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Arthur Henderson was born on September 13th 1863
in Glasgow. He was the son of a cotton spinner.
His father was unemployed for a long time so
Arthur was forced to leave school when he was 9.
When his dad died, Arthur’s mom married a man
named Robert Heath. After that the family moved
to Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Character Traits
Arthur Henderson’s Character Traits are hard
working, kind, and helpful. Arthur was a hard
working person because even though he was
still 9, he worked in a photographer’s shop.
Then when he was 12, he found work at
Robert Stephenson locomotive work.
Henderson’s conflict is that when he disagreed
to the politicians that Germany had to be
treated harshly after World War I, he lost his
seat for being the chairman in the Labour
Party. He returned to the House of Common.
The solution that Arthur Henderson used was
entering the general election of each year. He
knew that the world was not having peace so
he wanted to get elected for the chairman so
he could help the world. Even though he was
defeated by many people, he still entered
more elections. At last in 1934, Arthur
Henderson’s work was recognized for the
world peace. Finally, Arthur Henderson died in
London on October 20, 1935.
Reflection and Sources
My reflection for this project is, I like doing this
work because I know how to use PowerPoint
more and I now learned about one more Peace