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Description loor type milling!drilling machine" Can also select swivel vise table #or more per#ormance" C model #or cross table$ S model #or s%uare table" !OR"ING CAPACITY &n 'ild Steel (rilling )*mm+, ,!-./ ace 'ill 01mm+)./ End 'ill *2mm+)!-./ +3ptional/ 4apping ,1mm+5!6./ &n 7ight 8llioy )*mm+, ,!-./ 'otor9 , ,!*:P$ )P: Spindle Speed +;"P"'"/9 , Speed motor+standard/9 12:< ,52=)222 52:< ,*5=*522 * Speed motor +optional/9 12:< 05 = )222 52:< 1*=*522 Spindle 4aper9 '4) 3; ;6 Spindle Stro>e9 ,)2mm Spindle Nose to Column Sur#ace9 *25mm Column (iameter ,,5mm Wor>ing 4able9 565?,@2mm +-22:C/ 555?-@5mm +-22:S/ 7ongitudinal 4ravel9 )-2mm +-22:C/ Cross 4ravel9 ,62mm +-22:C/ 4-slots siAe9 ,-?*-mm +-22:C/ ,1B*1mm +-22:S/ Number o# 4-slots9 - +-22:C/$ * +-22:S/ Pac>ing measurement +7?W?:/9 0)0?6)@?,65-mm +-22:C/ 0)0B66@B,65-mm +-22:S/ N"W"!G"W"9 *62!),2>gs +-22:C/ *02!)22>gsg +-22:S/ *2'container C'ty9 *,sets +-22:C/$ ,6sets +-22:S/ 4he in#ormation contained on the websites is non-binding and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate or up to date"
Dest browse wi th resolut ion ,2*-B016 E *220 ;ong u &ndust r ial Co" $ 7td" 8l l r ights 8(( : -2, No" ,0$ Ching Wu East ;oad $4aichung$4aiwan E 4el 9661---**00,,@@ E 4el*9661---**06**@) E 8? (esign by 4aiwan Products$ D*DChinaSources$ D*D'anu#actures

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