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Gregory J. Baracy, Ed.D. Supeintendent

Christina Kujawa
D i re ct o r P re - S c hool

I was lucky enough to work with Kristen Beyer during her Early Childhood student teaching. Her cooperating teacher and I shared a classroom, due to our part-time teaching positions. Sharing a classroom with another teacher can be a unique challenge and Kristen made it appear easy, largely due to her communication skills. Kristen regularly communicated her plans for the classroom with me. She would tell me items she wanted to add to the classroom as well as any displays for the classroom and she would ask if it was something I would use or not. Kristen was also willing to discuss lesson plans with me to see if there were any commonalities that would allow for shared classroom materials or manipulatives, such as taping a large outline of a mitten on the carpet when reading The Mitten by Jane Brett.
Besides just working with Kristen by sharing a classroom, I also had the privilege of working with her in my classroom. Due to snow days, Kristen stayed with me one day a


week to make-up missed time. Staying in my Head Start classroom was a change for Kristen because her cooperating teacher was a Great Start Readiness teacher. Working in two different programs gave Kristen a chance to learn first-hand the similarities and differences of the programs. She was able to learn a lot just by being in the different classes but what she was unable to learn through her experiences she learned through asking questions.

During her time in my classroom, I was able to witness Kristen's teaching abilities. When it came to working in a class, Kristen never shied away from a task, she jumped in wherever needed. She was more than willing to help set-up and clean-up activities as well as general set-up and clean-up of the classroom. Kristen was always more than willing to work with all the children in the class. She would get down to the children's level and would sit with them to complete a task or talk with them about their interests. Kristen especially did a great job working with children who exhibited challenging behaviors. She would again get on their level and would talk with them about the behavior and redirect them whenever necessary.

I highly recommend Kristen for a teaching position. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic will help her fit into any work environment. Her incredible teaching skills will make her a great asset to your building.

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