Wisdom From A Laugh 171
Missing Cell Phone
Ah Meng was laying down carpet in a wealthy woman’s home. As he was finishing his job, he got a sudden urge to light a cigarette. He looked around for his pack of cigarettes but could not find it. hen he noticed a bump in the carpet. !"h damn it,# Ah Meng cursed, !my pack of cigarettes is under the carpet and $ ha%e laid the carpet o%er it.# He decided not to take up the carpet&it would be too much work. $nstead he got a hammer and pound the pack of cigarettes into the ground. He belie%ed no one would know. 'hen he had finished the hammering, the owner of the house walked into the room and said, !"h, you ha%e done a wonderful job laying the carpet in the hall, Ah Meng. $ am sure you must be looking for your cigarettes. Here’s your pack. $ found it in the kitchen. "h yes, by the way, did you see my hand phone(# )eflections * Too often we make terrible mistakes by jumping into conclusions based on what we see on a superficial level. More investigation is needed. * Some workers in carrying out a paid task do not do an honest job. They cheat and cut corners. They will leave to regret their dishonesty.

Wisdom From A Laugh 172
*etter to Company
Ah hum tried a new shampoo for the first time. He then wrote a letter of appro%al and praise to the manufacturer. $n the letter he said that he had found the products of the Company to be e+cellent and that he would tell his friends about them. A few weeks later, after coming home from work, Ah hum found a large carton deli%ered to his house under his name. 'hen he opened the carton he found inside free samples of the many products produced by the Company, soaps, tooth paste, detergents, kitchen ware and some other paper items. !'ell, Ah hum, you must be %ery happy getting all these free stuff,# his wife said smiling. !'hat are you going to do ne+t(# !-oon,# Ah hum said, !$ am going to write to oyota.#

* Fortune smiles upon us sometimes. But !ood "uck# strikes once in a while. * $hen greed sets in a person% he wants more and more. &e can become unrealistic and unreasonable.

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