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Observations on the Modernization of Newar Buddhism:

Challenges and Prospective

Min Bahadur shakya

Buddhism in Asia: Challenges & Prospects
Central Institute of Higher Tibetan studies
Sarnath, Varanasi

The present paper analyzes some problems in Newar Buddhism of Nepal which is to be
classified in the tradition of Indian Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism deriving its lineages
from Siddha tradition of Nalanda and Vikramashila monastic universities.
Prof. Lienhard wrote in his paper "Nepal! The survival of Indian Buddhism in Himalayan

It has developed its peculiar characteristics which are one of a kind in the Buddhist
history. The author also wants to substantiate that Newar Buddhism possesses quite a
number of indigenous elements, which are not to be found in Indian Mahayana

An attempt has been made to refute some blasphemous charges that Newar Buddhism is
only a corrupt form of Buddhism and hence warrants no investigation or research.

The author has tried to show parallels in Newar Buddhist tradition as Adikarmika
Bodhisattva system designed by Acarya Anupamavajra (11th century), Advayavajra and

Besides, a vedio clip on the ritual and practices of Newar Buddhism has been planned.