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The Orphan Masters Son

Page 186 (lines 1-7), pages 191 (lines 1-17) 192 (lines 1-12) 193 (all)





Specific Textual Evidence

Opaque waves capped with pumice-foam lift and drop the women (191) Good morning, citizens! (193) the Dear Leaders unending dedication (193)

He wrings his hands at the loss of her, they all do(192)

Good Morning, Citizens! (193) Commander Ga tried to forget about the interrogator(191)

Sadly, there is tragedy. Yet there is redemption!(193) But he kept going(186)

In your housing blocks, on your factory floor, gather round your loudspeakers for todays news: (193)


Quote 1 is from the third person perspective; very detailed, descriptive. Quotes 2&3 are from Propaganda; very authoritative, strangely happy

The third person descriptions are mainly about Sun Moon, Gas love. The loudspeaker quotes show how true government intentions are masked.

The structure is new in part 2; three perspectives are shown; Propaganda, third person (Commander Ga), and first person (interrogator), respectively. This shows North Koreas horrors through different eyes.

Propaganda showcases the culture of totalitarian North Korea, where citizens must listen to the news via loudspeakers every day.