APRIL 21, 2014

NR # 3443B

Congress to dig into NAIA management or mismanagement
Why was the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) dubbed as the worst airport in the world? This label moved Rep. Sherwin T. at!halian (" st #istri!t$ %alen&uela 'ity) to initiate a !on(ressional inquiry and help !ome up with appropriate steps to erase su!h an appallin( (lobal ima(e. at!halian is author o) *ouse Resolution +,+$ -inquirin( into the mismana(ement in the administration and operations o) the NAIA vis./.vis the label as the worst airport in the world and ur(in( the #epartment o) Transportation and 'ommuni!ation (#0T') and the #epartment o) Tourism (#0T) to institute measures to erase NAIA1s disturbin( label2. -The NAIA has on!e a(ain been ran3ed as the 4Worst Airport in the World1 by the Travel Website 4A uide to Sleepin( in Airports1 in its 5,"6 online votin( poll survey$2 the author states in his resolution. The !riteria )or the airport review has been based on !om)ort$ !onvenien!e$ !leanliness and !ustomer servi!e$ whi!h Terminal "$ the !ountry1s main (ateway$ was )ound to be la!3in( in$ he added. The lawma3er also re!alled that the -over three.de!ade.old stru!ture has earned the distin!tion as the world1s most notorious airport by traveller1s votes in the year 5,",$ and then a(ain landed in the topmost !ate(ory o) the worst in the years 5,"" and 5,"52. at!halian noted 7ala!a8an(1s previous pronoun!ements that -these !on!erns are already bein( addressed but$ until these days$ problems o) an old and !on(ested terminal$ the same !omplaints o) bribery$ la!3 o) !om)ortable seats$ rude sta)) and poor )a!ilities hound us and !ontinue to be a !hallen(e )or the (overnment.2 -Ne(ative assessments that tend to overshadow the beauty and world !lass tourist destinations in the !ountry should be !are)ully reviewed and addressed to provide solutions$2 the author said. at!halian insists that there is a need )or 'on(ress to review and be provided with an update on the 9".":.billion bud(et approved by the (overnment thru the #0T' on November 5,""$ intended to revive Airport Terminal " as a world.!lass transport )a!ility. (6,) dpt

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