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President Seizes Control

Rachel Nowicki New York City

December 18, 2054

President McDowell seizes control of the United States using emergency powers, Martial Law has begun.

New York City

Today, December 18th, the government crackdown has begun. Two days ago, President McDowell gave authorization to state militias around the country to invade all major cities, confiscate all weapons, and take military control. Yesterday morning, the state militias carried out those orders and invaded all the major cities in the United States. Starting with Washington D.C, it was almost like a domino effect as they hit Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, and continued around the country, finally ending with New York City last night. It has been a very long time since the American people have seen the government take any kind of action to calm down the unrest in the United States. Since the worsening of pollution and the return of Chronic Chromo this past June, the riots and civil disobedience has only continued. This seems to be the solution the government thought was the only way to stop the riots. Taking todays events into account, it seems as though our government is right. So far today, there have been no riots, no civil unrest, absolutely no law breaking at all.

Our country is in a state of unrest. The riots have been worse than anything I ever imagined. We have been working for weeks to make this change in law happen. Weapons have been confiscated, a curfew has been put into place, state militia has taken post at all major cities. Do what you are told, keep yourselves isolated from the disease, and hopefully our country will eventually return to its former state. President McDowell

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President McDowell speaks to a crowd.

First off, he says, We as a nation need to work together to keep the violence out of our streets. To help with this, the government has created a new group called the Anti-Civil Violence Advocacy Group, or the ACVAG. . It employs average American citizens, volunteers, to assist state and federal militia with many things; for example, there will be a weekly search for any and all weapons. Names of known rebels have been released to the public to keep everyone in check. These rebels are being especially watched, due to increased suspicion that the riots are not over. The government just wants to keep everyone in our country safe. Safe from Chronic Chromo. Safe from pollution. Safe from violence. And, most importantly it seems, safe from ourselves. The curfew is set to keep American citizens protected. The ACVAG is used to keep American citizens both accountable and feeling safe. For now, the United States has become SC World. Our population has depleted. Chronic Chromo has taken over so many bodies and tainted resources. The government has cracked down, martial law is the new law of the land. There are no more riots. It is a new era.
President McDowell released a plan this afternoon for how he is going to keep control of the United States. First of all, the United States as we know it is now starting to be called SC World. Reasons for which are not yet known. President McDowells plan speaks to a few different points on how to keep the country in check.

Will it ever return to its normal state?

Will it return to its normal state? Can a country ever come back from martial law, curfews, and suspensions of constitutional rights? There is no way to know. What are the new rules and regulations under the new type of government? 1. 2. Curfew for anyone under the age of 18 is 10 pm. Curfew for anyone over the age of 21 is 12 pm. 3. Anyone found infected with Chronic Chromo will be sent to the quarantine center nearest to their city. All weapons are prohibited. Anybody found with a weapon or breaking curfew will be punished accordingly. Those are just the rules of right now. Under emergency powers of the constitution, at this point the President can pretty much do whatever he wants, and because of the new regulations, there is nothing the people can really do about it. At this point, the only thing American citizens can do is follow the rules and hope for the best.

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