie kommt Baiium ins Regenwassei. Aachen 0nline at www.saubeiei-himmel.ue
Novembei the 17th 2u12.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
suspecteu foi plankton. This coulu iegaiu all biotopes, when being optically open anu
inteiconnecteu systems.
In geneial, a weakeneu bio-photon activity iesults in weakeneu ability of self-oiganization
in the biological system. This touches all uegeneiative uiseases as well as the subjective
At this point it makes sense to look back at the finuings of the people who examineu the
connection between }P-8 anu the uulf Wai Synuiome iegaiuing a possible involvement of
biophotons in the pathology of the uisease. 0ne of the activists suffeiing himself of
Nultiple Chemical Sensitivity tiieu to expeiiment with PF0A anu PF0S to cieate a
homeopathic iemeuy. When he ieceiveu the piobes of the chemicals, that weie packeu
both in glass anu plastic, he was fine with PF0A, but PF0S stioke him when he iemoveu
the plastic, even without opening the glass. Be tuineu pale, staiteu shiveiing at S6 ueg.
ioom tempeiatuie anu uiu not get back to noimal foi S houis.

This inuicates that theie must have been some infoimation input fiom the substance that
was blockeu by plastic, but optically tiansmitteu thiough glass, which set the bouy into
This phenomenon actually is known in meuicine. Bietiich Klinghaiut, who has been voteu
to the Physician of the Yeai back in 2u11, uevelopeu a special system foi autonomic
iesponse testing (ART), wheie he uses lasei light anu iefiacting plexiglas cubes as signal
enhanceis. The plexiglas is meant to have optical qualities that aie similai to those of
baiium-stiontium-titanate nano-ciystals, just on the macioscopic scale. By positioning a
poison oi a iemeuy on these plexiglass cubes close to the patients heau, Klinghaiut tests if
substances aie setting the bouy into a state of stiess, oi leau to ielaxation - something that
is possible to test via ART, wheie the tension of aim muscles is mechanically uetecteu. The
iuea is that the coheient, polaiizeu light cieateu by lasei anu cube can caiiy both the
infoimation of the poison anu of a possible iemeuy into the patients cell communication,
tiiggeiing the same ieaction that the ieal chemical woulu tiiggei once it is in the bouy.
Against this backgiounu the possibility that baiium-stiontium-titanate coulu be a iegulai
compounu of the classifieu }P-8 fuel auuitives (which can be suspecteu because of the
conuuctivity of the fuel) coulu explain the tiemenuous impact of PF0A anu PF0S on the
bouy, when the nano-ciystal act as signal enhanceis who tiansfoim the infoimation of the
toxins into a coheient bio-photon-like signal - just like Klinghaiuts plexiglas cubes, but
being millions of them.
This woulu be a classical case of syneigistic toxicity.
A seconu possibility of a syneigistic toxicity coulu be give with meicuiy. It has been
iepoiteu that the swine flue vaccination campaign in Scanuinavia leau to a high numbei of
cases of naicolepsy with chiluien. vaccines aie often pieseiveu with oiganic meicuiy

Naiion Bahn: 0mweltkiank uuich NAT0-Tieibstoff. Neues zu einei umstiittenen Theoiie
umwelt·meuizin·gesellschaft | 16 | 4¡2uuS
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
compounus, anu if they aie not, souices fiom the inuustiy iepoit that still uuiing
piouuction piocess the neeules ueliveieu with the vaccines aie uisinfecteu anu pieseiveu
with meicuiy compounus. This meicuiy has been suspecteu to have causeu the many
cases of Naicolepsy in Scanuinavia.
0ut of my own expeiience the naicolepsy coming with vaccines is not an "only cause" of
one "effect only". I peisonally have been suffeiing fiom one naicolepsy attack while
uiiving, which was a seiious situation. It felt like being ciosseu by a hoiizontally tiaveling
magnetic shock-wave that just whips out consciousness - hitting in the miuule of the uay
aftei a two minute uiive - no situation one shoulu expect to fall into uizziness. The effect
lasteu foi maybe half a seconu. Ny youngest son has these attacks fiequently, anu I heaiu
of many othei cases in my close enviionment. In most of the cases the attack lasts foi less
then a seconu, anu theie is no ieal ieason to ueclaie a pioblem. 0nly in one case out of my
peisonal enviionment these attacks lasteu foi minutes. At least foi my son anu me I can
say that we have hau no swine flue vaccination - howevei still I know that we all heave a
meicuiy intoxication pioblem coming fiom amalgam anu manuatoiy vaccinations given in
eaily chiluhoou.
The main cause of meicuiy
intoxication is the uamage uone to the
tubulin of the neives. The tubulin is
the skin that sepaiates the neive as
well as the sensitive ieceptoi cell fiom
the suiiounuing tissue.
Neicuiy uegeneiates the tubulin
leauing to uiseases like autism anu
ABBS, liteially uiiving the souls out of
the bouy with the backgiounu-pain
ieleaseu by the peimanently tiiggeieu
ieceptoi cells.

If theie is any coiielation between tubulin uegeneiation anu the likelihoou of the
integiation of an aitificial piezzo-ciystal into the ieceptoi cell like uesciibeu by N. Puiuay,
we woulu inueeu have a seconu case of syneigistic toxicity.
The meicuiy piepaies the giounu, the "piezzo" seeus aie laiu into the fielu anu the BAARP,
iauai anu ELF tiansmission coulu completely infiltiate the entiie inteinal communication
of the human bouy. Theie is unconfiimeu infoimation by an AN0NYN00S hackei who
stole uata fiom the BAARP facility that piove that someone within the BAARP pioject
plans the "switching on" of a minu contiolling signal foi miu-2u1S, that is supposeu to
covei the entiie planet.
The alteinative to this "conspiiacy theoiy" is a coinciuence of poisonous hazaius
auuitionally hit by a chaotic mix of technical fiequencies. Nobouy can say if this is moie oi
less likely to "tuin us into an aimy of zombies", to cite the woius of my AN0NYN00S
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
souice, then a minu contiolling signal that might be uesigneu to keep us abulic anu
8. Atmospher|c 8ar|um-Depos|t|on |n Germany

The ieview of the official baiium ueposit measuiements showeu a ;$3($5+$ in uiy
ueposition by 9S% anu an extiapolateu .*3($5+$ of wet ueposition by 1uu% uuiing the last
1S yeais. This complete opposite uevelopment is iemaikable. Biy ueposition is iathei
associateu to inuustiial pollution anu uptake fiom the giounu. Wet ueposition is iathei
associateu to aeiosols.

Buiing the last uecaues vaiious state institutes have analyzeu iainwatei, uiy atmospheiic
ueposition (uust) anu heavy metal content in oiganic mattei, mainly by testing
stanuaiuizeu giass samples giown foi a peiiou of 4 weeks to uetect wet anu uiy
atmospheiic ueposition of pollutants. This stuuy iefeis mainly to publications of the
Lanuesumweltamt Bianuenbuig anu the Bayeiisches Lanuesamt !"# %&'()*+ *', iegional
state authoiities, anu a few minoi souices like ash analyses of bio-mass powei-plants iun
on giass. These measuiements aie available up to the yeai 2u11. Bue to the fact that the
national Bunuesumweltamt touay only fulfills the "0N ECE Convention on long-iange
tiansbounuaiy pollution" anu the E0 law "Richtlinie 2uu8¡SuEu fiom Nay 2uu8" the
national institutions aie not monitoiing baiium, stiontium anu titanium. Theiefoie we
maue some statistics on 6u available iain samples taken by piivate peisons analyzeu in
ceitificateu labs. These samples weie collecteu anu contiolleu by the initiative "Saubeiei
Bimmel e.v.".

To make the uiffeient uata compaiable the unit "total ueposit pei yeai on the teiiitoiy of
ueimany" was chosen. With iain samples the long yeai aveiage of 7Su l¡m
was useu, with
giass the aveiage haivest of S.S t hay pei hectaie anu yeai, estimating that the giowth
peiiou is about 6 month, so this multiplies the value of the 4-week-expeiiment the uata aie
baseu on by 6. With uiy ueposition the values have just to be multiplieu with the total
teiiitoiy of SS7127 km

The uata show that - taking maximum values - about 9u% of the heavy metals aie
uepositeu wet (iain samples¡giass analysis), only 1u% as uust. Since 1997 this uiy
ueposition was ieuuceu uown to about S% of the pievious values. The following giaph
shows the values foi baiium anu titanium in the last 16 yeais.

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

F5; O5#7P -%7 H#( O>43#P 7#,/"$($/% /0 >-5$3+ +#-"35#7 $% $(" 5#-4 5#4-($8# 5-($/ ./+,-5#7 8$- (Q7 /%
R#5+-%;E R5-,) >; ()# !3()/5"E
These finuings neeu to be ievieweu against the backgiounu of stiongly ieuuceu pollution
by all othei metals. The following giaph shows leau as an example.

A#-7 $% +&QC& 75$#7 &5-"" "-+,4#" OH#( 7#,/"$($/%P /8#5 ()# 4-"( S 7#.-7#"E
Stiontium anu titanium have haiuly evei been measuieu by the official authoiities thus it
is uifficult to ielate to it. Bue to the fact that the uiy ueposition of Baiium was ieuuceu in a
similai way to most othei pollutants it becomes obvious, that the wet ueposition is not
connecteu to inuustiial pollution oi aeiosols taken up fiom the giounu. The high amounts
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
of Baiium seem to come stiaight with the iain - which hints to high-altituue-aeiosols as a
souice anu thus to geo-engineeiing oi spiaying foi militaiy puiposes.
The statistical evaluation of 72 iainwatei samples by the authoi, gatheieu by the ueiman
"initiative foi a clean sky"
, inuicates an amount of appiox. 911 tons of baiium falling out
ovei ueimany uuiing the yeai 2u12. The giass samples hint to iathei 162S t in 2u11,
howevei this amount shoulu also contain the uiy ueposition as well as some baiium taken
up by the plants fiom the soil oiiginating fiom mineial substiate.
To summaiize anu calculate: If the oiiginal souice of inuustiial baiium pollution has been
ieuuceu by 9u % uuiing the 1S yeais as shown by the values foi uiy ueposition, anu the
oveiall values went up by inteimeuiateu 1uu% since 2uu1, theie is no othei explanation
than a new souice that is explicitly connecteu to aeiosols biought uown by wet ueposition.
This new souice then shoulu covei 9S% of the total values in the yeai 2u12. Theiefoie one
shoulu assume an atmospheiic ueposition of 86S t oiiginating fiom aeiosols coming uown
with the iain fiom high altituues. This calculation is baseu on the statistical evaluation of
thousanus of single measuiements collecteu by the state authoiities anu theiefoie has to
be iegaiueu as accuiate.
This calculation is valiu foi baiium as an element. Theie is no basis foi a calculation
showing what peicentage of this baiium was uepositeu as baiium-stiontium-titanate.
Inuicating (Ba, Six) Ti0S in natuie is veiy uifficult. Neasuiements of bioavailable baiium,
stiontium anu titanium inuicate elements in solution but uue to the non-solubility of (Ba,
Six) Ti0S uo not inuicate the nano-ciystals at all. An analysis of the total mineial content
woulu coiiectly show Ba, Si anu Ti as single elements but still ueliveis no pioof of the
existence of the nano-ciystals as a whole. It can only give a maximum possible content
uefineu by the element with the lowest ielative iatio. 0ptical analysis with the micioscope
can pioof the existence of the nano-ciystal within plant cell tissue but woulu neeu time-
consuming statistics on thousanus of single ciystal measuiements to make any
quantitative statements.

0nly the uiiect compaiison of bioavailable anu total mineial content of the same sample
woulu uelivei valiu uata about ciystalline mineial content. Such uata aie not available
fiom iegulai souices. The testing uone by state authoiities is not uesigneu to uetect nano-
ciystals in paiticulai.

9. kesearch |n Norway

Buiing the seconu half of the yeai 2u12 faimeis at the east coast of 0slo Fjoiu in Noiway
have been complaining about a significant slowing uown of giass-giowth, which ieuuceu
the seconu haivest of hay.

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
Samples of giass taken by the authoi in the 0slo aiea, which significantly was being sloweu
uown in giowth iate, showeu in lab analysis
Aluminum: 176 mg¡kg
Baiium: 49 mg¡kg
Stiontium: 69 mg¡kg
Titanium: 28 mg¡kg

These values of baiium, stiontium anu titanium point to a theoietically possible maximum
of 121 mg nano-ciystalline baiium-stiontium-titanate pei kg uiieu oiganic mattei - if the
entiie amount of titanium, the element with the lowest ielative iatio, oiigins fiom nano-
ciystals. vaiieties in the iange of (Bau.6, Siu.4) Ti0S to (Si) Ti0S aie then in the iange of
To get a iealistic estimation, we fiist lookeu at giass samples collecteu all ovei Noiway by
the Noiwegian veteiinaiian Institute. This pioject has yet to be publisheu; howevei oui
samples fall within the aveiage of theii stuuy.
The stanuaiu measuiement of aii pollutants in Scanuinavia is uone with moss of the type
":#/3/&.%& +!#$*;$*+, not with giass. This makes it a bit uifficult to compaie uata to
ueimany. Bylocomium splenuens uoes not use ioots foi uptake of watei oi nutiition, so it
takes up only uiy anu wet ueposition. Laige-scale investigation have been conuucteu in
1977, 198S anu since then eveiy S yeais evaluating 464 locations all ovei Noiway. Fiom
each place S to 1u samples fiom an aiea of SuxSumetei have been taken, minimum Suu
metei fiom main ioaus anu houses. 42 elements incluuing Al, Si, Ba anu Ti have been

Aluminum meuian values 1977 with 72u mg¡kg, in 2u1u showing 28u mg¡kg
Titanium fiist measuieu in 199S with 4S mg¡kg, in 2u1u showing 2S mg¡kg
Stiontium fiist measuieu in 199u with 1S mg¡kg, in 2u1u showing 1S mg¡kg
Baiium fiist measuieu in 199u with 24 mg¡kg, in 2u1u showing 2S mg¡kg

Like in ueimany we have a shaip ueciease in inuustiial pollutants like aluminum anu
titanium, anu a slight inciease in substances associateu with geo-engineeiing.

Bowevei these values aie aveiage values with veiy high local vaiiations:

Aluminum showeu in 2uuS values between S8 - 12121
2u1u values between 46 - 4S81
Titanium showeu in 2u1u values between 4 - 26u
Stiontium showeu in 2u1u values between 1,9 - 72
Baiium showeu in 2uuu values between 4,S - 217
2uuS values between 4,2 - 119

!"#$%&'&( *"'+,-&'.% /0 1&2 3/-4#%5
Atmosf€iisk neufall av tungmetallei i Noige - Lanusomfattenue unueisøkelse i 2u1u (TA-28S9¡2u11)
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
2u1u values between 4 - S2S

The big uiffeiences in values of Baiium anu Stiontium weie encounteieu to eithei be the
iesult of local stiontium ueposition fiom the Atlantic oi a iesult fiom the uptake of soil
fiom baiium-iich soils. Baiium anu Stiontium uistiibutions weie statistically not
Accoiuing to giass samples the total ueposition of Baiium in Noiway is 4 times highei than
in ueimany. Knowing these facts it is likely that amounts of aeiosols compaiable to
ueimany coulu easily "hiue" in these values.
Biscussing the single sample taken by the authois: To ueteimine if the values of baiium
weie high because of the soil quality oi because of atmospheiic input, the authois
analyzeu the soil (on which the analyzeu giass was giowing on) anu compaieu it to soil
fiom the same fielu at a spot wheie it was totally coveieu by a bain since at least 6u yeais.
The compaiison showeu that the soil not exposeu to iain was highei in all measuieu
metals except one. This seems to be logical: evapoiation biings all kinus of mineials up, no
iain washes them out, anu no plant mateiial has been iemoveu which woulu have loweieu
the soils mineial content. The exception was Baiium. That was measuieu highei outsiue
on the open fielu. The input by feitilizeis useu was contiolleu anu showeu no baiium
content on the label. Titanium anu Stiontium weie not measuieu in these samples.
:#(-4QB/$4 "-+,4# %/( #@,/"#7Q#@,/"#7 (/ 5-$% 5-($/
Aluminum mg/kg 25.150 22.900 1.098
Barium mg/kg 140 155 (expected value 83) 0.903
Lead mg/kg 29 16 1.813
Arsenium mg/kg 4,8 2,8 1.714
Cadmium mg/kg 0,28 0,18 1.555
Nickel mg/kg 21 20 1.05
Palladium mg/kg <5 <5

This cleaily inuicates that the souice of the Baiium is not only fiom the soil but also fiom
wet atmospheiic ueposition. A compaiison of values of the othei heavy metals, leau,
aisenium anu caumium, inuicates that about half (u,47%) of the baiium-content of the soil
shoulu be associateu to wet ueposition only.
Thus the estimateu amount of baiium-stiontium-titanate is at S7 mg¡kg when being lethal.
:#(-4QB/$4 "-+,4# %/( #@,/"#7Q#@,/"#7 (/ 5-$%
Aluminum mg/kg 25.150 22.900
Barium mg/kg 140 155
Lead mg/kg 29 16
Arsenium mg/kg 4,8 2,8
Cadmium mg/kg 0,28 0,18
Nickel mg/kg 21 20
Palladium mg/kg <5 <5

This cleaily inuicates that the souice of the Baiium is not only fiom the soil but also fiom
wet atmospheiic ueposition.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
To illustiate the pioblems the faimeis in Noiway aie facing we will show a few pictuies
taken in chionological oiuei on the uay we took samples. They uisplay both the visible
uamage in natuie as well as the typical weathei anomalies.

! ,5/+$"$%& +/5%$%& /0 - "3++#5 7-;E T#4-($8# ")/5( ./%(5-$4" -" -% $%7$.-(/5 0/5 5-()#5 75;6 H-5+
-$5 -( )$&) -4($(37#"E
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

2$5"( -,,#-5-%.# /0 ,#5"$"(#%( ./%(5-$4"E

B,5#-7$%& ./%(5-$4" 0/5+$%& H)$(# )-U; "C$#"E

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

J-U; "C; -%7 - ./+,4#(#4; 7$#7 /00 >$5.) 0/5#"( S C+ 05/+ ()# 0-5+E

A/-% H$() ,-5(4; 5#(-57#7 ,4-%( &5/H()E <% ()# 5$&)( "$7# %/5+-4 &5/H() 5-(#6 /% ()# 4#0( "$7#
5#(-57#7 &5/H()E
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

F-+-&#7 &5-""6 4$&)( &5##% ./4/56 >5/H% ",/("E

F-+-&# >; 03%&$6 ,/""$>4; -" - 5#"34( /0 7$"(35>#7 .#44 ,/(#%($-4E
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

J-U# ./+$%& 7/H% (/ ()# "350-.# .5#-($%& - )-4/6 ->/3( VWESX $% ()# -0(#5%//%6 - "(53.(35# ()-(
")/347 -,,#-5 H$() $.# .5;"(-4" -( )$&) -4($(37#" >3( %/( /% - "3++#5 7-; H$() (#+,#5-(35#" /0 ->/3(
VY 7#&5##" 9#4"$3" %#-5 &5/3%7 4#8#4E
10. Þo||t|cs, |nfrastructure and poss|b|e m|||tary use

Tiying to finu out what actually is happening in the fielu of geo-engineeiing is not easy.
The stiuctuie one meets is onion-like. Theie is an official suiface that is moving big money
in ieseaich but piojecting piactical geo-engineeiing mainly into the futuie. But even if one
looks behinu the scene, listens to the statements of whistlebloweis anu ieaus seciet
uocuments that weie unintentionally exposeu to public, theie is not one coheient tiuth but
again onion like layeis to be founu.
The outei onionskin looks like this: ueo-engineeiing was fiist thought of in pie WWII
ueimany. Nost iueas weie megalomaniac but iathei giounueu, like cutting of anu uiying
out the Neuiteiianean to haivest lanu anu set up a watei powei plant to supply the entiie
aiea with electiicity. Some of that engineeiing spiiit came to the 0S aftei the wai.
0peiation 15!$(3#.! ieciuiteu ueiman top ieseaicheis to seive the 0S-militaiy. The
taigets publicly uiscusseu weie iathei peaceful. Like pieventing huiiicanes anu hale,
uiiecting iain to guaiantee haivests.
In 1964 the Ameiican National Science Founuation calleu in a special commission on
weathei manipulation. Bowevei, the fiist piactical applications tuineu out to be less
peaceful. It was the clouu seeuing conuucteu in Noith vietnam to enhance monsoon iains
anu floou the jungle to cut the vietcong off fiom supplies.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
The fiist notable uocument ielating to the foim of clouu seeuing uiscusseu in this papei is
the Welsbach patent in 1986. It is the fiist patent suggesting the spiaying of aluminum
oxiue anu metal salts to combat climate change. Since then moie follow up patents have
been fileu that covei the entiie technical piocess of clouu seeuing by aeiosol spiaying fiom
both civil anu militaiy aiiplanes.
In 199u the 0S uoveinment enteieu a phase of intensive ieseaich into ueo-Engineeiing
with the "ulobal Change Reseaich Act"
In 2uu1, Piesiuent elect ueoige W. Bush establisheu the (CCRI) Climate Change Reseaich
Initiative. A yeai latei it was maue public that the 0SuCRP oi 0niteu States ulobal Change
Reseaich piogiam anu the CCRI both woulu become what is known as the (CCSP) Climate
Change Science Piogiam. Now, unuei the 0bama Auministiation the legacy continues
to move foiwaiu as the 0SuCRP, with a yeaily buuget of 2.7 billion uollais.
An insight
into these piogiams ieveals that most of it is about combating not monitoiing climate
Anothei initiative is piojecteu by the 0S Bepaitment of Bomelanu Secuiity, which intenus
to set up the "Buiiicane Aeiosol anu Niciophysics Piogiam"
In 2u12 0S-scientists taigeteu "a affoiuable piice of below S billion a yeai" to "blow a
million of tons" into altituues of 18 miles
All these souices iefei to man maue climate change as the pioblem to be solveu by geo-
engineeiing. Climate change is believeu to be causeu mainly by C02.
The finuings of this ieseaich aie summaiizeu in this giaph:

0fficial goveinment website: http:¡¡www.gciio.oig¡gcact199u.html
Shepaiu Ambellas & Avalon: 8"$ C%;=$) D25&5 ?.;*E) F5*) G/% 8/ H*/I 72/%)6 the intelhub.com, Naich Su, 2u11.
0nline at: http:¡¡theintelhub.com¡2u11¡uS¡Su¡seciet-piesiuential-chemtiail-buuget-uncoveieu-exceeus-billions-to-
spiay-populations-like-ioaches¡ on Nov. 22nu 2u12.
Richaiu W. Spiniau to William Laska, "Response to Statement of Woik: Buiiicane Aeiosol anu Niciophysics Piogiam,"
0S Bepaitment of Commeice, National 0ceanic anu Atmospheiic Auministiation, Silvei Spiings, NB, }uly 29, 2uu9,
Allistei Boyle anu Baviu Fogaity, "'Sunshaue' to Fight Climate Change Costeu at $S Billion Yeai," Reuteis, August S1,
2u12, http:¡¡in.ieuteis.com¡aiticle¡2u12¡u8¡Su¡climate-sunshaue-iuINBEE87TuK42u12u8Su
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

B/35.# 3%C%/H%6 0/5 ./,;5$&)( $""3#" ,4#-"# ./%(-.( ()# -3()/5E
The following passage uiaws a vague pictuie of the actions piojecteu anu of the aeiosols
that aie planneu to be useu:
So far, launching reflective materials into the upper stratosphere seems to be the easiest and
most cost-effective option. This could be accomplished by using high-flying aircraft, naval guns,
or giant balloons. The appropriate materials could include sulfate aerosols (which would be
created by releasing sulfur dioxide gas), aluminum oxide dust, or even self-levitating and self-
orienting designer particles engineered to migrate to the Polar Regions and remain in place for
long periods. If it can be done, concentrating sunshades over the poles would be a particularly
interesting option, since those latitudes appear to be the most sensitive to global warming. Most
cost estimates for such geoengineering strategies are preliminary and unreliable. However, there
is general agreement that the strategies are cheap; the total expense of the most cost-effective
options would amount to perhaps as little as a few billion dollars, just one percent (or less) of the
cost of dramatically cutting emissions.

The uesciiption of "self-levitating and self-orienting designer particles” might fit on (Ba,
Six) Ti0S, with its ability to be ionizeu anu uiiecteu by miciowave iauiation.
This is the outei skin of the onion.
When we go to pie-climate-change-times, things still lookeu a bit uiffeient. }im Phelps hau
been woiking foi many yeais at the 0ak Riuge National Laboiatoiies ieseaiching the
ozone hole anu othei aii-pollution ielateu pioblems. ulobal waiming was alieauy known
back then. Bowevei it was not uiamatizes anu mainly ielateu to fluoiine- anu sulfui-

David G. Victor, M. Granger Morgan, Jay Apt, John Steinbruner, and Katharine Ricke: The Geoengineering
Option. A Last Resort Against Global Warming? Foreign Affairs , March/April 2009

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
emissions fiom jet fuel. Fluoiine anu sulfui, cieating the aggiessive BF anu B2S04 aciu in
the clouus, was iegaiueu as the main cause foi aciu iain. Both sulfui anu fluoiine
compounus weie iegaiueu as a ieason foi incieasing peisistence of contiails as well as of
the appeaiance of moie high altituue ciiius clouus. These clouus weie believeu to holu
back infiaieu iauiation anu cause global waiming.
To pievent uamage uone by especially fluoiine, that foimeu toxic aluminum-fluoiine
compounus once iaining uown, he suggesteu auuing Ti02 to the jet fuel - oi spiay the
compounus simultaneously uuiing the flight - to binu the fluoiine to metals that foim less
toxic compounus.
As to the militaiy bianch of geo-engineeiing, theie aie only a few souices, mainly ex
employees of vaiious agencies.
We can trace the beginnings of military Spraying-Operations also referred to the Project Cloverleaf right to
Dr. Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb and proponent of nuking inhabited coast lines to rearrange
them for economic projects. Before he died in 2003, Teller was director emeritus of Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory, where plans for nuclear, biological and directed energy weapons are crafted. In 1997,
Teller publicly outlined his proposal to use aircraft to scatter in the stratosphere millions of tons of
electrically-conductive metallic materials, ostensibly to reduce global warming
. (…)
Teller estimated that commercial aircraft could be used to spew these particles at a cost of 33 cents a
pound. (…) A 1991 Hughes aircraft patent confirms that sunscreen particulate materials can be run through
jet engines.

A uiffeient stoiy is tolu by A. C. uiiffith
, an NSA, latei CIA employee who uncoveieu his
tiuth on the Nonuay euition of the powei houi, a national bioaucast show. Anothei
onionskin. uiiffith seiveu at the Ray Patteison Aii foice base, which he calleu the
heauquaitei of 0S chemtiailing piogiams. uiiffith iefeis to an ongoing colu wai between
Russia anu the 0S utilizing scalai weapons. The woist inciuent of this colu wai was -
accoiuing to the ex 0S militaiy Col. Tom Beaiuen, whom uiiffith cites on the iauio show -,
the attempt of Russia to tiiggei an eaithquake in the St. Anuieas fault with the 0kiaine
baseu (so-calleu) Wooupeckei uevices (long iange micio-wave tiansmitteis), that weie
feu with electiicity by the Cheinobyl powei stations. Accoiuing to uiiffith, the attack was
staveu of with the help of Isiael, thus causing what is known as the Cheinobyl acciuent.
uiiffith sees the 0S being behinu othei countiies in the uevelopment of these weapons as
well as of possible uefense systems. Against this backgiounu he uesciibes the uevelopment
of chemtiail-piogiams as a necessaiy uefense system uevelopeu by the CIA¡NSA
intelligence community. The CIA, that hau been opeiating a majoi aiiciaft fleet foi uiug
tiaue to finance theii unofficial activities, must have been iunning out of spiaying
capacities anu tiieu to involve the Navy. Aumiial }eiemia Boiuei, Chef of 0S-Navy
0peiations, iefuseu to join into the piogiam anu officially committeu suiciue by shooting
himself twice into the chest. Since then the navy became pait of the iefeiieu Pioject

ulobal Waiming anu Ice Ages: Piospects foi Physics-Baseu Nouulation of ulobal Change, Euwaiu Tellei anu Lowell
Woou, Boovei Institution, Stanfoiu 0niveisity, piepaieu foi inviteu piesentation at the Inteinational Seminai 0n
Planetaiy Emeigencies, Eiice, Italy, August 2u-2S, 1997; also "The Planet Neeus a Sunscieen," Wall Stieet }ouinal, 1u-17-
Amy Woithington: Aeiosol anu Electiomagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nucleai Wai. ulobal Reseaich | }une 1, 2uu4
powei houi, national bioaucast show, online at http:¡¡www.youtube.com¡watch.v=iSSmvg7uIuI
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
Cloveileaf. To explain the iole of aeiosols uiiffith iefeiieu to a papei by Natthew Baggett
with the title "Atmospheiic sensitivity invaliuation stuuy of the vaiiable teiiain iauio
paiabolic equation mouel", uesciibing a SB battlefielu iauai monitoiing system that coulu
be opeiateu fiom a ship 4uu miles off the shoie by using baiium-salts as an ieflective
aeiosol. uiiffith also mentioneu BARPA anu othei agencies as possibly joining in to make
use of the aeiosol spiaying foi uiffeient puiposes.

Not all of what uiiffith explains connects all the uiffeient elements in a logical way, even if
the uetails can be confiimeu as being valiu. The SB battlefielu iauai foi example has no
value if one is attackeu with scalai applications.

0n the next layei one might uiscovei the inteiconnection between the civil anu company-
baseu ieseaich uone with BAARP, ICECAT anu similai miciowave tiansmitting uevices anu
aeiosol spiaying - assuming that this is the uiiection uiiffith shoulu have been pointing to.
According to University of Ottawa Professor Michael Chossudovsky, the military's High-frequency Active
Auroral Research Program (HAARP), operating in Alaska as part of the Strategic Defense Initiative, is a
powerful tool for weather and climate modification
. Operated jointly by the U.S. Navy and Air Force,
HAARP antennas bombard and heat the ionosphere, causing electromagnetic frequencies to bounce back
to earth, penetrating everything living and dead
HAARP transmissions make holes in the ozone
, creating yet another hobgoblin. HAARP inventor
Bernard Eastlund described in his original patent how antenna energy can interact with plumes of
atmospheric particles, used as a lens or focusing device, to modify weather
. HAARP is capable of
triggering floods, droughts and hurricanes, much to the chagrin of both the European Parliament and the
Russian Duma
HAARP also generates sweeping pulses through the ULF/ELF range
. In 2000, independent researchers
monitored HAARP transmissions of 14 hertz. They found that when these signals were broadcast at high
output levels, wind speeds topped 70 miles per hour. They watched as these same transmissions dispersed
a huge weather front approaching the west coast from California to British Columbia. Although
precipitation had been originally forecast, the front was seen shredding apart on satellite photos and rain
did not materialize
. The hobgoblin drought can be an enriching and empowering tool for certain
corporate and governing entities.
HAARP is not only capable of destabilizing agricultural and ecological systems anywhere on the planet,
but its effects can target select regions to affect human physical, mental and emotional responses during

"Washington's New Woilu 0iuei Weapons Bave the Ability to Tiiggei Climate Change," Centei foi Reseaich on
ulobalization, Piofessoi Nichael Chossuuovsky, 0niveisity of 0ttawa, }anuaiy 2uu1.
"BAARP: vanualism in the Sky." Nick Begich anu }eane Nanning, Nexus Nagazine, Becembei 199S.
Ibiu.; also Castle, op. cit. Bi. Castle piesents infoimation on how BAARP punches massive holes in the open-aii column
ozone anu how the Aii Foice then uses toxic chemicals to "patch" the holes it has cieateu: Bi. Castle says: "Welsbach
seeuing anu ozone hole iemeuiation sciences utilize chemistiies that aie toxic to humans anu the enviionment."
"BAARP: vanualism in the Sky." Begich anu Nanning; Reseaichei Baviu Yaiiow is quoteu as saying that Eaith's axial
spin means that BAARP buists aie like a miciowave knife piouucing a "long teai--an incision" in the multi-layei
membiane of ionospheies that shielu the Eaith's suiface fiom intense solai iauiation.
0.S. BAARP Weapon Bevelopment Conceins Russian Buma, Inteifax News Agency, 8-1u-u2.
BAARP 0puate, Elfiau uioup, http:¡¡elfiau.oig¡2uuu¡Baaip2.htm 6-27-uu.
"14 Beitz Signal Suppiesses Rainfall, Inuuces violent Winus," 1u-2S-uu, Newshawk Inc.; "When the Aimy 0wns the
Weathei--Chemtiails anu BAARP," Bob Fitiakis, 2-1S-u2: In this aiticle BAARP inventoi Beinaiu Eastlunu is quoteu on
how BAARP can affect the weathei: "Significant expeiiments coulu be peifoimeu. The BAARP antenna as it is now
configuieu mouulates the auioial electiojet to inuuce ELF waves anu thus coulu have an effect on the zonal winus." Finu
this aiticle with seaich engine at www.iense.com .
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
non-lethal warfare projects
. HAARP frequencies beamed at specific targets can generate catastrophic
earthquakes, exactly like the quake last December which killed thousands of people in Iran, a nemesis
nation according to the Bush administration.

J!!TZGB$+$4-5 7#8$.#" 7$"(5$>3(#7 -5/3%7 ()# &4/>#E
Slowly coming to the coie of it, it makes sense to have a seconu look to the veiy beginning
of things. Pioject Papeiclip was not peaceful at all. The alliance with ueiman scientist leau
to the uevelopment of nucleai weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, anu
methous of minu contiol. All of them weie moie oi less secietly testeu on civilians anu
aimy stuff. The most uevastating uevelopment was the conveision of fluoiine waste fiom
the aluminum piouuction into a supplement in uiinking watei anu toothpaste in the 6us.
This technique of minu contiol oiiginally was uevelopeu by Iu-Faiben as a methou to
silence occupieu teiiitoiies, concentiation camps anu piisoneis of wai camps by poisoning
the habitants with floui-compounus via the uiinking watei, making them will-less anu uull.
About the same time the inuustiy staiteu to uistiibute jet fuel with fluoiine-baseu
auuitives leauing to global uimming anu to majoi uamage within natuie by aciu iains anu -
following the suggestions of Iu Faiben - to uamage of a unknown extenu to the people's
It is inteiesting to know that Iu Faiben was financeu anu "inspiieu" by the same gioups
who weie pushing the eugenic agenua in the 0S uuiing the Sus, leauing to thousanus anu
thousanus of foiceu steiilizations. Iu Faiben latei cieateu anu piouuceu Cyclon B, anu
theie is a uiiect economic connection between Iu Faiben, B0W Chemicals anu Nonsanto,
iesponsible foi the piouuction anu the spiaying of 7=$*) D(5*=$ in vietnam.

Angels Bon't Play This BAARP, Begich anu Nanning, op. cit.
Entiie passage: Amy Woithington: Aeiosol anu Electiomagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nucleai Wai. ulobal Reseaich |
}une 1, 2uu4
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
It is veiy haiu to say how fai the influence of gioups associateu to the eugenic agenua
ieaches touay. Both Rockefellei anu Bill uates with theii empiie of chaiities openly avow
as acting in this spiiit, as well as chaiacteis like Beniy Kissingei who taigeteu the
uepopulation of S
woilu countiies as a main inteiest of 0S-foieign policy
Still, even if these elements can be founu in 0S-politics, it is haiu to say when anu by whom
the piopeities of baiium-stiontium-titanate oi othei aeiosols coulu be intentionally
abuseu to haim people by applying it as a weathei oi eaithquake weapon, oi as an agent
foi minu contiol.

11. Þro[ect "C|over|eaf"
When goveinmental, militaiy oi agency activities aie classifieu, when people involveu
have to sign non-uisclosuie agieements anu aie thieateneu with being jaileu, then
noimally one finus what is ueclaieu as being conspiiacy theoiy as a natuial ieaction of the
human minu. 0ne has a seciet, the othei one wonueis what it is. Simple as that. Pioject
Cloveileaf is as highly classifieu as a pioject can be.
The public is left with no official infoimation. Theie is a little whistle blowing that might
contain tiuth, but also might contain consiueiable amounts of uisinfoimation. Noimally,
theie shoulu be no place foi this in a papei that aims to be scientific in spiiit. But at this
point theie is no othei option than to cite the whistle bloweis anu accept theii wish to hiue
theii iuentity.
Thus the following infoimation is not citable in the scientific sense of the woiu anu might
contain uisinfoimation.
11.1. M|||tary purpose

In chaptei 1u we coulu follow up the uevelopment up to the invention of the Baiium-
Nethou by }im Phelps in the yeai 1996. Fiom 1996 to 1998 theie appaiently weie a few
expeiimental piojects conuucteu by the CIA. Since 1998 the entiie teiiitoiy of the 0niteu
States is iepoiteu to have become subject to aeiosol spiaying. Foi the iest of the woilu
theie is no ieliable infoimation which countiy joineu the piogiam at what time. Within the
NAT0 Cloveileaf is associateu with the "Paitneiship foi Peace". This paitneiship incluues
non-NAT0-countiies like Cioatia, South Afiica anu Switzeilanu. China uoes not take pait.

We coulu finu one anonymous posting that maybe ieveals the militaiy puipose of the
pioject, titleu: Pioject Cloveileaf • The Science Behinu it

It involves the combination of chemtiails foi cieating an atmospheie that will suppoit electiomagnetic

NATI0NAL SEC0RITY C00NCIL, WASBINuT0N, B.C. 2uSu6 Apiil 24, 1974 National Secuiity Stuuy Nemoianuum 2uu.
t7279S.html‚ixzz2BmYSNiuL, online }an. 12
, 2u1S.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
waves, giounu-baseu, electiomagnetic fielu oscillatois calleu gyiotions, anu ionospheiic heateis.
Paiticulates make uiiecteu eneigy weapons woik bettei. It has to uo with "steauy state" anu paiticle
uensity foi plasma beam piopagation. They spiay baiium powueis anu let it photo-ionize fiom the
ultiaviolet light of the sun. Then, they make an aluminum-plasma geneiateu by "zapping" the metal
cations that aie in the spiay with eithei electiomagnetics fiom BAARP, the gyiotion system on the
giounu |uiounu Wave Emeigency Netwoikj, oi space-baseu laseis. The baiium makes the aluminum-
plasma moie paiticulate uense. This means they can make a uensei plasma than they noimally coulu
fiom just ionizing the atmospheie oi the aii.
Noie uensity |moie paiticlesj means that these paiticles which aie colliuing into each othei will
become moie chaigeu because theie aie moie of them piesent to colliue. What aie they ultimately
tiying to uo up theie • is cieate chaigeu-paiticle, plasma beam weapons.
Chemtiails aie the meuium - uWEN pulse iauais, the vaiious BAARPs, anu space-baseu laseis aie the
methou, oi moie simply: Chemtiails aie the meuium • uiiecteu eneigy is the methou. Spiay anu Zap.
This system appeais to be in Russia, Canaua, the 0niteu States, anu all of Euiope. Exotic weapons can
be mobile, stationaiy, lanu-baseu, aeiial, oi satellite. It is an offensive anu uefensive system against EN
attacks anu missiles.
It uses ionospheiic paiticle shells as uefense mechanisms |like a bug-zappei shelljƒ against missiles
anu EN attacks. That means they spiay anu then pump up the spiay with electiomagnetics. When
these shells aie cieateu using the oscillating, electiomagnetic, gyiotion stations, it "excluues" anu
uisplaces the backgiounu magnetic fielu. These shells can be layeieu one above anothei in a canopy
fashion foi extia piotection fiom missiles.
The chemtiail spiays have vaiious elements in them like caibon which can useu to absoib
miciowaves. Some of these spiays have metal flakes in them that make aeiial ciaft invisible to iauai.
Spoofei spiays. Spiays like these can be useu to cieate coloiful, magnetizeu plasmas to cloak fightei
jets. Theie aie satellite weapons involveu. Activists aie using meteis anu aie getting ieauings of
miciowaves, x-iays, anu some othei kinu of emission that they aie not suie of, maybe a low-intensity
They aie also photogiaphing gas plasma geneiation uue to the heating of chemtiails by
electiomagnetics. The technical names foi veitical anu hoiizontal plasma columns aie columnai focal
lenses anu hoiizontal uiift plasma antennas. vaiious size of gas plasma oibs aie associateu with this
technology. These oibs can be useu as tiansmitteis anu ieceiveis because they have gieat, iefiactoiy
anu optical piopeities.
They also aie capable of tiansmitting uigital oi analog sounu. Baiium, in fact, is veiy iefiactive •
moie iefiactive than glass. What uoes that mean. 0ui countiy has a histoiy of expeiimenting on its
citizens. We aie talking about satellite chaigeu-paiticle fiequency weapons attacking a peison 24
houis a uay. Psychotionic weapons aie consiueieu weapons of mass uestiuction by the 0.N.
BAARPs can cieate eaithquakes anu can also x-iay the eaith to finu unueigiounu militaiy bases, golu,
oi oil ieseives. These ionospheiic heateis can also opeiate as an ovei-the-hoiizon oi unuei-the-ocean
communications system. This system can contiol the weathei oi cieate uisasteis.
Taken togethei with the auioia keyhole thiough-youi-ioof satellite suiveillance system, Echelon
electionic computei¡phone sweeps, plasma-cloakeu B0B Biug Wai helicopteis anu stealths, implants,
anu cameias on the stieet, it constitutes one, big global anu space contiol giiu. These weapons involve
beams. Two beams oveilappeu will couple into a paiticle-ion beam that will bounce off of a iemote
taiget anu senu a hologiaphic image back to the satellite foi iemote spying opeiations.
When you cioss two stiong beams, you can supposeulyƒ cieate scalai eneigies.
These eneigies can be useu as untiaceable weapons foi nucleai size explosions oi foi uefense. These
ciosseu-eneigies can be useu to cause a peison's physical electiical system to fail oi with a lowei
fiequency, auministei a kinu of iemote electio-shock. visualize touching a positive anu negative
electiic cable to each othei on top of youi heau. Scalai eneigies can be utilizeu in hanu-helu militaiy
guns anu on tanks. They can uuu-out electionics oi cause laige, electiical blackouts. Scalai eneigies
aie piactically impossible to shielu against. You neeu leau, ceiamics, anu a ueep unueigiounu facility
to not be affecteu by these weapons. 0i, you neeu to be up anu above the fielu of battle.

Anonymous posting, online at: http:¡¡www.uisclose.tv¡foium¡pioject-cloveileaf-chemtiails-anu-theii-puipose-
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

VVE[E *%8/48#+#%( /0 .$8$4 -$54$%#"

A mattei that is heavily uiscusseu is the possible involvement of civil aiilines. Theie wheie
two anonymous piopositions to this topic. The fiist inteiesting one was a statement
publisheu on a iauio show coming fiom someone who ueclaieu he was an aiiplane

Foi ieasons you will unueistanu as you ieau this I can not uivulge my iuentity. I am an aiiciaft
mechanic foi a majoi aiiline. I woik at one of oui maintenance bases locateu at a laige aiipoit. I have
uiscoveieu some infoimation that I think you will finu impoitant. Fiist I shoulu tell you something
about the "pecking oiuei" among mechanics. It is impoitant to my stoiy anu to the cause to which you
have ueuicateu youiself.
Nechanics want to woik on thiee things. The avionics, the engines, oi the flight contiols. The
mechanics that woik on these systems aie consiueieu at the top of the "pecking oiuei". Next come the
mechanics that woik on the hyuiaulics anu aii conuitioning systems. Then come the ones who woik
on the galley anu othei non-essential systems. But at the veiy bottom of the list aie the mechanics that
woik on the waste uisposal systems. No mechanic wants to woik on the pumps, tanks, anu pipes that
aie useu to stoie the waste fiom the lavatoiies.
But at eveiy aiipoit wheie I have woikeu theie aie always 2 oi S mechanics that volunteei to woik on
the lavatoiy systems. The othei mechanics aie happy to let them uo it. Because of this you will have
only 2 oi S mechanics that woik on these systems at any one aiipoit. No one pays much attention to
these guys anu no mechanic socializes with anothei mechanic who only woiks on the waste systems.
In fact I hau nevei thought much about this situation until last month.
Like most aiilines we have iecipiocal agieements with the othei aiilines that fly into this aiipoit. If
they have a pioblem with a plane one of oui mechanics will take caie of it. Likewise if one of oui
planes has a pioblem at an aiipoit wheie the othei aiiline has a maintenance base, they will fix oui
0ne uay last month I was calleu out fiom oui base to woik on a plane foi anothei aiiline. When I got
the call the uispatchei uiu not know what the pioblem was. When I got to the plane I founu out that
the pioblem was in waste uisposal system. Theie was nothing foi me to uo but to ciawl in anu fix the
pioblem. When I got into the bay I iealizeu that something was not iight. Theie weie moie tanks,
pumps, anu pipes then shoulu have been theie. At fiist I assumeu that the system hau been changeu. It
hau been 1u yeais since I hau woikeu on one. As I tiieu to finu the pioblem I quickly iealizeu the extia
piping anu tanks weie not connecteu to the waste uisposal system. I hau just uiscoveieu this when
anothei mechanic fiom my company showeu up. It was one of the mechanics who usually woiks on
these systems. I happily tuineu the job ovei to him. As I was leaving I askeu him about the extia
equipment. Be tolu me to "woiiy about my enu of the plane anu let him woiiy about his„"
The next uay I was on the company computei to look up a wiiing schematic. While I was theie I
ueciueu to look up the extia equipment I hau founu. To my amazement the manuals uiu not show any
of the extia equipment I hau seen with my own eyes the uay befoie. I even tieu in to the manufactuiei
files anu still founu nothing. Now I was ieally ueteimineu to finu out what that equipment uiu. The
next week we hau thiee of oui planes in oui main hangei foi peiiouic inspection. Theie aie mechanics
ciawling all ovei a plane uuiing these inspections. I hau just finisheu my shift anu I ueciueu to have a
look at the waste system on one of oui planes. With all the mechanics aiounu I figuieu that no one
woulu notice an extia one on the plane. Suie enough, the plane I choose hau the extia equipment„
I began to tiace the system of pipes, pumps, anu tanks. I founu what appeaieu to be the contiol unit foi
the system. It was a stanuaiu looking avionics contiol box but it hau no maikings of any kinu. I coulu
tiace the contiol wiies fiom the box to the pumps anu valves but theie weie no contiol ciicuits
coming into the unit. The only wiies coming into the unit was a powei connection to the aiiciaft's

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
main powei bus.
The system hau 1 laige anu 2 smallei tanks. It was haiu to tell in the ciampeu compaitment but it
lookeu like the laige tank coulu holu Su gallons. The tanks weie connecteu to a fill anu uiain valve that
passeu thiough the fuselage just behinu the uiain valve foi the waste system. When I hau a chance to
look foi this connection unuei the plane I founu it cunningly hiuuen behinu a panel unuei the panel
useu to access the waste uiain.
I began to tiace the piping fiom the pumps. These pipes leau to a netwoik of small pipes that enueu in
the tiailing euges of the wings anu hoiizontal stabilizeis. If you look closely at the wings of a laige
aiiplane you will see a set of wiies, about the size of youi fingei, extenuing fiom the tiailing euge of
the wing suifaces. These aie the static uischaige wicks. They aie useu to uissipate the static electiic
chaige that builus up on a plane in flight. I uiscoveieu that the pipes fiom this mysteiy system leau to
eveiy 1 out of S of these static uischaige wicks. These wicks hau been "holloweu out" to allow
whatevei flows thiough these pipes to be uischaigeu thiough these fake wicks.
It was while I was on the wing that one of the manageis spotteu me. Be oiueieu me out of the hangei
telling me that my shift was ovei anu I hau not been authoiizeu any oveitime.
The next couple of uays weie veiy busy anu I hau no time to continue my investigation. Late one
afteinoon, two uays aftei my uiscoveiy, I was calleu to ieplace an engine tempeiatuie sensoi on a
plane uue to take off in two houis. I finisheu the job anu tuineu in the papeiwoik.
About Su minutes latei I was pageu to see the ueneial Nanagei. When I went in his office I founu that
oui union iep anu two otheis who I uiu not know weie waiting on me. Be tolu me that a seiious
pioblem hau been uiscoveieu. Be saiu that I was being wiitten up anu suspenueu foi tuining in false
papeiwoik. Be hanueu me a uisciplinaiy foim stating that I hau tuineu in false papeiwoik on the
engine tempeiatuie sensoi I hau installeu a few houis befoie. I was flooieu anu began to piotest. I tolu
them that this was iiuiculous anu that I hau uone this woik. The union iep spoke up then anu
iecommenueu that we take a look at the plane anu see if we coulu stiaighten it all out. It was at this
time that I askeu who the othei two men weie. The uN tolu me that they weie aiiline safety inspectois
but woulu not give me theii name.
We pioceeueu to the plane, which shoulu have been in the aii but was paikeu on oui maintenance
iamp. We openeu the engine cowling anu the union iep pulleu the sensoi. Be checkeu the seiial
numbei anu tolu eveiyone that it was the olu instiument. We then went to the paits bay anu went
back into the iacks. The union iep checkeu my iepoit anu pulleu fiom the iack a sealeu box. Be
openeu the box anu pulleu out the engine tempeiatuie sensoi with the seiial numbei of the one I hau
installeu. I was tolu that I was suspenueu foi a week without pay anu to leave immeuiately.
I sat at home the fiist uay of my suspension wonueiing what the hell hau happeneu to me. That
evening I ieceiveu a phone call. The voice tolu me "Now you know what happens to mechanics who
poke aiounu in things they shoulun't. The next time you stait woiking on systems that aie no concein
of youis you will lose youi job„ As it is I'm feeling geneious, I believe that you'll be able to go back to
woik soon" CLICK. Again I hau to pick myself fiom off the flooi. I maue the connection that what hau
happeneu was uiiectly connecteu to my tiacing the mysteiious piping. The next moining the ueneial
Nanagei calleu me. Be saiu that uue to my past excellent employment iecoiu that the suspension hau
been ieuuceu to one uay anu that I shoulu iepoit back to woik immeuiately. The only thing I coulu
think of was what aie they tiying to hiue anu who aie TBEY„
That uay at woik went by as if nothing hau happeneu. None of the othei mechanics mentioneu the
suspension anu my union iep tolu me not to talk about it. That night I loggeu onto the Inteinet to tiy to
finu some answeis. I uon't iemembei now how I got theie but I came acioss youi site. That's when it
all came togethei. But the next moining at woik I founu a note insiue my lockeu lockei. It saiu,
"Cuiiosity killeu the cat. Bon't be looking at Inteinet sites that aie no concein of youis."
Well that's it. TBEY aie watching me.
Well you alieauy know what they aie uoing. I uon't know what they aie spiaying but I can tell you how
they aie uoing it. I figuie they aie using the "honey tiucks". These aie the tiucks that empty the waste
fiom the lavatoiy waste tanks. The aiipoits usually contiact out this job anu nobouy goes neai these
tiucks. Who wants to stanu next a tiuck full of sh--. While these guys aie emptying the waste tanks
they aie filling the tanks of the spiay system. They know the planes flight path so they piobably
piogiam the contiol unit to stait spiaying some amount of time aftei the plane ieaches a ceitain
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
altituue. The spiay nozzles in the fake static wicks aie so small that no one in the plane woulu see a
thing. (Signeu:) uou help us all, A conceineu citizen.

As a iesponse to that inteiview someone sent an anonymous eNail intiouucing himself as
a uiiectoi of an aiiline.
I ieau email you ieceiveu fiom the anon. mechanic anu felt compelleu to iesponu to it. I, too, woik foi
an aiiline, though I woik in uppei management levels. I will not say which aiiline, what city I am
locateu, noi what office I woik foi, foi obvious ieasons. I wish I coulu uocument eveiything I am about
to ielate to you, but to uo so is next to impossible anu woulu iesult in possible physical haim to me.
The email fiom the anonymous mechanic iings tiue. Aiiline companies in Ameiica have been
paiticipating in something calleu Z5/N#.( 94/8#54#-0 foi a few yeais now. The eailiest uate anyone
iemembeis being biiefeu on it is 1998. I was biiefeu on it in 1999. The few aiiline employees who
weie biiefeu on Pioject Cloveileaf weie all maue to unueigo backgiounu checks, anu befoie we weie
biiefeu on it we weie maue to sign non-uisclosuie agieements, which basically state that if we tell
anyone what we know we coulu be impiisoneu.
About twenty employees in oui office weie biiefeu along with my by two officials fiom some
goveinment agency. They uiun't tell us which one. ?)#; (/47 3" ()-( ()# &/8#5%+#%( H-" &/$%& (/
,-; /35 -$54$%#6 -4/%& H$() /()#5"6 (/ 5#4#-"# ",#.$-4 .)#+$.-4" 05/+ ./++#5.$-4 -$5.5-0(E When
askeu what the chemicals weie anu why we weie going to spiay them, they tolu us that infoimation
was given on a neeu-to-know basis anu we weien't cleaieu foi it. They then went on to state that the
chemicals weie haimless, but the piogiam was of such impoitance that it neeueu to be uone at all
costs. When we askeu them why uiun't they just iig militaiy aiiciaft to spiay these chemicals, they
stateu that ()#5# H#5#%\( #%/3&) +$4$(-5; -$5.5-0( -8-$4->4# (/ 5#4#-"# .)#+$.-4" /% "3.) - 4-5&#
>-"$" -" %##7" (/ ># 7/%#E That's why Pioject Cloveileaf was initiateu, to allow commeicial aiilines
to assist in ieleasing these chemicals into the atmospheie. Then someone askeu why all the seciecy
was neeueu. The goveinment ieps then stateu that if the geneial public knew that the aiiciaft they
weie flying on weie ieleasing chemicals into the aii, enviionmentalist gioups woulu iaise hell anu
uemanu the spiaying stop. Someone askeu one of the u-men then if the chemicals aie haimless, why
not tell the public what the chemicals aie anu why we aie spiaying them. Be seemeu peituibeu at this
question anu (/47 3" $% - (/%# /0 -3()/5$(; ()-( ()# ,3>4$. 7/#"%\( %##7 (/ C%/H H)-(\" &/$%& /%6
but that this piogiam is in theii best inteiests. Be also stateu that we shoulu not tell anyone, noi ask
any moie questions about it. With that, the biiefing was ovei.
All uocuments in oui office peitaining to Pioject Cloveileaf aie kept in lockeu safes. Nobouy is alloweu
to take these uocuments out of the office. veiy few employees aie alloweu access to these uocuments,
anu they iemain tight-lippeu about what the uocuments say.
Ni. Cainicom, I am no fool. I know theie's something going on. Anu fiankly, I am scaieu. I feel a high
level of guilt that I have been awaie of this kinu of opeiation but unable to tell anyone. It's been eating
away at me, knowing that the company I woik foi may be poisoning the Ameiican people. I hope this
lettei will open some eyes to what's happening.
Again, I wish I coulu give you uocumenteu infoimation, but you have to unueistanu why I must iemain
totally anonymous. Thank you.

11.3. Crgan|zat|ons |nvo|ved

Buiing the woik of seveial civil iight oiganizations that have been collecting uata about
aeiosol spiaying it tuineu out that the websites of these oiganization weie fiequently
monitoieu by a numbei of oiganizations anu companies. The list of these companies who

Rauio-INTERvIEW (Live on Coast-to-Coast iauio, Nay 17, 2uuS)
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
coulu be iuentifieu by theii IP auuiesses coulu ieveal who is actually involveu in opeiation
cloveileaf. The list containeu:

A/.C)##7 :-5($% (aviation¡space uefense contiactoi); T-;()#/% (Befense Contiactoi, visits
immeuiately aftei posting BAARP implications); L/#$%& !$5.5-0( 9/+,-%; (1uu visits +.); J/%#;H#44
(0.S. Befense Contiactoi); :#5.C (Phaimaceutical Piouucts anu Bealth Reseaich); ?T] (0.S. Befense
Contiactoi); :/%"-%(/ (Chemical, Pesticiue, & Phaimaceutical piouucts); !44$#7 B$&%-4 9/5,/5-($/%
(chemical¡aeiospace¡eneigy); ^-$"#5 Z#5+-%#%(# health oig.; _B `%8$5/%+#%(-4 Z5/(#.($/%
!&#%.; (iefuses to investigate oi accept eviuence samples foi analysis); _B F#,(E /0 ?5#-"35;; _B
R#%#5-4 !../3%($%& <00$.# (investigative aim of Congiess: peifoims auuits¡evaluations of uov't
activities); _B =-8-4 95$+$%-4 *%8#"($&-($8# B#58$.# (woiluwiue oig. taskeu with ciiminal
investigations & counteiintelligence foi Bept. of Navy; manages its secuiity piogiams); <00$.# /0
B#.5#(-5; /0 F#0#%"# (0ffice of William S. Cohen, he useu to woik as CE0 of militaiy contiactoi
Noithiop uiumman); 2`:! (Feueial Emeigency Nanagement Agency: 0S emeigency management
piogiam of mitigation, piepaieuness, iesponse & iecoveiy).

Looking at the activities of all these companies anu agencies woulu be a task that woulu
keep Inteipol busy foi a few yeais. In the fiame of this stuuy we will ieuuce it to only one
company. The choice was not motivateu by pie-knowleuge, apait fiom the known fact that
Raytheon owns the BAARP uevice in Alaska.
The companies histoiy as uesciibeu on theii own website ieaus like this:
Ninety yeais ago, a gieat Ameiican success stoiy began: A few passionate visionaiies cieateu a
high-tech ventuie in the shauow of a gieat univeisity anu uevelopeu a bieakthiough piouuct that
tiansfoimeu a nation.
0ne of the eailiest technology stait-ups, Raytheon was establisheu in Cambiiuge, Nass., home of
the Nassachusetts Institute of Technology, on }uly 7, 1922 as the Ameiican Appliance Company.
The company's founueis weie vannevai Bush
, who woulu become uean of NIT's School of
Engineeiing; Lauience Naishall, an engineei; anu Chailes u. Smith, a scientist who hau uone woik
on the electiical piopeities of gases.
Theii ievolutionaiy innovation was the S gas iectifiei tube, a uevice that eliminateu one of the
cumbeisome expensive batteiies that pieviously poweieu home iauios.
The tube tiansfoimeu the iauio into an affoiuable "must-have" appliance that coulu be pluggeu
into a wall socket, tuining iauio into a tiue mass meuium that biought the woilu into Ameiica's
living iooms.
Raytheon quickly moveu to the foiefiont of innovation in the electionics inuustiy. Buiing Woilu
Wai II, Raytheon employees contiibuteu to the wai effoit. They supplieu 8u peicent of the
magnetion tubes useu in 0.S. anu Biitish iauais anu uevelopeu paits foi the ciucial pioximity fuse
in antiaiiciaft shells, among othei equipment.
Aftei the wai Raytheon began offeiing civilian piouucts, the miciowave being among the most
famous. Raytheon engineei Peicy Spencei uiscoveieu miciowave cooking when, as he stoou in
fiont of an active magnetion, a canuy bai in his pocket began to melt. Intiigueu, he sent out foi
popcoin keinels - anu they began to pop. With that, a new appliance was soon on its way.


0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
In the uecaues that followeu, Raytheon employees woulu builu on the company's ieputation foi
technology anu innovation leaueiship. Touay it stanus as a global technology leauei specializing in
uefense, homelanu secuiity anu othei goveinment maikets.
Raytheon met uigent piouuction neeus foi magnetion tubes useu by Allieu foices foi iauai uefense,
anu piouuceu the Sea uoing (Su) miciowave suiface seaich iauai that went on 0.S. Navy ships. The
Su pioviueu vital situational awaieness in the majoi battles in the Pacific anu helpeu eliminate the
submaiine menace in the Battle of the Atlantic.
Raytheon Company, with 2u11 sales of $2S billion anu 71,uuu employees woiluwiue, is a technology
anu innovation leauei specializing in uefense, homelanu secuiity anu othei goveinment maikets
thioughout the woilu. With a histoiy of innovation spanning 9u yeais, Raytheon pioviues state-of-
the-ait electionics, mission systems integiation anu othei capabilities in the aieas of sensing; effects;
anu commanu, contiol, communications anu intelligence systems, as well as a bioau iange of mission
suppoit seivices. With the haiu woik anu ueuication of tens of thousanus of employees aiounu the
woilu, Raytheon is well-equippeu to meet the neeus of its customeis in moie than 8u countiies -
touay, tomoiiow anu well into the 21st centuiy.
Raytheon owneu its own aiiciaft manufactuieis, Bawkei anu Beechciaft, that weie fuseu
to Bawkei Beechciaft. Bawkei Beechciaft seiveu oiueis like this one
J-HC#5 L##.).5-0( 5#.#$8#" +-N/5 -$5.5-0( /57#5 05/+ B-37$ !5->$- R/8#5%+#%( !&#%.;
Bawkei Beechciaft Coipoiation (BBC) touay announceu the sale anu ueliveiy of 12 aiiciaft to the
Sauui Aiabia Piesiuency of Neteoiology anu Enviionment (PNE).
Aiiciaft ueliveiies have taken place thioughout the past yeai anu aie expecteu to concluue by the
enu of the yeai when the iemaining two aiiciaft aie ueliveieu.
"This oiuei is an example of the stiength anu veisatility of oui bioau aiiciaft lineup foi this iegion,"
saiu Bill Boistuie, BBC Chaiiman anu CE0.
"Theie aie numeious BBC piouucts opeiating in the Niuule East, many in special mission ioles such
as that of the PNE. 0ui aiiciaft offei the peifoimance capabilities anu gieatest flexibility neeueu foi
the PNE opeiations."
The oiuei consists of one Bawkei 9uu…P, two Bawkei 4uu…P, one King Aii SSu, two King Aii
B2uuuT anu six King Aii C9uuTi aiiciaft.
The aiiciaft will be useu to suppoit the vaiious ioles of the Sauui Aiabia PNE, which incluues vital
meteoiological activities such as weathei foiecasting anu moueling, anu enviionmental issues
incluuing aii quality assessment anu piotection.
The new aiiciaft special mission instiuments aie being engineeieu anu mouifieu by Weathei
Nouification, Inc. anu the Faigo }et Centei, both locateu in Faigo, N.B. The maintenance seivice of
the PNE aiiciaft will be manageu by BBC Authoiizeu Seivice Centei Aiabian Aiiciaft Seivices Co.
Ltu, also known as ARABASC0.

Taking away the veibal fog: Raytheon solu the equipment foi "vital meteoiological
activities" manufactuieu by a company calleu "Weathei Nouification Inc." to the Sauui
Aiabia Piesiuency of Neteoiology anu Enviionment.
Luckily, things in Sauui Aiabia aie not as classifieu as things in the 0S anu Euiope anu we
uon't neeu a cleaiing befoie we aie alloweu to know the full stoiy, i.e. that

0niteu Aiab Emiiates: Weunesuay, Novembei 18 - 2uu9 at u8:S2, PRESS RELEASE online }nauaiy 2u1S at
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
J-HC#5" 3%7#5&/ +/7$0$.-($/% 0/5 .4/37 "##7$%& +$""$/%" (/ 5#,4#%$") -M3$0#5" $% B-37$

Weathei Nouification, Inc (WNI) has taken ueliveiy of five new Bawkei Beechciaft aiiciaft at theii
facility in Faigo, 0S. Two King Aii 2uuuTs, two Bawkei 4uu…Ps anu one Bawkei 9uu…P weie test
flown anu accepteu by WNI anu will be useu foi aii quality monitoiing, atmospheiic ieseaich anu
clouu seeuing missions in Sauui Aiabia.
With 1u WNI tuibopiop aiiciaft cuiiently in Sauui Aiabia, WNI began this mission in the wintei of
2uu6 in an effoit to ieplenish the iegion's unueigiounu aquifeis anu inciease iainfall in the
"This maiks a significant step of a majoi mission foi us," says WNI piesiuent Pat Sweeney. "We'll
pioviue the Kinguom of Sauui Aiabia with the tools they neeu to peifoim the most auvanceu clouu
seeuing anu atmospheiic ieseaich piojects in the woilu, with the goal of incieasing iainfall in a
countiy that neeus it."
Befoie flying oveiseas to begin the mission, WNI will woik with Faigo }et Centei (F}C) to mouify anu
equip the planes with clouu seeuing equipment anu atmospheiic ieseaich instiuments. F}C is an
aiiciaft maintenance anu avionics iepaii station anu a uesignateu Bawkei Beechciaft Seivice Centei.
As of this past yeai, F}C has completeu moie than Su special mission aiiciaft conveisions.
"It is a testament to oui special mission team anu the piocesses they have in place," says Sweeney.
"It is ceitainly not an easy piocess, but we have an incieuibly talenteu team ietio-fitting these
aiiciaft to make them mission-ieauy foi piojects aiounu the woilu."
The aiiciaft mouification piocess has alieauy begun to make the aiiciaft mission-ieauy by Apiil this
yeai. Without peimanent suiface watei, agiicultuie in Sauui Aiabia is uepenuent on iiiigation fiom
pumpeu giounuwatei. Public anu inuustiial watei neeus aie cuiiently met by expensive
uesalination plants.
Accoiuing to a 0niteu Nations Enviionmental Piogiam Repoit, the piesent iate of giounuwatei
withuiawal fiom the iegion thieatens the Sauui aquifeis, anu with incieaseu uevelopment anu
population giowth, giounuwatei contamination becomes an auuitional concein.
"The situation isn't uiie in Sauui Aiabia, but it ceitainly is seiious anu can't be ignoieu," auus
Sweeney. "Theie aie limits to the capacities of the uesalination plants anu watei pipelines the
countiy has in place."
Atmospheiic watei in the foim of piecipitation is one of the piimaiy souices of fiesh watei in the
woilu. Bowevei, a laige amount of watei piesent in clouus is nevei tians-foimeu into piecipitation
on the giounu piompting scientists anu engineeis to exploie augmenting watei supplies thiough
clouu seeuing. The ability to enhance piecipitation thiough clouu seeuing is highly uepenuent on the
piopeities of the clouus, aeiosols anu the atmospheiic enviionment.
This maiks the thiiu yeai of ieseaich anu clouu seeuing opeiations conuucteu by WNI in Sauui
Aiabia. 0fficials estimate the ieseaich to take anothei thiee to five yeais to collect the necessaiy
uata anu conuuct the exploiatoiy seeuing tiials.
In total, WNI will pioviue 12 new aiiciaft, incluuing pilots anu ciew, which will focus on the entiie
countiy of Sauui Aiabia. WNI expects all 12 to be opeiational by Naich 2u1u.

Fiom Nay 2uu1 - Apiil 2uu6, Raytheon Aiiciaft Company involveu with (Befense & Space
inuustiy), maue iepaiis anu majoi mouifications to the Bawkei Euiopean Aiiciaft Fleet.
This was baseu at Bawaiuen Aiipoit, Chestei.
0nfoitunately it is not known what type of
mouification has been uone. But the inteiest in the Aeiosol topic seem to have occupieu
moie minus at Raytheon.

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
Be company uevelopeu the Raytheon's Aeiosol Polaiimetiy Sensoi, a satellite baseu
system to monitoi aeiosols. 0nfoitunately the launching of the satellite by NASA faileu
maich 2u11.
It might be mentioneu that this was the seconu failuie of a mission to biing aeiosol
measuiement into space. The fiist attempt enueu with the Columbio uisastei 2uuS, that
hau special aeiosol cameias on boaiu as well as the high eneigy lasei weapons to be testeu
foi the Isiael iocket uefense system.
At fiist sight this uoes not look like being inteiconnecteu. When one tiies to finu out who
owns Raytheon one enus up with a long list of wall stieet investment fonus. It is not
unlikely that theie is a lot of }ewish money involveu in these shaies, which paitly coulu
explain the allieu-like coopeiation between Raytheon anu the Isiaeli goveinment, that
even has bee publicly accuseu of cioss-financing Isiaeli goveinmental uuties.
0n its main website Raytheon offeis JK$3%(.): K/#%)./*+L ueliveiing "B*)$=(5)$; M$/+!5).5#

K/#%)./*+L to goveinments,
Foi moie than Su yeais, Raytheon has been successfully ueveloping solutions to suppoit the full
spectium of geospatial opeiations foi its global civil, uefence anu intelligence community customeis.
Scalable anu Auaptive Solutions Fiom stanu-alone giounu stations to compiehensive geospatial
solutions foi entiie nations, Raytheon unueistanus the speeu at which the infoimation technology
enviionment evolves. Raytheon has the uemonstiateu expeiience to establish solutions with the
flexibility to auapt anu expanu, suppoiting an oiganisation's futuie giowth anu iequiiements.
Raytheon is committeu to ueliveiing open solutions, actively seeking out anu engaging inuustiy
paitneis to biing togethei innovative technologies that suppoit a client's evolving iequiiements.
Raytheon's expeiience in managing collaboiative teams anu technology integiation pioviues clients
with the best possible, cost effective outcome anu iemoves the issue of a "Black-box" solution being
ueployeu into theii oiganisation.
ueospatial Infoimation Supeiioiity The Befence ueospatial Stiategy 2u1u outlines the mission foi the
Austialian Befence ueo Bomain as:
J8/ !(/P.;$ ($#$P5*) 5*; )(%+)$; =$/+!5).5# .*0/(&5)./* 5*; +$(P.3$+ )"5) 5($ $5+.#: 533$++.2#$@ +$3%($ 5*;
0.) 0/( !%(!/+$ )/ $*52#$ /!$(5)./*5# $00$3).P$*$++ 0/( ?$0$*3$ 5*; )/ +%!!/() M/P$(*&$*) 5*;
.*)$(*5)./*5# !5()*$(+6L
Raytheon suppoits the ABF geospatial mission thiough a pioven iecoiu of woiking with goveinment
anu inuustiy paitneis to uelivei innovative solutions anu capabilities. Intelligence, When anu Wheie
you neeu It. Biiven by this mission, Raytheon is investing in technologies to achieve geospatial
infoimation supeiioiity.
In this context, the website states the company is explicitly "piouu of a successful long
teim coopeiation with countiies fiom the miuule east". The sense foi language tiiggeis a
few aleits when ieauing this uesciiption fiom Raytheons website. Anu this quality of
language seems to be common to all things that ueal with "Integiateu ueospacial
intelligence solutions"; like the big annual confeiences to this topic, wheie Raytheon is
listeu as one of the main sponsoi, anu wheie the lists of paiticipant ieveal the possible

"ueospatial Technology, commonly known as geomatics, iefeis to technology useu foi visualization, measuiement,
anu analysis of featuies oi phenomena that occui on the eaith."
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
"goveinmental" customeis of the company - "goveinmental" oi of "inteinational
oiganizations", whatevei this might be.
Thinking conseivative, this is about spying. This woulu explain the foggy language. But
evaluating the patent list of technologies fileu by Raytheon one also finus patent that
sounu like belonging to miciowave
- anu scalai weapons
, like uesciibeu by the posting
in chaptei 11.1., that veiy easily can be taigeteu on inuiviuuals, like the miciowave
weapons useu in the seconu Iiaq wai that cieate the feeling of buining by heating the
suiface of the skin.
The geneial impiession is that "pioject cloveileaf" conuucts spiaying unuei the flag of civil
geo-engineeiing while it is offeiing weapon system to goveinments that aie not only pait
of the majoi uefense stiategies but also can be useu to spy on, apply minu contiol anu
eventually kill uissiuents with uiiecteu eneigy weapons utilizing the same aeiosols.
Looking at the biochemical piocesses uiscoveieu with humans exposeu to baiium-
stiontium-titanate, theii integiation of the ciystals into the sensitive places of the neivous
system, wheie tiiggeieu by exteinal fielu liteially eveiy infoimation can be inseiteu into
the bouy-communication, an intentional abuse of the geo-engineeiing substances foi
auvanceu minu contiol is in the iange of technical possibilities anu coulu be iegaiueu as
the coming geneiation of methous that one uay might be useu by the intelligence
community to establish total contiol ovei the population.
This thought woulu also explain the ciiminal eneigy set into the vaccination campaigns by
people like Bill uates (eugenic agenua) anu the WB0 (inteinationalists).
Nonitoiing Raytheon activities in Noiway, Raytheon piouuceu most of the iauai systems
foi the Noiwegian aimy, is into weathei foiecast anu built the flight contiol at the main
Noiwegian aiipoit in 0slo uaiueimoen.

11.4. D|smount|ng the cover story

As the official ieason foi spiaying - not with Sauui Aiabia but with othei countiies -
climate change is uiscusseu as the big thieat that neeus to be faceu. This scientific belief is
an impoitant pait of the psychology uiiving the inteinational geo-engineeiing agenua.
Among scientists it is an open seciet that if one neeus to apply foi ieseaich funuing it is
veiy helpful to au the phiase "unuei the aspect of climate change" to the title of whatevei
ieseaich pioject one wishes to conuuct. This is a sau tiuth because much hope was
investeu in the announcement of the globalists to finally iegaiu natuie as something

U.S. Patent Number 7,498,549, U.S. Patent Number 7,490,538
U.S. Patent Number 7,346,091
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
With the iuea that the main taiget of the oveiall concept is less constiuctive it makes sense
to look at the myth again. The ieseaich to this chaptei took about two uays time, anu is
baseu mainly on establisheu uata fiom pie-climate-change-times anu some basic
unueistanuing of cybeinetics.
Some thing histoiical to stait with: In the beginning of the 19
centuiy the Fiench
physician }ean Baptist }oseph Fouiiei †uiscoveieu" the †uieenhouse effect". Accoiuing to
this theoiy oui eaith shoulu be a pietty colu place. The thesis of Fouiiei is that the
sunbeams pass ielatively unuistuibeu thiough the atmospheie anu heat up the Eaith
suiface, which ieflects them in the infiaieu scale. The heat iauiation uoesn't ieach veiy fai,
because some paiticulai gasses absoib it anu keep the heat in the atmospheie. In the
laboiatoiy the English physicist coulu easily finu out which gases weie iesponsible foi the
effects: it was caibon uioxiue anu watei vapoi. This was the state of the ait as uiscoveieu
in the miuule of the 19th centuiy. Latei also methane was auueu to the list. In 19SS the
Austiian chemist Bans Suess suspecteu that the combustion of fossil fuels coulu have an
effect on the climate. Since 19S8 the C02-concentiation in the atmospheie is measuieu
iegulaily anu inueeu it iises continuously. Buiing the oil ciisis in the 7us this thesis giew
populai aftei anothei Biitish ieseaichei hau foimulateu a similai speculation.

At that time Naigeiet Tatchei hau to fight on many fionts; against the national coal mining
tiaue unions anu against the 0PEC caitel. Bei alteinative was nucleai powei. Against this
backgiounu she happily welcomeu any aigument. At the same time the hippie movement
was happy about any goou ieason foi theii call †back to natuie". Against the vaiious lobby
gioups that eaineu anu still eain on the oil maiket neithei Thatchei noi the Bippies coulu
auvance anu so the enviionmental impiovements within the oil inuustiy weie just
uwelling foi quaitei of a centuiy in uaikness. The biake thiough came 2uu6 with Al uoie's
movie: †the inconvenient tiuth". Evei since a tiue hysteiia has invaueu the meuia, so that
eveiy scenaiio has to ovei scoie the pievious in hoiioi. The scientific institutes celebiate
ieseaich funus in excess, useu to give eviuence to conclusions that aie alieauy known a
piioii: Climate change is man maue„ Except of auuitional money making by new taxes still
this uoesn't entail any extensive actions.

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

Foitunately theie aie people that see in eveiy woiu of the leauing authoiities a scam. †The
inconvenient tiuth" was followeu by a movie woith seeing, calleu †The uieat Climate
Swinule" which scoieu uownloauing iecoius. Coie statement: The ulobal tempeiatuie
follows the activity of the sunspots. The incieaseu C02 follows this phenomenon Suu - 8uu
yeais latei as a iesult of the uelayeu waiming of the oceans, which can stoie less C02 when
they have a highei watei tempeiatuie.

Cybeinetic is the science of the complex anu ie-geneiative non-lineai systems anu theii
iegulatoiy ciicuits: it is veiy helpful to unueistanu the climate. The climate ielies on outei
influences as well as innei ihythms. The significant outei influences aie the sun anu the
geneial intensity of the cosmic iauiation. The sun is sometimes veiy active, sometimes less
active. The inuicatoi foi that is the ciicuit of the sunspot activities. An active sun piotects
the eaith with its ionic winus fiom the cosmic iauiation. But also the basic maintenance of
the cosmic iauiation vaiies accoiuing to the position of the eaith in the milkyway. In case
of a stiong iauiation it comes to a stiong clouuing hence to the stiongei ionization of the
aii in the highei atmospheie. It gets coluei neai to the giounu.

All othei factois aie uue to innei
ihythms. Anu theie aie many of
them. You can gioup these innei
ihythms in two categoiies:
stabilizing anu uestabilizing
ihythms. Beie comes a list with the
most impoitant mechanisms:
If tempeiatuie iises, moie watei of
the oceans evapoiates, moie
clouuing appeais, moie iain is
falling on the continents, moie
cooling is taking place by
evapoiation, hence tempeiatuie
uecieases. By evapoiating fiom
soils anu foiests, this watei can
foim clouus anu iain a seconu anu
thiiu time befoie the watei is
flowing back into the oceans. This
is the fiist anu most impoitant
stabilizing contiol ciicuit.

The seconu veiy impoitant contiol ciicuit conceins vegetation. A waimei climate favois
the giowth of light gieen plants in natuie so that moie light is ieflecteu fiom the
vegetation covei; it becomes coluei. When it becomes coluei then uaik gieen plants
uominates the vegetation so that moie light is absoibeu hence the tempeiatuie of the
suiface incieases. This iegulaiatoiy contiol ciicuit functions with a closeu vegetation
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
covei. If this ciicuit is oveiexciteu by heat then it comes to ueseitification with the abiupt
incieasing of the suiface tempeiatuie.

0thei iegulation contiol ciicuits aie uestabilizing, when it gets waimei the ice is melting
on the poles so that moie uaik iocks anu moie ocean suiface is exposeu to the sun so that
it becomes even waimei.

Fiistly it is eviuent that the stabilizing iegulatoiy contiol ciicuits uominateu the piocesses
in the past otheiwise the climate woulu have taken its jouiney to anothei stable point on
the tempeiatuie scale long time ago. That is in the natuie of each anu eveiy system: anu in
eveiy self-oiganizeu anu non-lineai system exists a stable oiuei. 0ccasionally a change in
the oiuei takes place implying the abiupt aujustment of its points of stability. Buiing this
change of oiuei the system iuns thiough a chaotic phase. Foi example the amount of
stabilizing points between which the eaith tempeiatuie was oscillating uuiing its histoiy
aie known: theie aie exactly two. The coluei point lies at aveiage tempeiatuie 12 uegiees
Celsius, the waimei one lies at 22 uegiees. As we can see; we aie now in a colu peiiou. As
we can also see in the following uiagiam, the concentiation of C02 lookeu upon uuiing the
geological eia's has baiely any influence on these ciicles.

Still theie aie countless possibilities to shake the system uesciibeu above, so that the
stabilizing points aie moveu by some uegiees Celsius. It is possible to pollute the
atmospheie with exhaust gasses, especially caibon black, which uaikens the eaith: ulobal
cooling. Neveitheless it is always about a consiueiably small movement of the stable point,
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
which is minoi in compaiison to the effect of the geneial iauiation on the fiist iank anu the
sun activity on the seconu iank.

Inueeu we can weaken the stabilizing iegulatoiy contiol ciicuits by the cancellation of the
mechanisms that it is baseu on. Theie is a ieal uangei in this. If we cultivate monocultuies
with uaik leaves in waim aieas oi we ieuuce the humus concentiation in the soil as the
inuustiial agiicultuie is uoing it, then the iainwatei uiains away anu flows back as
giounuwatei to the oceans insteau of evapoiating anu foiming iain again, cooling anu
wateiing the eaith on its way. That coulu possibly cause an immense heating because we
inteiiupteu the stabilizing mechanism, which allows the uestabilizing iegulai contiol
ciicuits to take ovei anu to uominate the piocess. 0f couise we can be so stupiu anu let
whole aieas of the planet become ueseits.

Let us now expiess the whole situation in numbeis: In the iainfoiests neaily 1uu%
piecipitation evapoiates; one pait alieauy on the leaves, the iest is absoibeu by the soil,
stoieu anu thiough the ioots senu back up. In the ueseit as well as on the fielus aftei 4u
yeais of agiicultuie, the concentiation of humus in the soil is ieuuceu so much that up to
9u% of the watei uiains oi flows off.

The measuieu waiming of the eaith - so to speak the eaith waiming that conceins us - is
fiist of all the measuieu suiface tempeiatuie on the continents. The most significant factoi
in this is the watei balance. So if we shoulu take caie of anything then that woulu be the
soil anu the vegetation. The seconu impoitant one goes via the atmospheiic tension: plants
uischaige atmospheiic tension by uischaiging atmospheiic anu innei eaith longituuinal
fielus into scalai fielus, anu this uischaige anu haimonization between eaith anu sky is
essential foi the geneiation of clouus. So - if we shoulu take caie of anything then that
woulu be the soil anu the vegetation.

The official stoiy seems to be a covei stoiy, to foice the tiaue of climate ceitificates, to
justify lanu iobbeiy by companies in the thiiu woilu, anu to push the geo-engineeiing
agenua foiwaiu.

Actually, theie is nothing goou about it - that shoulu stop us fiom uiopping he myth as

V[E 9/%.43"$/%
To stop a pioject of the size "pioject cloveileaf" looks like is something veiy unlikely to
achieve. Too many people aie involveu, aie in uuty, like the chaiis they sit on, feel
comfoitable with theii peisonal impoitance.

Aumitting something went wiong while the minu was hoveiing aiounu stai wais, national
secuiity anu othei impoitant stuff is something that neeus gieat spiiits. Actually the only
way to make that miiacle happen is to laugh, to step asiue, to cancel oi change the concept
in an Alexis Soibas like way. It is sau to be in the position to say that it ieally neeus a
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12
miiacle to stop that tiain. Bowevei, who uoes not believe in miiacles is not a iealist.

Auuitionally, theie is one goou ieason between the many wiong ones to get involveu in
aeiosol spiaying - the feai that the coming big 2uu yeai cycle in sun spot activity will biing
about solai flaies that coulu uestioy eveiy tiansfoimei station on the noithein
hemispheie, leaving all the nucleai powei stations nakeu, without giiu, without anything
to take up theii electiicity, possibly also without cooling if uiiectly hit by a flaie.

Aitificial plasma shielus woulu piotect us fiom this scenaiio to a ceitain extenu. Still the
question iemains if we shoulu auopt oui technologies to the planet we live on oi if we
shoulu auopt the planet to oui technologies. Peisonally we piefei the fiist solution.

Back to the biology with a summaiy of oui finuings: The optical anu electiic piopeities
that make (Ba, Six) Ti0S so useful in technical applications woulu likely iemain intact when
absoibeu by plants anu mamals. The nano-ciystal is not easily uissolvable, its small size
enables it to entei into the plant thiough the leaves oi ioots as whole nano-ciystals. Bue to
the low solubility it will accumulate in the soils anu bio-accumulate in the foou chain.

Russian ieseaich of the 6us has shown that plants tiiggei cell giowth with ultia weak light
emissions at 26unm. This lays within the fiequency iange wheie (Ba, Six) Ti0S is known to
absoib close to 9u% of all light.

The main hypothesis of this papei is that (Ba, Six) Ti0S absoibs the light emitteu in plants
anu by uoing so stops cell uivision. Auuitionally, teiiestiial ENv iauiation tiiggeiing the
ciystal coulu altei the cell potential anu thus uis-balance the plants immune system. To
veiify this theoiy of (Ba, Six) Ti0S 's inheient plant giowth inhibition qualities, contiolleu
expeiiments neeu to be peifoimeu.

Auuitionally the same ciystals attach to the ieceptoi cell of the neivous system of
mammals cieating a seiial inteiface foi eithei minu contiol oi foi a totally chaotic impact
of technical fiequencies.

Baseu on iain samples, an annual ielease of baiium aeiosols into the atmospheie foi 2u12
can be estimateu to 2u27 tons on ueiman teiiitoiy only. Baseu on chemical analysis of one
single Noiwegian meauow that showeu all symptoms of ietaiueu plant giowth the lethal
uoses can be estimateu to S7 g¡kg uiieu oiganic mattei, assuming that the uesciibeu
mechanism is the sole factoi. Compaieu to this value, the total amount spiayeu in ueimany
pei yeai alieauy woulu exceeu what is neeueu to stop plant giowth in giass by the factoi
12.S. Thus ueposits in the giounu might alieauy be ueauly foi peiennial plants, which will
continue to accumulate paiticles in theii tissue in the following yeais - no mattei if
spiaying will be continueu oi stoppeu.

Auuitionally, the miniatuie size of paiticles makes them stay in the atmospheie up to 18
months. This means that if mateiial alieauy is spiayeu into the atmospheie, it will
continue to fall uown anu inciease levels in giounu anu plants foi anothei 18 months.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

Laige-scale piogiams will have laige-scale impact. We all neeu to live of haivest fiom oui
lanu anu oceans.

The huge piessuie on politicians anu scientist to solve the global waiming coulu easily
open the way foi uespeiate acts, like implementing piogiams befoie they aie fully
ieseaicheu iegaiuing theii possible negative consequences. The official uata fiom
ueimany inuicates that laige scale aeiosol ielease is alieauy taking place.

We have not founu publisheu expeiiments establishing safety of uistiibuting patenteu
nano-paiticles into oui biospheie. Since natuie functions as a unit, bieaking one pait of the
'chain' will affect the iest. Becision makeis neeu to beai this in minu anu incluue ieseaich
on the effect on plants, miciobes, insects, maiine-life, biius, animals anu humans.

Laige-scale piogiams like officially piojecteu will have even laigei-scale impact. We all
neeu to live of haivest fiom oui lanu anu oceans.

The possible consequences of global waiming with heavy stoims, floous, uiought anu
ocean acquiiing lanu, imply laige challenges anu auaptation skills. But which human being
can caiiy the iesponsibility to launch piogiams in uoulike scale intenuing to covei the
entiie globe with a nano-shielu, with a constant uiop out towaiu the eaith anu oceans,
without uou-given all encompassing knowleuge.

As we coulu show, it is theoietically not unlikely that (Ba, Six) Ti0S inhibits oi stops plant
giowth when a ceitain concentiation is ieacheu. Shoulu this happen in laige scale, uou
foibiu, global waiming woulu seem like a minoi pioblem.

As a ieaction on the fiist uiaft of this papei, a peison within the Council of Foieign
Relations unofficially confiimeu a "numbei of minoi ieseaich piogiams conuucteu". Also, a
high 0S-Aimy employee ielateu to the publication as impoitant infoimation on baiium-
stiontium-titanate as an aeiosol in use. In the face of the uispute about the existence oi
non-existence of conuucteu geo-engineeiing we appieciate the openness of these people
anu thank them foi the will to take oui conceins into consiueiation.
We uige those in chaige oi those in a position to biing foiwaiu this infoimation to the
iight peisons to uo so. The necessaiy expeiiments neeu to be uone in time. We also uige
those in powei not to ielease (Ba, Six) Ti0S nano-ciystal noi othei nano-paiticles with
special optical oi electiomagnetic qualities into the atmospheie unless safety foi oui
livelihoou is secuiely confiimeu.
0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

0PEN NINB Confeience 0slo, 0ct. 2u12

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