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Copyrighted © 2009 by Dante Newton


By Dante Newton

Brief Words, Long Muse
Issue 6

Night pervades,
Perennial and potent black
Thickens without light which I see
In day but not in onerous night.
Rain shall fall with wings spread,
While coldness shall interminably touches
the warm skin.
Come with me
if thou art the prophet,
Let pomp and merriment inscribe in newspapers,
Laud thy intellect, furnished with drinks,
Thy throat shall no longer thirst,
With your scruples thee shall listen:
Hark! Night!
Peace like day! What preternatural?
Sleep, sleep, cover thyself
in refuge, solely refuge.
Three apartments loses its importance
As fog doth rise to them as an abode,
Abomination or not, light pass to my eyes
Through the air which contains molecules,
Three apartments has three rays of light.
Light from three apartments,
Stay, stay.
When I look at you, oh light,
My mind psychically read your pretence,
Your fame, your glory, your sadness, your depression
Your coveting, your vindication, your lashing,
Your future
Is my interest.
Thus sing with me,
Oh imagination.