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THEME 4: Threats and Responses LENGTH OF LESSON: 3 periods

UNIT : 4.1 ( The Loss of Brunei SUB-TOPIC: James Brooke as Raja of
Territories) Sarawak and British Attack on Brunei 1846
At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
a) state the reasons why James Brooke was interested in Sarawak
b) explain briefly how James Brooke became the Raja of Sarawak
c) describe when and the reasons why British attack Brunei.
d) list down the 3 terms of the 1846 treaty.
Set Induction: Review the previous lesson (The Province • Cards
of Sarawak). Then introduce the new sub-topic. • Picture of James
Brooke and Map of
Lesson Development: Sarawak
• Teacher show the picture of James Brooke to
• Teacher explains the reasons why James Brooke
came to Sarawak. (show the map of Sarawak)
• Teacher then explains the conflicts in Brunei.
• Teacher asks questions to check students’
• Teacher further explains why the British interfere.
• Teacher explains about the 3 terms of the 1846
treaty and its effect.
• For students’ activity, students are divided into 4
groups. Their task is to discuss among their group
about the words given in the card. One student
from each group will share their findings in front
of the class.

Closure: Teacher use the brainstorming method and

concept map to summarize the lesson. Teacher gives a
quick review. Classwork will also be given.


Group 21

Dk. Marlinawati Pg. Hj. Abas (SMPAP Hjh. Masna)

Asrul Affendi Hj. Awg. Ismail (SMPJN Pg. Hj. Abu Bakar)
Nurhani Mahlenny Lintong (Maktab SOAS)