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THEME: 3- Brunei’s relation with the Outside World LENGTH OF LESSON: 4 class periods


UNIT: 3.2 – The coming of the British in the 17th century SUB-TOPIC:
to 18th century
• An Agreement between Brunei and the British.
• Brunei in the 18th Century.

Students will be able to:

1. Describe significant events occurred between Brunei-British relations in the 17th to the 18th century.
2. Analyze the important events or facts on Thomas Forrest’s report about Brunei.

Activity 1: Agreement between Brunei and the British • Computers with Internet access.
(2 Periods) • Writing materials (pens, paper, or computers)

• Students will work in groups (4 – 5 students). • Textbooks

• Teacher distributes guidelines to each group.

• Develop the posters on time line from 1773 to
• They will use the internet to search for extra
information such as the picture of Alexander
• Each group will then compile their findings and
Activity 1:
then create a poster.
Biography and picture of Alexander Dalrymple
• Groups will create their design creatively (which
will be an extra mark) and may include maps or • (
sketches, pictures and any other related m)
• Final Tasks: they will share their findings and
products to their classmates. Two
The Chinese Junk


Chinese junks have been used for over 4,000 years. Their
shape is special because the people of Ancient China needed a boat that could sail on
rivers and canals as well as on the open sea. It is about 300 feet. The sails are made of
canvas with bamboo poles. The sails can be raised and lowered like window blinds.
Pulau Chermin - view from the River

Pulau Chermin - view from the sea

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