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Homage to Ra (Ani)

Homage to Ra (Ani)

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Published by Stephen Murtaugh
Hymn extracted from the Book of the Dead
Hymn extracted from the Book of the Dead

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Published by: Stephen Murtaugh on Apr 21, 2014
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Adoration of Re when He rises in the Eastern Horizon of Heaven, by the Osiris scribe of the Holy Offerings, Ani.

He says : "Homage to Yo , who are come as !he"ri, !he"ri who is the #reator of the $ods. Yo rise and shine, ma%ing &all' bright on the bac% of yo r (other &the s%y', having a""eared in glory as !ing of the $ods. )ith Her own hands (other * t "erforms the "o ring of the libation for Yo . +he mo ntains of (an receive Yo in "eace, &and' (aat embraces Yo at all seasons. (ay Yo give s"lendo r and "ower in vindication, ,and a coming o t as a living so l to see Hor s of the -o ble Horizon, to the !a of the Osiris scribe Ani, tr e of voice before Osiris." He says : "O all Yo $ods of the Ho se of the .o l, )eighers of Heaven and Earth in the /alance,

givers of food and s stenance 0 &O' +atenen, 1ni2 e One, #reator of H manity 3 &O' .o thern, *orthern, )estern, and Eastern Enneads, give "raise to Re, 4ord of Heaven, the .overeign, ,4ive, .trength, Health, #reator of the $ods 3 Adore Him in his /ea tif l 5mage, when He ascends in the /ar% of the (orning. (ay those above worshi" Yo , may those below worshi" Yo 3 +hoth and (aat are yo r recorders every day 3 Yo r ser"ent,foe has been given over to the fire and the rebel,ser"ent is fallen, his arms are bo nd, Re has ta%en away his movements, and as for the sons of im"otent revolt, they have no being. +he Ho se of the 6rince is in 7estival, the voice of those re8oicing is in the $reat 6lace. +he $ods re8oice when they see Re when He ascends, His rays flood the lands. +he (a8esty of this noble $od "roceeds, He has entered the land of (an . His birth brightens dawn every day 0 He has arrived at His "lace of

yesterday. (ay Yo be satisfied with me 0 may 5 see yo r bea ties, may 5 advance "on the Earth. (ay 5 smite the ass 3 (ay 5 drive of the rebel,ser"ent 3 (ay 5 destroy A"e" at his moment 3 (ay 5 see the Abd8 ,fish at his time of a""earance, and the 5net,fish when it a""ears, and the 5net,boat in its "ool. (ay 5 see Hor s as helmsman, with +hoth and (aat at His two sides. (ay 5 ta%en hold of the "row of the /ar% of Evening, and the stern of the /ar% of (orning. (ay He grant me to see the -is% of the . n, and grant me the sight of the (oon,god nceasingly, every day. (ay my so l come forth to wal% to every "lace it "leases. (ay my name be "roclaimed when fo nd "on the board of offerings 0 may my food offerings be given in my "resence li%e &to' the 7ollowers of Hor s. (ay a seat be made for me in the .olar bar%

on the day when the $od ferries across. (ay 5 be received in the "resence of Osiris in the 4and of 9indication." +o the !a of Osiris Ani.

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