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Colegio de San Juan de Letran

September 1, 2009
Mrs. Rowena C. Reyes
Institute of Communication

Dear Madam,

We, the 3rd year advertising students from the ICOMM department, invite you to come and
watch our seminar entitled ADucate. It is a discussion about the relationship between the
advertisers and creativity. The guest speakers for the said seminar are advertising professionals.
They will be giving out their thoughts and experiences in the discussion. The speakers are

Jan Claro -Discussing about Nurturing the Client Agency Relationship

Bia Fernandez – Insights on Creativity in Advertisng
Paolo Agulto- Insights on Creativity in Advertising.

In line with this, we are asking your participation in this seminar. We would highly appriciate
your presence.

Prepared by:
Jethro Adriano
James Cabanza
Irwin Olarte Cariño
3rd Year Advertising Student

Noted by:

Mrs. Eleanor Agulto
Faculty, Advertising
Institute of Communication