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Irwin Carino

Dicktracy Nicomedes
Sam Narbuada
Jonnell Sevilla
Bhladimir Hernandez
Rosauro Salvatierra
What is Brand Genetic

 It is knowing about the product itself.

 Comes first to make a great strategy.
The fundamentals of
 Brand heritage  

 Brand representatives

 Brand identifiers
 Brand domain
 Brand essence
Brand Heritage

 - Origin of the brand

 - How the brand became
 - Basically the history
Brand Representatives

 Sole bearer of the brand, even if they have

many variants of the same product.
 The best product of the brand.
Brand Identifiers

 Logo of the brand

 What identifies the brand

Brand Domain

 Possible new variant of the product

 Example:
Brand Essence
 Qualities of the brand

 A.) Core Values: foundation or

establishment of the brand
 B.) Evolutionary values - Evolution of the
- Modernization of the