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Published by: GallowayTwpNews on Apr 20, 2014
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New Jersey Senate P.O. Box 099 Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0099 New Jersey General Assembly P.O. Box 098 Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0098

April 17, 2014
RE: NJ Turnpike Authority Improvement Study; Garden State Parkway Exit 40-Route 30 Connector

Dear Mayor Purdy and Council Members: As you may recall, last year our Delegation requested that the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) conduct an improvement study regarding the establishment of a full interchange at Garden State Parkway Exit 40-Route 30 Connector. Our request was prompted by comments made by Council members as well as local residents who supported the establishment of a full interchange as a catalyst for economic development and stability along the Route 30 corridor. Equally important, support for a full interchange was based on local infrastructure and safety concerns for the area, including the enhancement of local evacuation routes. Please be advised that the Authority has completed the improvement study. For your review and consideration, attached with this communication are several documents, including an overview of the study that provides a background on the Authority’s efforts dating back to 2005. Also attached are maps of alternatives to a full interchange that the Authority included as part of the study that provide analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. In service to our mutual constituents living in Galloway, we have posted the Turnpike’s documentation of the study on our official State Legislative website (http://district9.senatenj.com/). Further, our Delegation will be apprising those Galloway residents in our constituent database of the study’s completion and how they can access the information. Thank you, in advance, for the opportunity to provide this important update. As always, we look forward to working jointly with you in service to our mutual constituents, the good people of Galloway Township. Sincerely,

CHRISTOPHER J. CONNORS Senator – 9th District

BRIAN E. RUMPF Assemblyman – 9th District w/Attachments Cc: Dennis Levinson, Atlantic County Executive Frank Formica, Atlantic County Freeholder Board Chairman John W. Risley, Atlantic County Freeholder, Vice-Chairman Colin G. Bell, Atlantic County Freeholder, James A. Bertino, Atlantic County Freeholder Ernest D. Coursey, Atlantic County Freeholder Richard Dase, Atlantic County Freeholder Alexander C. Marino, Atlantic County Freeholder Will Pauls, Atlantic County Freeholder Frank Sutton, Atlantic County Freeholder

DIANNE C. GOVE Assemblywoman – 9th District

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