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Do/Make/Have/Take Study Sheet

homework, an assignment, an exercise (C) exercise (N/C- physical) repairs, a job, work, taxes justice, the right thing drugs (heroin, cocaine, crack etc..) housework the dishes, the ironing, the !acuuming, the cooking, the cleaning, the chores, the laundry, and the shopping a portrait, a painting, the artwork, the editing someone a "a!or, something "or someone one#s best, one#s worst, well, poorly time rounds, !isitations the hunting a problem, a calculation, a pu$$le, research the dri!ing a good job, a bad job one#s hair Expressions: do what#s needed do or die do away with do in do up do o!er do out o" do unto

"riends, enemies lo!e, war, peace, trouble a (phone) call, a copy a sweater (knit), clothing (sew) money, interest, a loan, change (money) a decision, an o""er, an agreement a re%uest, an attempt your bed a "ire a noise a toast a date, an appointment, a reser!ation, time, a list, an arrangement, a plan progress, a mistake, an error, an impro!ement a speech, a sermon, a story, a joke, a poem, a statement a "uss, a mess a change, a commitment a di""erence, an impression "ood (to prepare break"ast, lunch, dinner, bread, cake, cookies) a bargain, a deal, a promise a judgement, an estimate, a will, laws history, sense "un o" someone, "aces, a "ool o" a mo!ie a li!ing a disco!ery a turn

make make make make make make make make make make belie!e up one#s mind an issue about something someone happy, sad, angry& room "or away with o"" with out o!er, make up do

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