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Kimberly Smith 13351 Highway 301 Glennville, Ga.

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Reference Letter for Jamie Poplin

April 20, 2014

Dear Sir or Madam, Jamie Poplin has been a seventh grade teacher at Glennville Middle School during the 2013-2014 school year. During that time she has proven herself to be an excellent classroom teacher, strong supporter of the school and its programs, and a person who is willing to grow professionally. Ms. Poplin incorporates technology in many of her lessons. She allows students to use technology, including Google Chrome Books and laptops to complete classroom assignments. Her students enjoy the opportunity to show what they have learned through the use of technology and are very confident in their presentations. Ms. Poplin is a team player and works well with her peers, parents, and students. She has built lasting relationships with her students where they feel safe and secure in their learning within her classroom. Our districts motto is Whatever It Takes. Ms. Poplin follows this motto each day in her planning of lessons, execution of lessons, and revamping of lessons as needed. She has also built a relationship with her students in which they feel comfortable coming to her with any issues that sometimes come up when teaching middle school students. Ms. Poplin has participated in several training sessions throughout the year to continue her professional growth as a middle school classroom teacher. These include the Georgia Teacher Keys training, CCGPS writing training, and many professional learning sessions through the Glennville Middle School Professional Learning Communities. She has helped design our school improvement plan and helped develop the social studies action plan. Any school that has the opportunity to have Ms. Poplin on its staff will be very fortunate.


Kimberly Smith 7th Grade Chair Glennville Middle School