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Kelantan is positioned in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia. It is bordered by Narathiwat province of Thailand to the north, Terengganu to the south-east, Perak to the west, and Pahang to the south. To the north-east of Kelantan is the South China Sea. Kelantan is located in the north-eastern corner of the Peninsula, Kelantan, which is said to translate as the "land of lightning", is an agrarian state with lush paddy fields, rustic fishing villages and casuarina-lined beaches. Kelantan is home to some of the most ancient archaeological discoveries in Malaysia, including several prehistoric aboriginal settlements. Due to Kelantan's relative isolation and largely rural lifestyle, Kelantanese culture differs somewhat from Malay culture in the rest of the Peninsula; this is reflected in the cuisine, arts, and the peculiar Kelantanese Malay dialect, which is unintelligible even for some speakers of standard malay. People cant help I can't help to associate it with varieties of sweet delicacies that cannot be found any where else in Malaysia. Kelantankuih usually use a lot of egg whites, sugar and coconut milk. There are a lot of kuih that has a very unique name or rather peculiar or even funny to mention liketahi itik (duck's feces) or tahi minyak which literally means the feces of oil. No matter what they name theirkuih, they are well known and can basically be found only in Kelantan. You can get them at the market in the morning together with nasi berlaukor laksam for breakfast. But

. Let's look at some of the famous ones. bahulu and kuih tepung tuki which is made from glutinous rice and coconut flakes. .Kelantan kuih is known for its sweetness. when ever I am in Kelantan.. In the left picture. I will definitely look for the kuih or my travel will not be complete. so if you are not a sweet tooth kind of person you might not favour taking them. Those are all my favourites like akok. you can see four types of kuih that can only be found in Kelantan which were brought home by my mom. But for me.