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Within the Literacy Reform, team leaders are designed to look at data, teaching practices, and expectations at every grade level. The Literacy Coach will manage the reform process. He/She will work with all teaching staff, to collect student data and individual instructional modifications to better meet each students needs. He/She will orchestrate day to day activities of the reform effort, along with coordinating collaboration, ownership, professional development, and instructional modeling of a successful reading program tailored to individual students. Teachers will share the vision, commitment, and ownership of this large change process. Teachers will have an engaged effective role to produce positive changes in students reading Administration will work together will all staff as a leader of the process of change. Workshops and study groups will be provided time and resources to learn about and discuss important elements of a successful and sustainable school wide Literacy Reform.


*High quality classroom instruction *Scientifically-based literacy research *Understanding learners needs *Early implementation and progress monitoring of interventions *Professional development for Staff on RTI *Provide parents with information on RTI Ongoing Student Assessments *Progress Monitoring *Data-based Decision making *Includes Tiers 1, 2, and 3 in the action plan. COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS
Sunny Side will be implementing CCSS starting in the fall of 2014. CCSS encourages critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, real-world application, and self directed learning. CCSS is a mandate by the state of Michigan and introduces rigor and complex tasks with real world im-

RTI is a systematic problem-solving process designed to allow teachers to allow earlier identification of students individual difficulties, provide data-based methods for evaluating instructional approaches, and provide students with a level of instructional intensity which is matched to the



Community involvement is a crucial piece of the Sunny Side Literacy Reform. We would like to introduce the community to Sunny Side by having every classroom adopted by either a community organization or business.

Monthly meetings are being provided to parents beginning in August from 5:306:30 every third Tuesday of the month. Community members are also welcome and encouraged to attend. The more information Sunny Side can provide to the community, the more both can engage in positive experience for our young students. At Sunny Side we know and research has proven that schools with greater community support thrive. As the old African proverb says, IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD. In order for Sunny Side to engage each and every student, a successful school transformation can emerge into: *Community/business/school partnerships *Curriculum connected to real world experiences *Cross generational learning *Locals designing solutions to local problems *Parental collaborations encouraged by businesses We must share our dreams for enhanced community-school based partnerships. We offer and open invitation to all businesses, organizations, and individual volunteers to share their expertise, skills, and time to make a difference in our students lives.


MAY 2014

What does this mean?

We would like your members to help us out with instituting our Literacy Reform. By adopting a classroom, your organization can provide opportunities to have members come into the classroom to help the teacher and staff in a variety of ways. *Read to the classroom *Listen to individual students read *Read to individual students whom do not get that opportunity at home *Work with the public library to provide after school literature opportunities *Provide resources for parents which can be distributed from our resource room *Help our students become aware of our community and its people *Help the community understand the opportunities within the school to volunteer *Provide opportunities for the students to go into the community *Provide resources to the classroom for reading materials. *Provide members with experiences with our students

Community members welcome to Sunnyside Elementary. Starting this Spring and continuing forward Sunny Side is putting into place LITERACY REFORM for all classrooms. Information on Literacy Reform will be updated on the schools website www.ed573groupproject.weebly. com/response-to-intervention.html and a Community newsletter will be distributed each quarter. Literacy Reform will be mandated and put into place in every classroom in the Fall of 2014. We have developed a Literacy Team where we look at effective instructional strategies to enhance and motivate every students reading abilities. The new Action Plan will help us accomplish our goal of Literacy Education Reform.