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How to create champions

The field of operation

Harm Wiersma

Mongolian trainer Chinese trainer assistent

Introduction of founders
 Harm Wiersma (Ned)
 Bat Erdene (Mong)

 World Draughts Club (WDC)

try to make a
platform for draughts
publications, training,
coaching and other
activities worldwide.
Curriculum vitae
 Harm Wiersma:  Bat Erdene:
 Former world champion  Businessman and
coordinator draughts
European champion and
Dutch champion draughts in Asia continent
 Chairman Mongolian
 Former trainer-coach
draughts activities
 Organiser tournaments,
 Strong network
new initiatives
 Vice-president WDC
 Journalist
 President WDC
Publications in planning
 Books in foreign language  Coaching for groups
 Coaching individuals
 E-books for members WDC
 Total training planning
 Extract of different info in  Organising level plan
English language  Swot – analyses

 Training-materials on all  Distance training plan

 Support for members
neccessary level
 Coaching descriptions
 Several courses
First Tasks coaches en
 Descriptionof total plan for groups on different
levels – man and woman, boys and girls – in
your own language with short resume (extract)
in English language
 The coaches shall give support, but high
motivated people is obligated. All people
need to understand important draughts
concepts and usual words.
 Description of skills and tools
The WDC - team
 Members of the international club – description of
different level of membership shall follow.
 Harm Wiersma, Bat Erdene and some other
founders like William Cornelissen (Ned) and
international represents of Mind Sport draughts shall
create the advisery board
 Actual and retired grandmasters are involved
 Investigation commission shall advise about
 Correct Behavior and presentation obligated
Agenda Website Newsletter
 Communication between members,
founders, trainers, coaches, sponsors
is important. We shall create a first
agenda, the (new) website is in
preparation and every month we
write a newsletter, besides the news
in running preparations.
 E-mail: