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Sect and Insect

Where knowledge is free

Where knowledge is free
Horizons extend!
Brother and sister
In that ever-extending space
Flock together!
Though multi-hued are
Our feather!
Seeking and searching
Not exclusive and
Sectarian realms
Towards one world
With an air for breathing
Impulse and pulse should
Throb with fraternal bond!
Let us flock with wings of
Love and Liberty,
No sects and evils-dividing
Bards become Birds!
Where knowledge is free:
Even the harmonium that we play
Has a note of harmony,
Having reeds vibrant
And it reads the note of living.
The entire world is a fit abode
Where knowledge is free ….
No petty parochial division,
No duality, only fraternity.
My soul-mates!
You believe in peace and love!
If you believe in Sect
You are Insect!
---------Dr. Minnoorsrinivasan.