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Published by: anish_10677953 on Apr 21, 2014
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SAHAJ ACADEMY Annual Exam-2014 Class-V Time : 2-30 Hrs Subject-Math Not-Attempt all the question

:Q-1-Write the following as decimal: (a)15% (b) 24% (c)55% (d) 58% (g) 75% (h) 82% (i) 97% (j) 50% (e) 65% (f) 70%

M.M.60 10

Q-2-Find the value of: (a)20% OF 600 (e) 60% of 700 (i) 97% of 400 (b) 25% of 500 (f) 65% of 1000 (j) 97% of 500 (c)40% of 800 (g) 87% of 800 (j) 75% of 360 (d) 50% of 650 (h) 93% of 400


Q-3- A train can cover the distance of 730.99km in 13 hours. How Much distance can it cover in 1 hour? 4 Q-4- The cost of 25 Caps Rs. 138.50. Find the cost of 1 Cap? Q-5-Make the following line Segments? (a) XY=5cm (e) ST=7cm (b) LM=8cm (f) CD=8.5cm 10 (c)What is Right Angle (c) PQ=4cm (d) AB=6.5cm 4 6

Q-6-Write answer the following question: (a)What is angle. (b) How Many type of angle. (d) What is Obtuse Angle.

(e) What is Straight Angle. 3 3 3 (d) 1.2cm (e) 10.2cm 3

Q-7- How Many Types of triangle According to Angle ? Q-8-What is Equilateral triangle ? Q-9-Find the diameter of the Circle having Radius: (a) 4cm (b) 14.8cm (c) 15cm

Q-10-Find the Radius of the circle having diameter : (a) 8 (b) 16 (c) 24 (d) 40 (e) 60

Q-11-Draw a line Segment PQ and Construct on angle of 600 ?


Time: 2-30 Hrs Not-Attempt all the question: SAHAJ ACADEMY Annual Exam-2014 Class-IV Subject-Computer M.M.60 Q-1-What is known as the brain of the Computer? Q-2-What is the Full Form of CPU? Q-3-Which device is used by a computer to display graphics and information on a video screen? Q-4.Which device of the computer system helps us to hear music? Q-5-Which device is used to print tax and images on paper? Q-6-We use this command to save file: (a) File (b) File save (c) File New (d) File Close Q-7-What is e-mail? Q-8-Expanded the following: (a) CPU (b) CC (c) BCC Q-9.What is word Processing? Q-10-Write any three websites Name? .

Time: 2-30 Hrs SAHAJ ACADEMY Annual Exam-2014 Class-VI Subject-SOCIAL SCIENCE SECTION-A GEOGRAPHY M.M.60 Not-Attempt all the question: Q-1-What is Ecosystem ? Q2-What are the three layers of the earth ? Q3-What are exogenic and endogenic forces ? Q4-Match the following: (1)Trade Wind (2)Loo (3)Mansoon (4) Wind (a) Seasonal Wind (b)Hirizontal Movement of Air (c)Permanent Wind (d) Local Wind SECTION-B HISTORY Q1-Who Was Amir Khusrou ? Q2-What Were the New dynasties by the 17th centaury ? Q3-What do you know about Mohammed Gajni ? Q4-MACT THE FOLLOWING: (1)Gurjar Pratihar (2)Rashtra Kutas (3) Palas (4)Cholas (a)Western Decan (b)Bengal (c) Gujrat & Rajsthan (d)Tamil Nadu SECTION : C CIVICS Q1-What do you mean by constitution? Q2-What is the role of Government? Q3-What do you know about Private and Public Health Services? Q4-Who makes chief minister and how? .

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