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Figure of speech

A mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing defination .

mental institutions Examples of euphemism .senior citizen 3. The dead .sanitation engineer 2.pass away 5. Burier . Pregnant . Die .the deceased /the late 6.1. Old people .undertaker / mortician 7. Lunatic asylums . Garbage man .in the family way 4.

Examples .


 We do not hire mentally challenged (stupid) people.  He is always tired and emotional (drunk).  Our teacher is in the family way (pregnant). Some common examples . You are becoming a little thin at top (bald).  He is a special child (disabled or retarded).

• Which of the following has not been used as a euphemism for bathroom? • a) where you cough b) smallest room c) necessarium d) summer parlour e) jakes f) wardrobe g) confessional h) comfort station practice .

• Euphemisms for the devil include • a) dickens b) deuce c) Harry d) all of the above • Which of the following verbs refer to torture? • a) apply pressure b) use special techniques c) put to the question d) all of the above .

1) wind energy drying device 2) ground-mounted confirmatory route marker 3) localized capacity deficiency 4) sudden deceleration 5) unscheduled energetic disassembly 6) thermal event 7) hygiene event 8) vertically deployed antipersonnel device 9) environmental services 10) disposable mucous recovery system a) fire b) janitors c) handwashing d) bomb e) tissues f) road sign g) nuclear plant accident h) traffic bottleneck i) clothesline j) car crash Quiz on Euphemism .Match the euphemism with what it refers to.

          1i 2f 3h 4j 5g 6a 7c 8d 9b 10 e Answers of quiz .