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1. Defend or refute the statement that salary alone not a motivator?

2. After reading Nelson's top ten ways to motivate today's employees list, identify five
suggestions from that list that would be effective strategies to use to motivate you as an
employee. Explain.

3. From the "Getting Happy with the Rewards King" article, do you agree with Bob Nelson’s
position that “while money is important to employees, thoughtful recognition motivates them
to perform at higher levels?” Contrast Nelson’s perspective with that of Alfie Kohn in the
"For Best Results, Forget the Bonus" article where he argues that rewards don’t work.

4. How does your organization stack up with respect to creative and fun work environments
with respect to reward systems?

5. In your experience, is employee recognition a scarce commodity in organizations? Why is

that so?

6. What is the most important lesson you took away from these readings and discussion?