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Instructor: David G. Estes Subject Area: Education of Science Grade: 2nd Course: EDUC.

201 Foundations of Education Topic: Lesson Plan for the Life Cycle of Butterflies. Goals: The goal of this lesson plan is for the students to learn the 4 cycles of the butterflies. Students will learn the importance of butterflies with the environment and humans. This will also practice critical thinking, creativity, and motor skills. Idaho Core Teacher Standards: Principle 2: The teacher understands how students learn and Knowledge of Human develop, and provides opportunities that support their Development and intellectual, social, and personal development. Learning Principle 4: ultiple !nstructional "trategies Principle ': !nstructional Planning "%ills The teacher understands and uses a variet# of instructional strategies to develop students$ critical thin%ing, pro&lem solving, and performance s%ills The teacher plans and prepares instruction &ased on %nowledge of su&(ect matter, students, the communit#, and curriculum goals.

Boise School District Common Core Curriculum for Second Grade Science Page 10 ulum/2nd%20Grade/2_science.pdf?sessionid=21a746af624978880001727bcbef74a1 Materials: o PowerPoint. o Smartboard to do PowerPoint o Exercise Activity/Handout o Pen/Pencil. o Crayon/Color Markers o Scissors o Fasteners Input: o Read and become familiarized with PowerPoint presentation. o Become familiarized with the information in the references, in the PowerPoint. o )se PowerPoint that is provided. !t provides a logical and s#stematic method of teaching and learning the Life *#cle of The +utterflies.

Objectives: (10-15 minutes) o Students will be able to define/Identify each cycle of the 4 stages of the cycles of the butterfly. o Students will be able to define/understand each purpose of the 4 stages of the cycles of the butterfly. o Using the exercise/activity handout, students will create a Butterfly Life Cycle. Anticipatory Set: (5-7 minutes) o Discuss with students the importance of butterflies with the environment. o Discuss with students how butterflies benefits humans.

Exercise/Class Activity: (10-15 minutes) o Create a Butterfly Life Cycle with the exercise/handout o Have students draw the events of each stage of the butterfly in appropriate section on the Butterfly Life Cycle. o Have students color each section of the Butterfly Life Cycle wheel. o Have students cut out Butterfly Life Cycle wheels. o Have students cut the triangle out of the title cover wheel. o Have students use the fastener to attach the two wheels together in the center of the wheels. Title wheel on top of the life cycle stage wheel. Closure/Review: (5-7 minutes) o Share with class, results of class activities. o Summary of Goals and Anticipatory Sets.